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Being on her four knees scrubbing the floor is not the problem but that slim thing which she was putting on,

That thing which she called a dress,

Hanging loosely many meters away from her thighs.

The more I looked away from those fresh laps which were so visible to the eyes,

The more I was drawn to it.

“Can’t you change your position? “I asked as she shoot her bvm up as if she was having a døggie style.

I gulped as she ignored me.

Why can’t she put on something nicer than this one?

I endured.

I have to endure cuz am not going to help her out with the cleaning cuz I know that’s what she wants me to do.

Thirty minutes later,

The whole floor was dazzling white,


“Whoa! “I gasped as she stood up with her front legs and the lower part of her clothe soaked in water .

She rolled her eyes at me and then rubbed her brow with the back of her palm .

She yawned.

“I’m so tired Carson,

Can I take a rest and start up later? ”

I shook my head still lingering my eyes on her wet dress.


She scoffed and then grumbled afterwards.

“Can’t you help me out?

After you will say that you love me? ”

I smirked.

“I will only help you with those glass walls…. I mean at those tall spot where I know your hands will never reach “I pointed many feet taller than her height.

She scoffed again getting a short towel and then got busy with the walls.

She scrubbed and scrubbed.

“You’re so wicked Carson!

I thought you said you love me?

Why make me work so hard like this? “She asked turning her face to me.

I saw the look of tiredness written all over her but I want her to work much harder.


There’s a dirt over there at the top “I said pointing to a leafy substance which gummed to the glass walls at the side she was cleaning.

“Where? “She asked trying to touch it with the towel but can’t.

“That’s why I asked you to grow a little bit taller sweetie”I said smiling as I stepped closer to her,

Took the towel from her,

Standing behind her,

I stretched and my hand was up to the little dirt.

“Look at it”I pointed as I removed it with my long finger.

She scoffed.

“Look at another over there”she pointed to another dirt filled spot,

“Where? ”

She jumped up to reach up to what she was pointing at earlier and her slim clothe kept jumping up in the process.

I was alarmed ,

“Hey will you stop jumping like that? ”


Look at that? “She pointed still jumping.

“Don’t worry “I said nervously clearing my throat trying to divert my eyes from her body.

I pushed her away.


Why are you pushing me away like that? ”

“Go wash the plates over there,

I will clean the walls and don’t jump!

I said: don’t jump!! “I warned and she scoffed going over to the sink to wash the plates

Twenty minutes… I scrubbed and scrubbed the walls… She washed the plates…. “Carson, is it clean this way? “She will ask after each plate she washed…. “Yes, that way and then you rinse it “…. Rinse it again? “… I will smirk rolling my eyes at her…. “Can’t you see that its foamy? “… She will nod and then do it correctly…


We were done with everything and even the cooking was done!

“Wow! “She stretched herself smiling.

“How’s today?”I asked walking out of the kitchen to the dining where we will eat our meal.

She came in and I almost coughed seeing her in that clothe again.

She looked sexier now cuz part of her body were visible due to the wetness of the clothe!

I cleared my throat,


Won’t you change that? “I asked and she gave me a shrug which I couldn’t quite understand.

“What? “I asked.

“I have to eat,

Am so hungry! “She sighed slumping into the dining chair and rushed for the fork and spoon.

I blocked her from touching the food.

She looked up to my face and frowned.

“What again Carson?

The dining is clean and I can’t… ”

“Change this dress”I cut her out.


What’s so bad in it? “She frowned struggling with me for food.

“You’re all wet!

Look at your self!! “I pointed out and she hissed.


Am in my house… Can I eat my food please,

I worked so hard for these food!

Haven’t you suffered me enough for today Carson? ”

“Change this dress first! ”

“You know what Carson?

We will really date and love each other but I don’t think we can ever stay or live in one roof Carson cuz you’re so annoying!”she gritted almost giving up on the food if not that I let her have it.

She scoffed digging in to the food.



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