FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

“What are you doing here Don Roman”. Janet asked when she sees Don Roman and his men in her house.

“Where is Sharon Janet”.

“And how should I know, am not Sharon’s mother”.

“Don’t play games with me woman, where is Sharon, she must have come here”.

“I don’t know where she is”.

“And where is that good for nothing son of yours”

“Hey,,,, don’t you dare call my son good for nothing, just because I kept calm after what you did to him, means I will stay quiet and watch you insult my son”.

“Then you should have told your son to stay away from my daughter, because he is not good for her”.

“And what about you, are you a good father to Sharon, you don’t even want your only daughter to be happy, and you call yourself a father”. Janet said.

“Hey, you aren’t in the position to tell me what to do, where is Jesse”.

“I don’t know, and even if I know where he is, I won’t tell you”.

“So you won’t”.

“No I won’t, Jesse and Sharon are together now, and you won’t be able to find them no matter what you do”.

“Do you know I can possibly lock you up in the police cell”.

“Then go ahead Don Roman, am not afraid of you, if you think you can involved the police in this case, then am going to speak up about everything you did to my son, and let see who is going to win in this”. Janet said.

And Jace quickly whispees to Don Roman.

“Don Roman, you can’t possibly report this case to the police, they are going to find out about what you do”.

Don Roman looks at Janet.

“Well what Don Roman, are you going to report me to the police”. Janet asked.

Don Roman sighs. “You should be thankful I don’t associate with the police, but when I do find that no good son of yours, he is going to be dead”.

“Well go ahead, but I bet you won’t find him, no matter what, Because he and Sharon are so far away from you”. Janet said, and Violet approach them, she had spent the night at Nikky’s place, so she has no idea about what happened.

“Don Roman what are you doing here”. She asked looking confused.

“Just keep hiding Jesse Janet because when I do find him, he won’t be able to live again”.

“And I will be waiting for that day Don Roman, because I won’t back down either”. Janet said without no fear in her eyes.

Don Roman looks at her for a while and leaves with his men.

“Aunt what going on, why is Don Roman looking for jesse”. Violet asked looking confused.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

“What!!!!!!, You allowed Jesse elope with Sharon”. Violet yells after Janet has told her everything.

“Yes Violet, that the only way they can be together, Don Roman wants to send her back to America”.

“Then she should have gone back to America Aunt, if Don Roman finds out about where they are, Jesse will be the only one to suffer not Sharon, what were you thinking Aunt!!!”. Violet yells.

“And why are you so paranoid Violet, Jesse is your best friend, shouldn’t you be supportive, instead of getting mad”.

“Whatever aunt, am out of here”. She said and storms out of the house angrily.

“What wrong with her, why she is so angry, shouldn’t she be Happy for her Best friend, instead of being so cooked up”. Janet muttered and sighs.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50


“So Jesse elope with Sharon”. Nikky asked in surprised.

“Yes Sharon, and Aunt Janet was so much in support of this, I mean how could she do this to me”.

“FYI Violet, your Aunt doesn’t know you have feelings for her son, she only sees you as her best friend’s son, and as her daughter, and nothing more, you should give up already Violet, can’t you see your plans to separate them didn’t push through”.

“No Nikky, I won’t stop still I separate those two for good”.

“Not again Violet, you told Don Roman about their relationship, and Jesse ended up been beaten up, what are you planning on doing this time Violet”.

“Just watch and see on how am going to make sure that Jesse’s relationship with Sharon ends for good”. Violet said with a face filled with hatred.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50


“I Want you to look for Jesse and Sharon, I don’t know how all of you are going to do it, but make sure you find her, even if it means searching the whole of Seoul, I don’t care as long as you find my daughter and also bring that good for nothing Jesse to me, he is going to pay big time for eloping with my daughter got that”.

“We do Don Roman”. The men answers.

“Now begin with your search”. He orders and the men bows and left.


“Yes Don Roman”.

“Keep an eye on Millet, even if she claims not to know a thing about Sharon’s whereabouts, something tells me that she does”.

“I will Don Roman, and what about Janet”.

“She make look like a weakly, but she is tough, we won’t involved her, and has the package from Singapore arrived”.

“Yes it has Don Roman, should we start distributing it to our clients”. Jace asked and Don Roman nods.

“Do whatever you want, just go”. He said, Jace bows and leaves.

“Keep on hiding Jesse, because if paraventure I find you, you crazy mom won’t be able to stop me from killing you”. Don Roman said as he folds his fist in anger.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50



Sharon got up from the bed, she has been in the room since morning and now it was late into the night, and she was still in the room.

“Sharon, don’t you think you are being so annoying, Jesse is your boyfriend right, so is okay for him to tease you, and is okay for him to have sx with you right, so why are you so mad at him”. Sharon sighs and continue.

“And you also know Jesse is so cute and handsome, and Every girl want to have him, even your beauty can’t be compared to his,,,what if he leaves you because you are acting like a coward”. Sharon said and bits her lips, she opens the door and Jesse wasn’t there.

“Where could he”. She muttered looking around, she sighs and went to the living room, and he wasn’t there, she check the kitchen and also the other three rooms, but he wasn’t there.

“Where could he be, or has he left me”. Sharon asked and she began to tears up calling his name.

“Jesse!!, Jesse!!!!, Jesse!!!”. She yells as she rechecked the entire house.

“Am here Sharon”. Jesse said entering the house.

Sharon looks behind and see him, and she quickly went to hug him.

“Where have you been Jesse, I thought you left me”. She said still hugging him.

Jesse disengage the hug and looks at her.

“And why will I leave you Sharon”.

“I,,,,, thought you got tired of me already”.

“And why will I get tired of you Sharon”.

“Because I got mad at you for nothing, am sorry Jesse”.

Jesse caress her cheeks and said.

“I should be the one to apologise Sharon, I shouldn’t have tease you like that, am so sorry for doing that Sharon, please forgive me, and am never going to leave you Sharon, I just want out to get……….”.

Jesse couldn’t finish what he was saying, because Sharon pulls him closer and smashed her lips on his

Jesse, without hesitation, responded to it. Sharon wrapped her hands around his neck, kssing him so passtionately, Jesse kept his free hands on her waist kssing her back too, as both paved way into each other’s tongues, as they were still at it , Sharon slowly began to unbutton Jesse’s shirt, and Jesse holds her hand preventing her from going further.

“What are you doing Sharon”.

FATE OF LOVE : Chapter 41 – 50

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