FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End

FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End



What Sort of creatures will make Alex’s dad, the almighty alpha this angry and yet weak.

“Va.mpires?” Alex asked in a whisper.
His father nodded slightly.

“I think this project is getting too dangerous” Penny complained.

“So are you suggesting we give up” a man with, sorry a werewolf with gray hair asked.

FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End.

“Is that supposed to be a question, didn’t you see what happened to Andra, now we are supposed to send our own to the territory of those bloodsucking demons” she blast the.

She’s complaining about them as if they are not the same,werewolves eat flesh, Vampires drink blood, what’s the difference between them, even werewolves are worst because they eat both flesh and drink the blood, vampires drink only blood, so they have no right to complain.

Everyone avarted their eyes to me in shock.

“What?” I asked them with a shrug. “Everything you heard me say is true” I added, Alex and Nicky chuckled a little.

“Yea, shove it in our faces, like humans are better than every other creatures, you humans literally turn against each other at every slightest thing” Aurora fired at me.

“At least we don’t pretend to like the decision of our leader but deep down we can’t cope with it, y’all are cowards” I fired back.

“That’s enough” the Alpha barked.

FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End

He stood up and walked to the balcony,his wife went to him, she patted his back and then hugged him, he sighed deeply. The dude is in a great dilima.

“Is there no other way” I heard Alex ask the wizard.

“Of course there’s always another option” the wizard, I mean Zirai shrugged.

“Well why didn’t you mention it since?” Nicky fired at him, Zirai rolled his eyes at her, she retorted.

“Can you tell us the second option?” Alex asked quietly, he seemed really down by all this.

“It’s either you find the planet where the Joes live in, and ask them for the orb….” Zirai started.

“I’m sorry, who are the Joes?” I cut him off.

“Just like werewolves, they are half humans, half lions” Alex replied, my jaw dropped in shock.

“I’m sorry, whaaaaaat?” I screamed out.

“They are delightful beings, quite nice, nicer than all creatures actually including the mermaids” Penny said as she walked back to the dinning with her husband.

“So they does exist, my mother used to tell me about them but I thought they were just myths” Nicky muttered.

“They do exist, but the only thing is, they are pretty scarce, you can hardly see one walking on the road and no one knows where their pack is, they protect their kingdom with eternity cloud, making them invisible to mortals and other creatures” the Alpha stated as he relaxed back on his chair.

“The second option ..” Zirai started to say. “Is to give up on this project and remain werewolves and lycans, or better still, go to vampires territory” he shrugged.

“We’ve come too far to give up” the Alpha claimed.

“So you want to throw lives away just for you to bring your daughter’s dream to reality huh” Lenny’s brother asked him.

“Jimmy what are you insinuating?” The other man with gray hair asked him.

“That the alpha is not ready to listen to the voice of the people, we are tired of this madness, you threw my sister in the dungeon just because she said the truth” Jimmy fired.

“No your sister is in that dungeon because she betrayed this pack and if you support that, maybe you should join her too” Alex barked at him.

Jimmy wanted to say something but decided against it.

“So which one are you guys doing?” Zirai asked.
“We are going to the vampires territory” the alpha stated.

“It is so clear that you want to destroy this pack by all means” Jimmy complained but no one replied him.

“I’ll go get the orb” Alex stated.

Huh? Is this guy insane, he wants to go on a suicide mission, he wants to make me a widow even before marrying me.

FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End

I saw him smile with the corner of my eyes, does he think it’s funny.

“No it’s not funny but I’ll be fine” he assured me as he stylishly caressed my back.

“I’ll go with you” Nicky added.

You have got to be kidding me, who do they want to leave behind, me? Not possible. I’m so going whether they like it or not.

“I’m going….”

“No” Alex cut me off.

This guy should better not let me unleash it for him this evening.

“Alex I’m going with you, if you are dying, we die together…” What the h*ll did I just say. “I mean it’s not like we are gonna die bjt, you know what I mean, I wanna be where you are” I added, they all laughed.

At least lthe laughter changed the tensed up atmosphere.

“Andra, you are still recovering from the last hit, I don’t want anything to happen to you” he muttered.

“Alex I feel more protected with you than staying in the midst of strong soldiers without you” I stated, he smiled lightly and kssed my cheeks, I blushed a little.

“You two know we are still here right?” The alpha asked, everyone laughed.

These people are crazy.
“So where does the vampires stay?” Nicky asked.

“Transylvania, they only come up to the city at night to hunt for blood, but in the day, they are usually in the caves and covens, sleeping, well not all of them though.

They live beneath the city, they made their own city under the main city, and the orb is in dracula’s palace right under the city pack” Zirai detailed.

“They have four entrances, it was initially 7 entrances but we closed three of them during our last war with them, so now the only have 4 entrances, one is from the city park, right under the tree at the center of the pack, the second one is through the city museum, the basement of the museum.

The third one is an abandoned warehouse of what used to be a flour warehouse, the last one is through the basement of the university” the alpha stated.

“If you take the one by the city park, you will arrive at dracula’s palace where the orb is, but there’s no way he wouldn’t notice your presence and already waiting for you with a thousand army” Zirai said.

FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End

Alex sighed deeply, looking into his eyes, i already know he was fighting within himself, trying to be the brave prince but deep down, He’s scared as h*ll. I held his hand, he looked at me and smiled, he relaxed a little bit.

“We’ll leave tomorrow” he informed them.

“Alex are you sure about this?” His mum asked in deep concern.

“It’s OK mum, we will be fine” he assured her.
“Get the jet ready” the alpha stated, two guards walked out of the dinning.

Wow, this project is really something else, I just came back from the dead, now I’m going back.

“Which is why I said you should stay back” Alex confronted me.

“No, I’m coming along” I insisted.

But seriously, when did I become this stubborn?
“Since like ever, Andra you’ve always been stubborn” Nicky bashed at me.

“You are an id*it” I retorted.

Dinner was finally over and everyone dispersed.
Alex took us back to our room, he wanted to go but I dragged him back and we both fell on the bed.

“Andra…” He chuckled out.

I winked at him, he smiled.

FINDING REMEDY: Chapter 31 – The End

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