GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

?? Gentle Tiger ? ?

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 35

Ara’s pov

We are lost!!
.”We don’t know the way now ” I panicked.

I could sense the boys footsteps, coming closer. I took Soo Bin’s hand and drags her. We kept running.

Fortunately, we were on the street. The exact street we were before they carried us. Two people were running towards us.

I turned again and saw the boys coming, what should we do? Another r@pist?

“Wait! Isn’t that Tae and Seo? ” Soo bin pointed to the boys in front.

We were still running, and soon we met the boys. Tae and Seo. Thank God they found us quickly.

I hugged Tae tightly immediately, he rubbed my back for me to cool down.

The r@pist had gone back seeing us with someone. “Now, tell me how you girls ended up here? ” Seo asked.

“Hmm… We just decided to take a stroll down the street but we were too carried away and we forgot it was late ” I answered coolly.

“You should have called us or informed others about your whereabouts. Why didn’t one of your roommates be your tour guide? ” Tae replied facing me.

“We didn’t want to disturb her ” I answered honestly.

“Are you okay now? I mean did they touch you? ” Seo said scanning our body.

“No, he didn’t ”

“Good, we need to go back now. Do not go out at night okay?” Seo said and we both nodded.


I got to my room, and lay on my bed. What just happened today was still playing in my head. Soon, I slept off.


Tuesday Morning…..

Tomorrow is Tae’s birthday. Am thinking of what to give him as a birthday gift. I remembered the necklace.

G0sh! Have really lost the necklace Tae asked me not to. What can I give him?

The training was still going on, the girls had just 10 minutes break while the boys are still dancing.

Next week, we won’t be dancing only but singing too. Each person will have to submit a song he /she wrote.

At the end of this three months if ours, we gonna sing it and that will determine our certificate. Cunning right?

“Babe, what am I getting for my birthday gift? ” Tae asked, sitting beside me.

Teacher Henry had released them. “Don’t know yet. But don’t worry am gonna give you a birthday gift.” I answered.

“Okay, I trust you on that ” He replied smiling.


It was night, Soo bin and I were watching video on my phone when Bianca came in. She’s now calm for these past few days.

She sighted us and hissed, “Nonsense! ” She blurted out.

“What’s wrong with her? ” I whispered to Soo Bin.

“Don’t know, I hope she’s not suffering from mental illness ” Soo bin replied back, chuckling.

“Haha, you’re funny. Who knows if she had seen Lolita with Henry ”

“That’s true, but she already broke up with him what else. Maybe she’s jealous but that isn’t her business anymore “Soo answered

I watched her and our eyes met, she rolled the eyes and turned to what she was doing.

“That btch is going out with my ex-boyfriend? What the fuck? ”

Bianca’s pov

Going out with my ex-boyfriend, that’s awful. When am still here. Am going back to my man. Henry.

Just gonna tell me to forgive me and accept me back.

Lolita’s pov

Henry held my hands and kissed them softly. I blushed and I looked deeply into his eyes.

We aren’t dating yet but our relationship had grown deep and what’s left out is to confess our feelings to each other.

“Good night Lolita and have a nice night “He said, smiling.

“Good night too Henry. Sleep tight ” I answered.

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