GENTLE TIGER: Episode 31-The End

πŸ’•πŸ― Gentle Tiger πŸ―πŸ’ž

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 38

“I will miss you Ara ” I blurted, and looked up to her.

I ran to her and hugged her tightly to myself.

Ara’s pov

I guess am dreaming. Like seriously?

I smiled and hugged her back. “I will miss you too Bianca.” I said.

“Yeah, don’t worry am not gonna go back to my btchy attitude again.”

“I trust your words. I gotta go now. Give me your social media account” I replied and she brought out her phone.

She gave me the account and I added her.

“I need to go. Bye. ” I answered and I felt like crying but I have to go. No choice.

“Bye Ara ” She waved her hand and I followed my parents.

Guess what? My parents, Seo’s parents and Soo bin’s parents came together, same car and same plane.

We all got to the Korea airport and the first person I sighted was my little prince. My brother MI Ho.

Then, Young hee, Yoo nah and Lee. They were smiling.

“Welcome Ara ” Young said welcoming me.

“Thanks Young hee. How have you been? ” I replied.

“Good as you can see.”

“Hey, Yoo nah.. Lee what’s up? ” I giggled.

It fun to be back. Your homeland. Home sweet home.

“Sis, no greetings? Assh! ” MI Ho chipped in,.

“Oh, candy how are you? Did you miss me? ”

“No I don’t. I don’t miss people ” He replied, pouting his mouth.

I walked close to him and whispered. “How about your run away crush? Did you miss her?”

He gasped. “Hey Sis, she’s just….. ” He stooped and watched every one carefully.

“Yes. Fine I missed you just trying to be a boy”

Everyone laughed. “Boy indeed. Am gonna tell momma about your run away crush ” I said, whispering.

“Don’t!! Please!! Well she’s back to school. She’s in my class now. ”

“Aaahh! I guess my brother is super lucky ”

“What are you guys whispering about? Let’s go home, it’s getting late ” Dad groaned.

“Okay dad ”


We got home and the first thing I did was to go straight to the kitchen. I took some apples and began eating.

“Ara! Are you really that famished? ” Mom queried.

“Yeah mom, really famished ” I answered and took a big bite on the apple.


I ate dinner and went to my room. I lay on my bed and my phone beeped.

“Am sure you must be stressed out. Just rest well and sleep tight okay? We are going somewhere tomorrow. Love you 😘From Tae ”

I smiled and sighed afterwards, I slept off.


Tae’s pov

I wore my clothes, and took my phone. I walked downstairs and saw Jae laughing over the phone.

He didn’t go to school today? This boy!!

He’s calling someone. I remembered yesterday when Rhee told me how Jae had been dating an Indian girl.

That’s his choice. Lol.

I picked Ara from her house and drove to my Alma mater.

“This where we are going? ” Ara asked.

“Yeah ”

“I never knew that. Come in let’s go ” I held her hand and we entered the school.

The students were screaming and pointing.

” OMG! It’s Tae and Ara!”🚺

“What are they doing here? I can’t believe Tae is here “🚺

“Someone pinch me please. Am dreaming “🚺

We successfully passed them and went to her principal’s Office. He was sleeping and snoring.

Lazy A$$.

I banged the table and he jerked up. He adjusted his glasses well and was shocked to see me.

“Good morning sir ” He greeted but I only nodded.

“You know you should be fired for sleeping on duty ” I fired.

“I was tired, so I decided to take some rest “He answered.

“Tae calm down, He’s an old man now. He needs rest ” Ara said, giving me a peck on my lips.

Asshh!!! That tickles me a lot. Stop blushing man.

“Okay, let’s go. Just came to check the school”

I turned and left the office with Ara.


One month later…..

It time for another three months in AM industry. I got to the industry and we were introduced.

The training starts soon and it was smooth all along.

I and Ara’s relationship grew more. Loving each other more than before. She’s my woman for life.

My girlfriend, my future wife and the mother of my kids. Can’t love her less. Her smiles do melts my heart.


Seo’s pov

I kssed Soo bin on her l!ps and took a step back. We just came back from our date.

I can’t wait to make her mine forever, the girl who changed my darkness to light. She’s one in a million.

“Good night Seo ” She said and walked into their apartment.

“Good night ” I replied in a low tone.


Soo Bin’s pov

A year later……..

To me, trying to be a celebrity isn’t easy at all.

After our six months training, we were signed in. Yeah we gonna be working with the industry.

A dream come true. Wanted to be a singer and a dancer.

Ara’s pov

Did I ever tell you that Young hee and Yoo nah were part of the trainees. Well yes. And now we are forming the GF-4 band. (Girlfriend-4).

One week later….

“Like seriously, am nervous. I mean it my first time. Am gonna face the large audience”Young hee said, placing her hands in her chest.

“Calm down, just put yourself together okay? ” Yoo nah replied her.

We will be going to the stage now for our first debut. We’ve sang just three songs. Two music videos and one audio.

Soon, we were called on stage and we came out. I adjusted my mouthpiece mic well and smiled to the fans.

Their screaming nearly shook the whole building down. I stylishly flipped my hair backwards.


Yoo nah’s pov

One hour later…….

The song ended and we came down from the stage. Tae took Ara, Seo took Soo bin and Finally Lee took Young hee.

Am left alone. Back to my loneliness.

“Yoo nah ” I heard my name and I turned back.

I gasped loudly. “No, don’t come close. You’re dead. You’re just a ghost. Leave me ” I yelled as I shook my head.

“Yoo nah, am not a ghost. It me Jun Ho. Am alive ” He said and stepped back to examine him well.

He’s not dead. The car accident didn’t kill him? Oh he’s alive. My love is alive. Tears dropped from my eyes.

I ran to him and hugged him tight. Have missed him. He hugged me back and whispered into my ear.

“I missed you Yoo nah”

I sniffed. “I missed you too. How did you survive? ” I asked.

“We gonna talk about that later. I love you Yoo nah ” He replied.

“I love you too Jun ” I said and he kssed me passionately.

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