GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 11 – 20

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 11 – 20

✍️Written by Princess Juliet🧚‍♀️

Episode 11

Sleep over
Sasha Alfredo
The sound of the alarm clock woke me up the next morning.
I rolled on and then sat up on the bed

Stretching, I looked around the room hoping to see Daphne but was disappointed….
Oh Daphne! Where exactly are you?

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 11 - 20.

I dragged myself up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up……….

Returning to the room, I hurriedly dressed up in a blue gown with white sandals …..

I combed my long hair before parking it into a loosed ponytail….

Slinging my backpack across my shoulders, I headed downstairs to the sitting room……..
I met my mum and kamara seated in the dinning having breakfast……

Good morning mum! I greeted and Joined them in the dinning
Morning baby! how was your night? She asked with a smile
It was fine mom! I answered and then faced Kamara
Please pass me the jam…

Can’t you take it by yourself. She said with an eye roll
Kamara! behave yourself and help your sister with the jam. My mum chided her and she glared at me before passing it to me……

Opening it, I spread a spoonful of jam on one side of each slice of bread and began munching on it …….
After eating, I stood up and sling my backpack across my shoulders…

See you later! I bade and walked out of the house to the taxi station……
On getting to the taxi station, I flagged down a taxi and got in…..

Diamond high school. I called and the driver nodded before driving off…..

I rested my head on the car seat as my mind drifted off to Daphne ….

I knew she was still shaken by what she heard
Poor Daphne! It must be so hard for her, I just hope she is alright……
The driver stopped in front of the school and I paid him after alighting….

I walked through the huge gate and was about heading to my class when I heard my name ….
I looked in the direction to see Racheal walking up to me, smiling
I swallowed hard
What does she want? I wondered
Hi Sasha! She greeted with a smile
hi Racheal! how are you? I asked
I am fine. She answered with a grin and then moved closer to me….

Let’s meet in the empty classroom during short recess. She said in whispers and I scoffed
When you come, you will know. She answered and then walked past me to the principal office……..

I watched her go and smirked
Why exactly did she want to see me? Did she want to confront me about Declan? I guess I will just have to wait till recess……..

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 11 – 20

Entering my class, I looked towards Declan seat and as expected, it was empty…..
I sighed and walked over to my seat
hi Cory! I greeted Cory who was writing into her book and she turned back to face me….

hi Sasha! how are you? She asked with a smile
I am fine, what about you? I asked as I sat down…
I am fine, So are you prepared for the sleepover tonight? She grinned ……..

Sure, my mom agreed without any complaints. I informed and she smiled
So will you follow me home? I asked and she shook her head
No!I will join you, just text me your home address…..

Alright! I will do that…….
The teacher soon walked into the class and as expected, the class became quiet………
Absentmindedly, I stared blankly at the teacher as she wrote on the marker board …..
I was worried about Daphne and at the same missing Declan ….
I sighed
how I wish he was in school today!
bending over, I opened my bag to bring out my phone …
I unlocked it and scrolled down to Declan’s number …

I clicked on it and was about sending him a good morning message when a message from him popped in……

Clicking on it , I read it
“Good morning babe, how are you? I trust you are in class now, I will call you later ”
I smiled sheepishly and read the message again..
babe! he called me babe! Declan just called me babe!
The teacher soon left the class and I sighed in relief…
It is time to call Declan! I grinned
I dialled his number but it rang without him picking…
I dialled it again but it was the same thing
I sighed in frustration
What is wrong with him? Why is he not picking my call? I wondered….

I was about dialling it for the third time when another came in, it was an unknown number …..

Who is this? I muttered as I received it …

Hello Sasha! a voice from the other end greeted
Who is this? I asked and the person chuckled
Don’t tell me you did not recognise my voice, it is me Racheal…

Racheal! I repeated in surprise
Yes !come to the empty classroom, I am waiting for you. She said and ended the call….

I bit my lips in anger
Does she think she can control me anyhow she likes?
I stood up in a huff and walked out of the classroom….
Climbing up the stairs, I walked through the hallway to the empty classroom……..

I walked into the classroom and met Racheal seated on a front desk
Why do you want to see me? I asked with a frown and she chuckled
Calm down Sasha, we ain’t fighting….

I know, just say whatever you want to say and let me go. I retorted
She stood up from the desk and moved closer to me
I can see you are not the patient type so I will make it brief, Declan belongs to me so stay away from him. She warned
Are you kidding me! Is this the reason you called me out here! To warn me to stay away from Declan…. come on Racheal, Declan belongs to nobody so you have no right to tell me to stay away from him …..

She smirked, is that what he told you! Declan and I were lovers long before you came. She half yelled and I smack my lips …

But what about now, are you still lovers? I asked mockingly and she scoffed
Are you trying to taunt me!
No, and why would I do that! I am just telling you the truth. I retorted
She stared at me for a while and then smiled
You are so naive! Do you think Declan likes you! he is just interested in your big a$s and nothing more ….

That is a big fat lie! I retorted angrily and she laughed
Let’s see about that. She said while glaring at me and then stormed out of the class room……
I felt my heard pounding as I watched her go..

Did she just threaten me?
Taking a few steps forward, I was about leaving the room when I felt a presence beside me
I turned sideways to see Daphne
Daphne! I called excitedly, where have you been? Are you alright? I asked in a rush and she widened her eyes in surprise
I thought you were mad at me
And why would I be? I asked in surprise
You know I erm was thinking you won’t see me as a friend again. She stuttered and I shook my head negatively

That will never happen! You will always be my best friend. I assured her and she smiled softly

So where have you been? I repeated and she sighed
I was with my family. She answered and my eyes lit up
Is your mum alright? What about Declan, Is he alright?
yes, but Declan needs help. She said as tears rolled down her eyes
help! Why? Is anything wrong with him? I asked rushingly and she shook her head negatively
Then why does he need help?
because he is a stoner. She answered and I froze
Stoner! I repeated with a trembling voice and she nodded
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed softly
Please You have to talk to him, I believe he will listen to you. She pleaded and I nodded slowly
he loves you Sasha so please help him. She added

I repeated to be sure I heard her right and she nodded
I was beside him when he called you yesterday, the way he smiled tells it all …..

But that is not enough reason to say that he loves me!
It is Sasha! after the call he went back to his moody self, it was like.. erm he smiled because of you. She said trying to explain and I smiled inwardly….

Fine! I will try and talk to him. I said trying to make her happy and it worked
Thanks so much. She beamed happily and I smiled
Anything for you bestie…… can we go to class now? I asked and she nodded sheepishly….

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 11 – 20

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