GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

✍️Written by Princess Juliet🧚‍♀️

Episode 31

Knowing the murderer

Declan Davies
Sasha refused to talk to me all through in class and I must admit, I was very worried.

I never expected her to have reacted angrily, but how did she even know I lied? It is not like I showed my emotions facially or…… wait a minute! Did she have Daphne spy on me? If yes, she is really so impossible!

GHOST'S FRIEND: Episode 31 - The End.

I turned sideways to her and caught her staring at me
She quickly looked away and I sighed

I guess I will have to apologise to her after school hours……
But to my surprise, immediately the school bell rang signalling the end of school day, she sling her backpack across her shoulders, stood up in a huff and then walked out of the class….

Is she for real? I thought within me.
Grabbing my back pack, I got off my seat and then ran after her …

Sasha! I called loudly but she did not answer and I kept on running till I caught up with her …

What is wrong with you? I asked her but she didn’t respond, instead she tried to walk past me..

Catching her by her arm, I pulled her close to me…

Let go of me Declan ! She said, trying to struggle out of my grip but I held her more tightly…

No, I won’t do that until you tell me what exactly is wrong with you. I snapped back at her and she scoffed

I just want to be on my own, can you please let me be? She pleaded and I sniggered
Of course I will, if you can tell me the reason why? I said staring into her face
Are you really asking me that! Fine! Since you really want to hear it from me then I will tell you, I want to be alone because I can’t stand a liar like you. She half yelled
I caught my breathe, surprised by her word ….

Can you pleaaaasee let me go now? She asked stretching the word “please” and I sighed
C’mon Sasha I did that because I didn’t want you to be caught up in the middle. I explained and she rolled her eyes
You see Declan you are just a spoilt proud brat who does not care about others feelings. She accused

And without saying anything, I let go of her and bit my lips as I watched her run off …..

She is just too stubborn!
Having a couple fight? a voice asked

I looked in the direction and met the gaze of the “class gossip” Amanda
What a looser! I mumbled and then walked slowly to my car …….

Sasha just ruined my mood!

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Sasha Alfredo
Pushing the door opened with my legs, I walked in holding a huge tray containing a plate of hot waffles with chicken and a bottled water…..

the aroma of the food was already making me salivate and I really couldn’t just wait to devour it …..

I placed the tray gently on the bed and then sat down with my legs folded under as if practicing yoga ….

And in a rush, I started munching on the food hungrily
Glutton! Daphne cursed at me and I paused to stare at her.

Are you talking to me? I asked in surprise and she scoffed
I didn’t talk to you, I cur$ed at you. She corrected and I smiled knowing she was tired of ignoring me, yes ignoring me……
She scolded at me for being harsh on Declan and when I refused listening to her, she gave me the silent treatment…..

My phone suddenly rang and on checking the caller, it was Declan

I rolled my eyes
Can’t he just leave me alone? I said aloud as I hanged up the call

Are you really gonna continue with that? Daphne queried and I nodded

You are crazy! Declan has called more than a dozen time and yet you kept on banging his calls, what exactly is your problem? She retorted angrily and I grinned

Let us just say I am trying to make him see my worth. I answered with a wider grin and she rolled her eyes

Oh yeah! and I also pray you don’t loose him this way. She drawled ….

What! Loose! No way! I blurted out and she laughed
Then let go of your pride and call him. She advised
Shrugging, I paused to drink from the bottled water before answering her

I will do call him when I am back from the bus station………

Really Sasha! Are you gonna meet Racheal all alone? She asked, widening her eyes in surprise

Sure! I answered and then continued munching away ………….
After eating, I put the tray away on the floor and then rested my head on the pillow.

Glancing at the wall clock, it was 18:00pm

I guess I need to be on my way!
I got off the bed and went over to the wardrobe….

I pulled off the red top I was wearing and changed it to a pink one ………

Are you going somewhere? Daphne asked and I nodded without looking at her

And where is that? She continued

To the bus station. I answered and she scoffed
But she asked you to meet her by 19:00, then why going now. She queried

That is because my mom won’t allow me to go out once it is past 19:00. I explained and she exclaimed softly

I will wait for Racheal. I quickly added …..

having explained to her, I brought out the “pen recorder” out from my back pack and then kept it in the front pocket of my jean trouser……

Picking a text book from the table, I faced Daphne
Are you coming with me or not? I asked, knowing she would say yes and I was not disappointed
Let us go. I said and we both headed down the stairs…

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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