GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 41

Daphne Davies
Daphne your time is up! Daphne your time is up! I kept on hearing the voice in my head but I waved it off …..

Sasha was still in coma and I could not just leave my best friend like that ……..

I was getting so weak but I never for once left Sasha side. I was hoping and at the same time praying that Sasha will wake before the “messengers of the underworld ” severe our ties by breaking the golden necklace and to my relief, it worked exactly the way I wished…..::
GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Opening my eyes, I found myself in a familiar surrounding, The under world!

I walked up, no I wasn’t walking, I was floating …..

I floated all the way to a woman on white sitting in front of a huge gate ………

Daphne Davies! She called without looking at me and I stared at her in surprise
how did she know I was in front of her! how did she even know my name! The last time I checked I was a lone spirit without a name …

And as if reading my mind, she said

We were all watching you from here and it may interest you to know that we know who you were ever since but we just wanted you to right your wrong yourself so congratulations Daphne. She explained and her voice sounded like an echo ………

Do you want me to erase all your memories as a ghost? She suddenly asked with the same echo voice but I shook my head
Hell no! I blurted out and she chuckled softly

I knew you wouldn’t but I just asked…..

She marked up something in a book and then for the first time, she raised her head to look at me …..

“Welcome to The “Good land”. She said and the huge gate opened on its own……

Should I go in there? I asked to be sure and she nodded slowly……

Walking through the huge gate, I kept on walking and was at the same time looking around…..

Where is this place? I wondered
Everywhere was covered in gold and all the houses were so tall and beautiful, it was like a paradise…….

Just then, I saw two girls of my age playing with some golden flowers and was about to go join them when I heard a familiar voice call me
I quickly turned in the direction and my heart skipped at who I saw ….. Dad !

I pinched myself to be sure I was not dreaming and I wasn’t ……..

Dad! I called loudly and then rushed to hug him ……..

I was expecting my hands to go through him as always but it didn’t, we hugged each other so tightly…..

I have been waiting so long for you Princess. he said in whispers and I pulled out of the hug …..::

Do you know I was coming? Where even is this place? I asked, looking around and he smiled…..

And without answering my question, he held my hands as we took an opposite direction…..

So tell me is your mum and Declan alright? he asked and I nodded sheepishly…:

And guess what! I found a special friend who happens to be Declan’s girlfriend. I told my dad who just smiled……….

Looking back, I have come to realise that Friendship is not about who you have known for the longest, it is about who walked in your life, I said ”I am here for you” and proved it ……though I might not be beside you Sasha but you will forever remain in my heart……….

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Cory Abel
After signing lot of documents, I was set to leave the courthouse with my mum when the cute police detective hmmm what is his name again? … Sin yes Sinclair walked up to us……,,

Good afternoon ma! he greeted my mum

Good morning! how are you doing? My mom asked and he smiled lightly

I am doing very well ma. he answered and then faced me.
I listened to all what you went through in the court and I must admit that you are one he.ll of a courageous lady …….

Thanks. I said in appreciation
So I was thinking of continuing from where Mr Hampton stopped. he said and I widened my eyes in surprise…..

Continue! Stop! What are you talking about? I asked confusedly and he chuckled nervously

Actually Declan talked to me about your plight and I promised to help you attain your dreams….

I shifted my gaze to my mom.
Mum! Did you hear that! He said he will assist me attain my dreams. I squealed in delight and my mom shot Sinclair a grateful look

Thanks so much. She appreciated
It is nothing ma. he assured and then shifted his gaze to me
So Cory if you don’t mind I will love to have your digit. he said and without thinking, I jumped and hugged him ……
Thanks so much! Thanks so much!

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Declan Davies
Sitting on the bed, I brushed off the hair off Sasha face as I watched her sleep……..
It was already past 21pm and I was alone with her in the room ……

My mom left after I answered all of her questions about Daphne and to my surprise, she believed everything I told her ….

And as for Kamara, she was a little bit scared and to the surprise of her parent, when they came over to drop dinner, she pleaded to go with them……..
Such a Funny girl!

Even as she slept, Sasha still held to the broken necklace and when I tried to take it from her, she clutched unto it tightly as if her life depended on it ……..

She must be really hurting! But she needs to understand that Daphne cannot remain by her side forever………

My phone suddenly rang, and on checking the caller, it was Cory

I received it
hello Dec! She greeted first
hi Cory! I responded dryly
What of Sasha? how is she? I heard she is already awake. She said in a rush

Of course she is. I answered
Okay! I will come check on her tomorrow, I have good news to share with both of you. She informed and I smiled lightly already knowing the “good news”………..

Alright Cory! I said and ended the call…….

What did she say? Sasha asked and I turned in her direction to see her eyes wide opened…..
When did you wake? I asked softly

Not quite long. She answered and I exclaimed softly
She looked around the room and sighed.

Is Daphne really gone? She asked and I kept mute …..
This is so frustrating! She remarked, biting her lips …….

Do you want to sit up? I asked softly and she nodded
Holding her by the waist, I helped her to sit up
Thanks! She said, staring at the broken necklace….

Can it still be fixed? she asked and I nodded
Good! I want to fix it and return it back to….. she tried to say but I butted in
And why will you do that? It belongs to you now ………

Oh! Can I really keep it? She asked to be sure and without answering her, I moved closer to her and made her lean on my chest ……….

I love you so much Sasha and I promise never to leave your side. I assured and she stared into my face ….

Awww! Awww! my boyfriend is trying to be romantic. She said teasingly and I smiled
Or do you want me to go back to my cold ways?

I asked with an eye roll and she huffed
Hell no! I prefer the romantic you. She said as she stared at my lips…..

I chuckled softly knowing what she wanted

And with my hands wrapped tightly around her, I kssed her deeply and hard……

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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