GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 43

After about 30 mins, we got to Declan home and he parked out in front …

We alighted from the car and with my hands in his, we headed straight upstairs to his room..

I was so dmn tired!

Entering his room, I collapsed on his big bed and he chuckled
Aren’t you gonna change into something comfy? he asked, walking into the bathroom

I will. I answered with a tiny voice without minding he will hear me or not ……..

he soon returned to the room wearing only his briefs and my eyes almost popped out on seeing the tiny markings on his chest ……

Did you get a tattoo? I asked
he looked at his chest and then back at me ……

Don’t you like it? he threw a question back at mean and I swallowed hard

Of course why won’t I! but why did you do it? I mean why did you ink my name on your chest?

I asked, sitting up on the bed
That is because I wanted to do it. he answered as he joined me on the bed…….

Can I touch it? I asked foolishly and he nodded
I stared at wordings of my name on his chest before touching it …..

It is so beautiful! I remarked
Just like you. he retorted and I shifted my gaze to his face ….

his blue eyes! his pointed nose! and then to his sxy lips ….

Go and freshen up. I heard him say but his voice sounded so distant …..

I was lost staring at his cute face and I could feel a sensation burning through me…

And without thinking, I placed my lips on his and kssed him
I needed to pour it out or else I will explode…..

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

We stayed like that for a while breathing hard against each other and then he rolled off me….

Staring at the bl.ood stained bed sheet, I tried closing my legs but couldn’t
My whole body was hurting……

I am sorry baby. Declan apologised and I smiled shyly
He got off the bed and walked over to his reading table, he opened the drawer and brought out a small box; then returned to the bed …..

He laid beside me and then made me lean on his chest ……..

Here. He handed me the box which I quickly opened…..

There was a golden necklace in it and I brought it out …..
I smiled

It was Daphne necklace
When did you fix it? I asked softly and he shrugged
Not quite long; should I help you with it? he asked and I nodded sheepishly
he took it from me and unhooked it

If I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me, will you? he asked as he wore the necklace around my neck…….:

My heart skipped a bit, is he trying to propose to me?
Of course I will. I said softly and he smiled….

I want to spend my forever with you and will take you to the alter immediately after college. He promised and I grinned from ear to ear…….

Thanks baby. I said but he shook his head

I should be the one thanking you, thanks for coming to my life. he said and pecked my lips briefly…..

I smiled sheepishly
Let’s go to bed, it is already late. He said and before I could say anything, he wrapped his hands around me tightly …..


I touched the chain on my neck and smiled

Daphne! Can you see this? I mumbled and my heart raced faster …….

Yes, she is still in my heart..:.

The End


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