GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 37

Declan Davies

All through the drive to the abandoned school, I kept on urging Sinclair to drive faster ….

Not that he wasn’t fast enough, I was just worried that Racheal will harm Sasha before we get there..

Though she assured Cory that she will wait for her but as you know, a murderer is not to be trusted……

My phone suddenly rang, I brought it out from my pocket and as expected, it was my mom
I switched it off and then kept it back inside my pocket….

I will explain everything to her only if all goes well …….

We soon got to the abandoned school and Sinclair drove roughly into the bushy compound…..

I guess his actions alerted whosoever was guiding the house because we sighted a lone figure trying to escape by scaling up the fence …..

And without wasting time, The second cops alighted from the car, brought out a pistol from his pocket and shot twice at the figure

And with a loud thud, the figure fell to the ground like a log of wood …..

Stay in the car. Sinclair instructed Cory and I but I shook my head ….

And without waiting for him to say anything further, I alighted from my own end and rushed towards the figure………

Thanks to the moonlight, we were able to see clearly ….

It was a tall lanky man, he was grunting in pain, holding his hands while trying to put pressure on the bullet wound……

As soon as he saw the officer and I, he tried to Stand up but the officer shot at his leg …..

Arggh! he groaned in pain and the officer bent to squat beside him …..

Where is Sasha? the officer asked

The man looked at him, at me and then shifted his gaze to someone behind me and without turning to look, I knew it was Sinclair….

Where is Sasha? The officer repeated and the man grinned slowly, exposing his green teeth…

Yuck! I looked away in disgust
Do you mean the sxy girl with a big bum? he asked and I grit my teeth in anger.
Yes, where is she? I asked coldly and he sighed

If you want to save her, you have to go now or else Racheal will crack open her skull
And without thinking, I ran like a mad man towards the house but was soon caught up my Sinclair

What do you think you are doing? he asked, panting.
Trying to save my girlfriend. I answered in a huff.

He stared at me for a while and then sighed
Fine! Follow my lead ………

Following behind him, we walked slowly to a room that was slightly ajar and when he pushed it opened, we came face to face with the witch, Racheal….

Declan! She called in shock, what erm are you doing here? she stuttered, whimpering.

And without answering her, I shoved her away and walked into the room fully and what I saw made me speechless

Sasha was tied up like an animal and was bleeding profusely from her head

Declan! She called with a weak smile and I rushed towards her …..

Hey baby! What happened! Did the witch do this to you? I asked rushingly, loosing the rope around her body.

I am sorry Declan for not picking your calls. She apologise weakly and I bit my lips in anger, turning to face Racheal.

You wtch! I will make sure you rot in prison. I threatened.

She was quiet for a while and then laughed out loudly
My dad will surely help me. She said boldly and Sasha chuckled.

And how will he help you when he will be also rotting in prison! She retorted and Racheal froze

What do you mean by that?
There. Sasha said weakly, pointing to a corner of the room ……

I quickly turned in the direction to see what she meant, the ”pen recorder” was laying at a corner with a dim red light
And in a rush, Sinclair went over to pick it ..

He dusted the sand off its body and playing it, it was Racheal’s confession…::

No it can’t be, it can’t be. Racheal yelled and I smirked
Of course it can’t be, a confession directly from the murderer’s mouth…..:

She tried to run but was blocked by the second officer who was just coming in, dragging the lanky man along ….

One more step from you and I will blow of your head. He threatened, cocking his gun and the witch went stiff ….:

She was immediately handcuffed together with the lanky man and they were both dragged out of the room by the officer……

I shifted my gaze to Sasha and held her more tightly…..

Is she alright? Sinclair asked but I shook my head
Please call the ambulance. I pleaded and he did…..

I did it right. She said weakly and I nodded, trying to blink back the tears from falling…

Please stop talking baby. I pleaded but being the stubborn person she is, she didn’t budge instead she turned sideways.

I did it Daphne and now you will be able to get Justice…..
Having said that, she clutched unto my clothes tightly and started breathing faster …….

She is having seizures. Sinclair screamed and in a rush, I carried her up in a bridal style and dashed out of the room ……

Stay with me Sasha, please stay with me …

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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