GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 38

✍️Written by Princess Juliet🧚‍♀️

Daphne is gone
Declan Davies
It has been two weeks since the attempted murder of Sasha and Sadly, she was still in coma…
I could vividly remember loosing my mind on that fateful day and only became calm when the doctor assured me that she will be alright …….

I stood in front of the mirror when I was done dressing and sighed in frustration

I was looking so pale and the puff bags underneath my eyes was enough to show that I haven’t been getting enough sleep …

Well! It is just a matter of time knowing for sure that I will be fine as soon as Sasha wakes …..

Picking up my phone and car keys from the table, I headed down the stairs and as expected, I met my mom humming a song as she set the table for breakfast.

That has been her way ever since Daphne case was re opened and taken to court ……

Good morning mum! I greeted
She turned to face me and then frowned

You didn’t sleep again right? She queried and I sighed softly

Is this because of Sasha? She asked and without waiting for my response, she continued.

Only one night you spent away from her and you are looking so worst. Fine! I know how much you love her and to tell you the truth, I love her also but do you think she will be happy to see you like this when she wakes? She asked, seizing me up …….

I sighed deeply, I know mom but it is not just easy for me …. I mean how do you expect me to sleep when Sasha is laying so helplessly on the hospital bed. I retorted

She stared at me for a while and then smiled sadly
I understand baby, come let us have breakfast. She said softly but I shook my head
I will pass!

And do you think I will allow you! And if I may ask, where are you going to this early hour of the morning? She continued with an eye roll and I was forced to laugh……..

Today is Daphne final hearing or have you forgotten? I reminded and she shook her head

Of course I haven’t, I mean why would I forget! but the hearing is gonna be by 10:00am … you know what just tell me you are going over to the hospital and I will understand you. She said with a wink ….

And since you know, why did you ask about it? I asked teasingly and she gave me a playful glare.

I leaned over to peck her lightly on the cheek and then rushed out of the house

I will join you at the court room so we can both head to the hospital together. She shouted after me

Alright mom. I answered with a louder voice…..

Opening the door to my car, I got in and drove off heading to hospital……

I have to see my Sasha first before any other thing, one night away from her and I was already missing her……

Dang it! She completely stole my heart…….
On getting to the hospital, I drove into the big compound and parked out in the car lot ….

And as usual, there were few reporters lurking around. Just like me, they were all waiting for the “heroine ” to wake…

I smiled lightly
I think it is time for you to get up Sasha……

opening the car door, I alighted, locked it and then headed straight to her ward ignoring the reporters who looked like they wanted to eat me raw with questions….:

They were all curious to know why Sasha chose to reinvestigate a case that was sealed as a sucide and I certainly couldn’t tell them that Daphne’s ghost urged her to or else I will look like a crazy fool…….

Entering her ward, kamara rushed to hug me ….

She was there in the room with her parent ….

I smiled lightly as I ruffled her hair

Declan! Sasha moved her feet not quite long. She informed with a large grin and excitedly I walked past her to the huge bed …..

I peered Into Sasha whitish face and then leaned over to peck her lightly…….

Good morning baby! I greeted softly and her dad cleared his throat……

Morning Declan! he greeted first and my face flushed with embarrassment

I slowly shifted my gaze to him and then to his wife
Erm pardon my manners, Good morning sir! Good morning ma! I greeted

Good morning Dec! her mom responded and as for her dad, he just nodded slowly

Actually we were about to take our leave, I need to go prepare breakfast while my husband need to rush down to pick some stuff at office so we were both hoping you will stay with Sasha and Kamara till we are back. her mum said, caressing Sasha face …..

Glancing at my wristwatch, I heaved a sigh
I really wish to ma but my sister final hearing will take place in the next 30 minutes. I explained and her face fell

But I will be back as soon as possible, I will also be spending the night here. I quickly added and she smiled slowly…

Thanks Dec, I really don’t know what we could have done without you….,

having said that, she stood up along with her husband and leaned over to peck Kamara before they both walked out of the room…….

I watched them go and then sat down beside Sasha on the bed ….

Baby! It is me Declan, ain’t you missing me! ain’t you missing our stupid fights and play! I paused to wipe off the tears from my eyes before I continued;
I know you are and that is why I am beseeching you to wake up.. A lot of things happened which you need to see for yourself, Racheal, her father and the chief police are all behind bars and today will determine their fate, Sinclair was promoted to the level of the chief police but he politely declined the offer saying he prefers to be a detective.

Cory is so worried about you that she comes to see you everyday after class but I figure she won’t be able to come today because she is the main witness of today.

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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