GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 39

Kamara refused to leave your side saying she would go home when her sister wakes and as for ….. your best friend Daphne I am very sure she hasn’t left your side either….,

can my sister really see Daphne? Kamara asked, blowing her noses Into a small towel and I slowly shifted my gaze to her

Did she tell you anything? I asked but she shook her head negatively

But I have caught her once mentioning Daphne when talking to herself. She explained and I nodded slowly….

So can you please answer my… she tried to say but I cut in not wanting to hear her question.

I need to go now. I said, glancing at my wristwatch..
Make sure you look after your sister!

I took few steps to the door and then stopped.

Please Daphne make sure you look after them. I said, glancing at Kamara who shot me a weird gaze and then left the room ……

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Despite the speed, I got to the court house about an hour late to find it so crowdy……….

Jeez! It was like the whole town came out to fight for Daphne and Sasha Justice…….

I looked around before opening the car door, there were huge banner of Daphne and the “heroine” of the day everywhere….

The shouts of “We want Justice for Daphne Davies and Sasha Alfredo filled the whole air”

Alighting from the car, I shot the door then pushed and squeezed my way in and got in just in time to hear the judge read the final verdict ………

I quickly sat on at the back row

”Having listening to both defendant, I have finally made a say. he paused to stare at the chief police before he continued

Mr Micheal, you have not only proved how stupid you are but you have also show how unfit you are for this job so by the power vested on me, I sentence you to 20 years imprisonment…….,,.::

Mr Hampton, for siding with your “sick child “without even making a move to help treat her, you are sentenced to 40 years imprisonment with hard labour……

Kelvin Marcus, for being an accomplice to Racheal, you are sentenced to five years with hard labour

Racheal Hampton. he called and the whole court became so noisy
Order! Order! The court clerk shouted and everywhere soon became silent ….:

I don’t know if I should call you a human or a beast, you killed your class mate, you turned your friend into a sx object and made her live in fear, you attempted to kill Sasha Alfred who is still in coma and to make it worst, you did all of this without remorse…..

I won’t judge you base on your test result which says you are suffering from a “mental disorder” but I will judge you on the fact that you enjoyed doing what you did so Miss Racheal Hampton by the power vested on me, I sentenced you to 50 years imprisonment in the psychiatric home and even when you are better, you will be moved to the Jail to continue from where you stop…

No! No! No! Racheal screamed like a mad woman like she is and the whole court booed and jeered her…,,

And as for Cory Abel, after going through this case, I see no stain on you so therefore you are discharged and acquitted ……

Thank God! I muttered, sighing in relief
The judge looked around the court and then continued…..

I want to use this medium to appreciate Sasha Alfredo and Declan Davies and I really hope they end up being detectives. he said and the roar of laughter filled the air ……………….::

Having listened to the final judgement, I stood up and was about leaving the court room when I felt a hand around me and without turning to look, I knew it was mom, her cologne gave her away ….

Mum! I called, turning to face her and I saw the tears rolling down her eyes.

You and Sasha both did it! She said slowly and I smiled lightly, wiping off the tears from her eyes..,,

Just then, my phone beeped signifying a test message
I brought it out and it was from Sasha

I clicked on it and read it
“This is Kamara, Sasha just opened her eyes…..


GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Sasha Alfredo
Having felt a tiny hand wrapped around me, I opened my eyes slowly to see Kamara sleeping peacefully beside me …….

I smiled lightly
I looked around the room and saw Daphne standing beside me with her eyes closed …

Is she sleeping? No ghost don’t sleep…..

Daphne! I called weakly and her eyes flung opened
She stared at me for some moment and then she screamed loudly making me to chuckle softly…

I guess the chuckled disrupted Kamara sleep because she immediately jolted up from sleep

And on seeing me, she went pale as if she has just seen a ghost and then she screamed more loudly than Daphne….

And before I could say anything, she picked up a phone which is obviously mine from the table and then ran out of the room in a huff …..

Crazy girl! I muttered
I tried to sit up but the pain from my head was so unbearable
Arrrrrgh! I groaned as I fell back to the bed…..

Easy Sasha! Please don’t stress yourself. Daphne pleaded with a worried look written all over her face and I nodded slowly

Where am I? Where is everyone? I asked with an arched eyebrow

Your parents went to fix some stuff while Declan went over to the court house!

Court! I repeated and she nodded

I was about to ask more questions when the memory of what happened flowed into my head….

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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