HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 81 – The End

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 86


It was finally the week of our examination, I knew I was not as brilliant as Raymond but I tried my best to read as much as I could.

Plus Raymond explained practically all topics that seems complicated to me.

Raymond had said we should go to the school’s VIP restaurant. As we arrived there, we walked in and was surprised to see Donald and Pearl sitting before each other and having a meal together.

I only waved at Pearl while Raymond shot his brother a bright smile.

We both went to sit.

Raymond ordered for food.

“You didn’t ask for what food I like, what kind of boyfriend act that way?” I asked.

“Who said I’m your boyfriend? You are not my girlfriend and I’ve not yet declared that we are in a relationship.” He said.

“But you said I will be your girlfriend once I come out in flying colors in my exam?” I asked.

“Yes, you will. But if you fail, I will pass you on back to Albert.” He said.

“So I’m a ball that you can just pass around, okay…I’m not eating anymore.” I said and folded my arms.

The attendant served us the meal

Raymond ignored me and took the spoon, he got a spoon full and ate, he did not bother to look at my face.

He got another spoon full, he raised his head this time and stretched the food to my mouth.

“Eat this.” He said but I closed my mouth still.

“Are you embarrassing me or what?” He asked and I opened my mouth. I ate the spoon full.

“Are you angry cause of what I said?” He questioned.

I didn’t reply but only shot him a girly look.

He smiled and said; “let’s eat together.”

I joined him in eating, we did not speak to each other until we were done eating.

We walked out of the restaurant.

“I did not like Albert anymore.” I said.

“But he likes you?” He asked and looked at me.

” I don’t care…” I said and looked away.

He curved his arms around my ne.ck and pecked my cheek. I felt g00sebumps on me and I looked at his face.

“I won’t have to leave you to go to Albert if you can come out in flying colors in your exam, I hope you have read very well?” He asked.

“I tried my best.” I answered.

Two weeks later, we were already done with our examination and today was the day that our result would be out.

I really wish I did excellently well so Raymond can declare me officially as his girlfriend.

I can’t wait.

Few hours later, Pearl appeared before the class all of a sudden and shouted; “Our result is out, go and check yours at the board!”

Everywhere scattered as everyone ran to the board to check their results.

I stood nervously and waited until everyone in the class had disappeared including Pearl.

Raymond then walked in with a file in his hand, he looked so glamorous and handsome.

“Raymond.” I took a step closer to him but stopped , since he was coming to me.

“Here is your result, I collected it from the principal.” He said and held it in the air.

“Oh!” I exclaimed as my heart beats heavily.

He had known my fate while I was here, nervous.

“Well, you failed.” He said and it was like my heart sunk into the deepest of waters.

“I failed you.” I said and lowered my head sadly.

“You failed yourself not me.” He said and threw the result to the floor like it was nothing.

“I taught you for hours, tried all my possible best to ensure you come out in flying colors, days of inviting you over to my place and teaching you, but you are just so dumb.” He said.

“I’m sorry?” I apologized. I was so heart broken and felt bad that he was scolding me.

“I have decided not to have anything to do with a lady that is not intelligent, go back to your ex please.” He said and turned.

I bursted into a loud cry, I was so heart broken

He turned back at me slowly and said; “I…already love you. Either you pass or not, I’ll still love you?”

My tears dried up instantly and I looked into his face.

“You did excellently well in your exam, though?” He said and chuckled.

I ran to him happily and he carried me up like a baby.

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