If you are suffering from any of the below illness then this post will help you get rid of all your problems and take charge of your health.

You need good health to have a good life, good health to be able to enjoy that favorite food, good health to drive that dream car, so take care of your health whiles you can.


English Name: Garden Cress.
Others call it Rinrin, Akan as my grandma told me. Some call it the morning salad, others calls it the BP diet and the most favorite name is the Da Yie meaning sleep well in English.πŸ‘



All you need is seven leaves of this plant, wash it well with clean water and chew it before going to sleep. You won’t even wake up until you feel like waking up. It is more powerful than all the sleeping medicines you know of. It can make you sleep for more than 15 hours. It is highly regarded that you use it on your non working days if you want to use it for sleep. I tested it to be sure the Da Yie name suit it and it was marvelous.

2. Second is the BP cure.

This same leaf can be used for persons with high blood pressure. For those who are on high drugs because their pressure is so high that without their medicine, they will die. Give them this leaf in the morning, afternoon and evening for just three days and you will be amazed at how splendid it works.

Just take more of this leaves, blend it with little or more water depending on how you want it. Take a full glass of it and you are done. Just for the morning, lunch and evening.

Make sure to take it after you have eaten because it is very powerful. And do not take palm oil foods (red oil) whiles taking it. You can add a little bit of milk to it if you feel it’s too bitter for you to consume.

3.Third is the immune system boaster.

If you have weak immune system then you are very liable to get sick at anytime. Your white blood cells are too weak that it cannot even fight malaria. All you need is this leaves. Put in bowl and cook it well for 8 to 10 minutes. Drink the water everyday specifically in the morning before eating and your immune system will be back on track with great cells to protect you from diseases.

4. Fourth is body pains.

My grandma made me understand that all the pain killers we never bought from the drug store was because of using these leaf. Growing up we never complained about body pains because my grandma gave us this leaf to eat. Add this leaves to your salad for rice and other foods and body pains will never be part of you. Make sure it is well washed before eating.


5. Fifth is using it for nursing mothers.

If your wife, sister, friend or mother has given birth recently then all she needs is this leaf. Make her drink the water of the leaf every morning and evening and all the wounds in her womb will be cured within a week. It is also powerful for treating wounds after surgical operations. All you have to do is boil the leaves and drink the water every morning and evening. Please do not eat it if you are using it for wounds treatment. Drinking the water is enough to heal the wounds within you.

6.Sixth is for fighting ulcer.

This leaves contains antibiotics which can cure ulcer germs and heal ulcer patients in twenty days of using. It is highly recommendable that they use it throughout the twenty days and never miss a joint. All they have to do is boil the leaves and drink the water as their normal water continuously for the said duration. Use less normal water to drink and use the water from the leaves more in a day. Eight glasses a day will be ok.

7. Seventh and the last is for fighting germs in children.

If your child plays more with dirts then they are at risk of getting infections. Don’t panic and get this and add to their food as salad or soup. They will get rid of all the germs without knowing anything. You can also make them drink the water but children are difficult with taking medicine so the best is to add to to their food. Minimize the dosage, from 5 to 7 just six leaf will be ok. 7 to 12 years should have not more than 10 leaf and 13 plus can take the adult dosage or can chew it if they want.


It is very common to get. Just look around and you will find one. If you are not sure of the leave, I have added enough photos for you to identify it when you see it.