HEART DOCTOR : Episode 1 – 10


Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C


[Bedtime story]

Amanda was baffled at the little girl’s speaking manners but she had already been told of her manners so she would have to cope with it.

She needed this job and loosing it isn’t what she would even want to dream of.

She cleared her throat and smiled at the five years old girl standing in front of her.

“I can’t say that I know much but I know that nannies take good care of the kid or kids under their care. A nanny makes sure the kid is healthy, eats at the right time, neat at all time and happy. When it’s night, she makes sure the kid goes to bed and in the morning, she prepares her for school, making sure she feels excited about going to school that day. I promise to try my best as your nanny.” she said.

Daddy and daughter looked at themselves. The both were pleased by Amanda’s explanations but Desmond was more pleased.

“Well your English is much better than the previous nanny. Here, bring my bag upstairs.” Deya said and handed Amanda her bag.

Amanda couldn’t believe this girl’s guts. She should bring her bag upstairs?

“Dad I’m going to my room for awhile, dad please make me noodles” she said and turned to Amanda.” You, come with me. I’ll show you to your room.” she said.

‘Really?’ Amanda wondered.
Deya headed upstairs.

Amanda looked at Desmond and Desmond to her.
“I’m sure my mom told you all you should know, right?” he asked.
“Yes she did sir,” Amanda answered.
“So you shouldn’t be baffled. Go on.” he said and headed to the kitchen.

“I NEED MY PHONEE!” Deya shouted from upstairs. Amanda wondered how a little girl can shout so loud.

Wait, did she just say phone?
That girl has a phone? Tch. This is serious!

She headed upstairs with her luggage and soon caught up of Odeya.

Odeya passed lots of doors then stopped at one.

“That’s your room and opposite, is mine. Don’t forget you have works to do also apart from being my nanny, like keeping this whole house clean. You are living here anyways and your salary is a lot of money ” She said and with that, collected her bag, turned to her room and walked in, closing the door.

Amanda breathed out. “Jesus, seriously? Such guts. Does she have any idea how old I am?”

She walked into her room and smiled at the nicely furnished bedroom.
She has never had an opportunity to sleep in this kind of bedroom and here it was, staring at her.

She dropped her luggage and jumped on the bed.
“Wow, this is nice.”

Amanda checked everything in the room, she found few old things and knew it would belong to the previous nanny. Like toothbrushes, sponge, and some shoes.

She packed them up and headed out to trash them.
She hadn’t gone far when she heard Odeya call her. “Hey, Nanny”

Amanda stopped and turned. “Yes, Odeya?”
Odeya began walking towards. “What’s that you are holding?”
“It’s some little belongings of the previous nanny, I guess. I want to trash them.” Amanda said.
“Let me see,” Deya said.

Amanda opened the bag she had gathered all of them in.
Deya looked in and scoffed. “That ugly looking nanny. She wears disgusting old things. She’s just too old fashioned. I couldn’t breathe well anything she was around me.” Deya said.

“But this shoes aren’t that old fashioned.” Amanda said.
“I said it is. Well, I’m not surprised, you are so fashionless.” Deya said and walked away, leaving Amanda with dropped jaw.

Amanda tightened her fist in boiling anger. She wish she could just padlock this girl’s lips forever!


Odeya got downstairs and met her dinner already served on the dinning. Her dad just brought it out.

“Dad, you must he tired from cooking. Why didn’t you call the nanny to make your dinner?” Deya asked. “She was upstairs doing nothing.”

Desmond smiled. “You asked me to prepare your dinner, so I decided to do both. Besides baby, she just came. Cooking is my hobby, don’t forget.” Desmond said and sat down opposite Deya.

“Mom said that to me a couple of times. She said she was in love with your cooking.” Deya said.

Desmond exhaled.
She can’t stop bringing up her mom.

“Deya, do you want me to feed you?” Desmond said, trying to change the topic.

“I’m no more a baby dad,” She said.
Desmond smiled. “Come on, you are five, five years old girls are the most prettiest babies.” Desmond said.

Deya laughed. “Eat dad and don’t talk while eating.”
“Yeah, you are right dear.” Desmond said and picked his fork.

He had prepared noodles and fried egg for Deya then fried egg and toasted bread for himself.

They heard footsteps emerging down the staircase.
It was Amanda with the nylon she held.

She finally got down the staircase, looked over and saw the duo eating at the dinning.
Immediately her stomachs grumbled.

‘I’m quite hungry,’ she said and headed out.
She got outside and wondered where the dustbin would be.

She should have asked Deya at the corridor. She forgot.

She saw the gateman sitting outside his quarter with a radio close to his ear.
She decided to ask him.

She went over and immediately I.K saw her, he stood up from the chair.

“Haa, Beautiful Amanda.. Where you dey go?” he asked.

‘Beautiful Amanda?’ Amanda wondered.

“Where’s the dustbin, I need to throw this thing away.” She said.

“Eh, na there? Follow that way, at the back.” he said.

“Okay, thank you.” Amanda thanked and went behind the quarter.

I.K licked his lips as he stared at Amanda’s behind.

“Chai, this one na kill me make I die.” he said and shook his head with excitement.

He has to ask her for a date before it’s too late.
He knows he’s handsome and can take care of her. Right?

There were two bins. She opened one and dropped the trash inside.
When she walked back, she met I.K dancing to a Lucky dube’s song. ‘Romeo n Juliette’

“I’m going inside, goodnight.” Amanda said.
I.K grinned. “Goodnight dear.”

‘Dear?’ Amanda wondered.
She will hold on till the next day.

She headed back into the house and dad and daughter were still eating.

My stomach cried at the sight of forks going into the mouth.

“I think I’m okay,” Odeya said and drank the rest of her orange juice.
“Amanda,” Desmond called.
“Yes sir,” she answered and walked over.

He looked up at her and Amanda couldn’t help admiring this man.
He’s really handsome and so muscular. Broad shoulders and amazing beards.

‘Ohh, get hold of yourself Chimamanda. You shouldn’t be thinking all this.’ She told herself.

“You can take the dishes to the kitchen. You’ll find your dinner.” he said causing Amanda eyes to pop open wide.

“Sir?” she said, wondering if he made her dinner. How can he, when she should have been the one to do that.

“You are to wake up early enough. Deya leaves to school as early as seven.
You’ll find the kitchen timetable at the wall of the kitchen. Make breakfasts as early as 6:30am. I only take tea in the morning.. You will read all that on the timetable.

“My dad tea must be warm, with a little of chocolate and more of milk. You must add sugar, not even a grain of it.” Odeya said.

Desmond smiled. “You don’t have to tell her that. She would see it all at the time table.”

Amanda exhaled. ‘This isn’t going to be easy.’

“Come on dear, I will take you upstairs.” Desmond said.
“No, she will.” Deya said and looked at Amanda. “Or aren’t you my nanny?”

“Yes I am.” Amanda said.
“Good. Let’s go.” Deya said. She came down, walked over to her dad and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight dad,”
“Goodnight baby, sleep sound.” Desmond said.
“And you too dad,” Deya said and with that, she headed upstairs.

“Sir, I will be back to pack up the plates.” she said and followed behind Odeya.

“Ahh, my leg hurts. Carry me.” Odeya said.
Amanda carried her.

“Your hair doesn’t look nice. Braid it tomorrow.” she said.
“Alright,” I said.
“You have a pretty long hair tho but mine’s longer.” she said.
“I know.” Amanda said.

She opened Deya’s room and dropped her on the bed.

“You should carry me to the bathroom, I’ve not had my night bathe yet.” Odeya said.
“Do I have to carry you?” Amanda asked.
“Unless you wanna be fired, don’t.” She said rudely.

Amanda chuckled. ‘Who’s this girl?’

“Come on, I sleep before 9:30 and this is 8:30 already.” Deya said.

Amanda carried her to the bathroom.

“I’ll have my brush first.” She said.

Amanda took out her brush from the beaker, applied paste on it and handed it to her.
“Should I brush your teeth?” she asked.

“Nope” Deya said and proceeded to brush her teeth.


Amanda bathe Deya, dressed her up for bed and carried her to the bed. She pulled the cover over her body.

“Goodnight, sleep sound.” she said, using Desmond’s words. She stood up and was going to switch off the light when Deya’s voice stopped her.

“Where do you think you are going nanny? What are you supposed to do for me to fall asleep?” Deya asked.

Amanda turned to her. “What do you want, a bedtime story or a lullaby?” she asked.

“A bedtime story,” Odeya said.

Amanda smiled.
Now is the time to do a little revenge.

She switched off the light.

“What do you think you are doing?” Odeya asked.
“I’m coming, I’m going to turn on the bedside lamp.” Amanda said and turned on the bedside lamp.

“Why? Do you have to tell the story with only the. Lamp on?”

“Yes, it’s a wonderful bedtime story.” Amanda smiled and pulled a chair and sat beside Odeya.

“Okay then. Go on.”

Amanda smiled. “Once upon a time, there came a great storm in a famous kingdom. This great storm brought all the mermaids and mermen in the sea.

This mermaids and mermen were very unhappy with this kingdom because they were defiling the sea by dropping so many dirt inside.

They came together and planned to visit each house at night and when they do, they would cut off every of their hands so they would never have the hands to throw dirt inside the sea again.

“What? Mermaids ain’t like that. I read alot of novels about them and they are nice creatures. Don’t tell me the story, it look scary.” Odeya said.

“No it doesn’t at all. Just listen a little bit more.” Amanda said and smiled.

“The first house they came were the five members. The father, the mother, the daughter and the sister and the maid. They seized them and said. ‘Tonight, we are going to cut off your hands and your legs, so you would never go near the sea again. The family begged and begged.. The father offered money, the mother offered their maid, the brother offered his dog and the sister offered her cat but they refused all the offers and first they grabbed the fathers hand like this.” Amanda grabbed Odeya’s hand.

“Get you hand off me. It’s scary!” she said and jumped down from the bed.

“I’m going to tell my dad! You are telling me a scary story! You can’t be my nanny!” Odeya fired.

Amanda rushed over to her. “No, I’m going to sing you a lullaby song.”

“I don’t want.”

“What of the story of Cinderella?”

“I don’t want.”

“What of the wise tortoise stories?”


“Uhmm yes, Rapunzel?”


“Should I dance for you.”


“What do you want, just tell me. You can’t go out deya.’

“Sing me 100 different poems. Don’t sit. Stand while singing it. Until I fall asleep, don’t stop.” she said, walked over to her bed, later down and pulled the duvet over her body.



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