Diana couldn’t waste any more time to get out of Philip’s house after seeing that man there, she totally freaked out.

What was he doing here, how did he get here…

She can’t be mistaken he is definitely Jimi Benson. The same Jimi Benson. She laid Abby down to sleep, this bothers her a lot ..she paced back and forth in her room and wondered if Jimi already knows and that probably why he is here…

But he didn’t seem to act as if they know each other and there’s no way he could have figured it out after all these years, well they haven’t actually met and he probably doesn’t even know she exist.

She might just have to ask Philip tomorrow what he is doing here. She shouldn’t get ahead of herself this might just be mere coincidence, her mind roam around to the first time she heard of him


*Flashback *** (2010)

Diana :

I was going to surprise my elder sister in her hostel, I left the home with so much joy since Dorcas left for school have really missed her and a surprise visit seem perfect.

I knocked and she opened, as expected she was very happy to see me.. She gave me a big hug and sprinkle ksses over my face

“Didi, what are you doing here” she asked puzzled

I smiled “what kinda question is that”

“Sorry…. Where’s mom and dad”

‘I waved my hand over my shoulder ”am a one man mopol DC I came on my own

“No way.. ” she nods in disbelief

“Am serious ” I pushed her aside as I walked into her room ” this looks very different, did you change the painting

“Yeah ! The other one sucks, you still haven’t told me how you got here ..should I be worried, maybe I should call mom made it here safely”

“Yes please, tell her I got here safely,.. Relax Sis, mom knows am here, she put me in a bus to come and see ur pretty face”

“Very funny, is mom at the admin, probably spying on me from the school staff”

“No, mom is not here, she let me come to check up on you and bring groceries ” I point at the bag that I came with,

“That is so thoughtful… Thanks”

You’re welcome ” I slumped to the bed and my hand grab something from under the pillow “…I glanced at it, it was a photograph of Dorcas and a guy

” what do we have here” I raised a brow

“Geez. Didi, you just got here and you are already snooping around, lemme have that”

“Not before you tell me what this was doing under your pillow”

“Lemme have it ” she tries to grab it from me but I dodged and let her chase me round her room for it

“What are we five year old ” she giggled literally out of breath

“It would be easier if you just tell me who this is.”

“Why must you know?”

“Well I want to know the person who is important enough to have their picture under your pillow”

‘she blushed “his name is Jimi Benson”

”And who is this Jimi Benson”

“He is..a friend, He is a smart amazing and a very good looking person. He’s just exceptional”

“Hmmm You don’t mean it, how did you meet him?”

“Is that necessary” I nod she knows I wasn’t going to drop it so she indulge me a little ”he is my course mate, so obviously we met in class”

“Wow, I hope you still concentrate in class because this is….”

“Shut up! And Stop teasing me Didi”

“Sorry, this is your first DC, I mean have heard you talk about a guy like that. you never really had time for guys in high school and here you are acting like so in love”

“Well what can I say. He makes me feel so”

“So ” I whispered

“You are not taking this serious are you?”

“I am, so when do I get to meet this awesome Jimi Benson.”

“Next year”


“You will be joining me next year, so don’t worry you will meet him next year”

“Why not now”

“because it not a good time”

“Yeah whatever, just be careful, I heard fine guys like this are big time flirts

“Thanks baby Sis I gat this under control.just don’t tell Mom about it”

“Not a word I promise, I still can’t believe it, ” I glanced at the picture once again “Dorcas and Jimi, you guys make a cute couple” she blushed shyly.



Jimi fight to keep his eyes closed, the banging was getting louder and somehow it feels like it was his head they were banging..

It had to be that silly Simi or perhaps his Mom trying to annoy him this early in the morning, they know how much he loves to sleep extra hours on Saturday before leaving for the gym. This is mere wickedness he eventually opened his eyes and mouth at the same time, he wasn’t in his room at home, he was in a very small room with a tiny bed, he jumped up and look around.

Oh of course, he was in Philip’s house.

But who would be banging the door this early. He checked the time. ..it was just 6:36am, he hurried out of the room when he got to the living room Philip was struggling to put his trousers on and Brady was barking like crazy.

“Good morning” Philip greeted but Jimi was too anxious to find out who’s at the door so he just head straight to the main door when he opened the door, he nod angrily

Diana stare at him, he was not wearing a shirt, and he looked like he wanted to swallow her, she pushed gently and walked inside carefully dropping sleeping Abby on the couch. She wasn’t going to stand there playing staring game with Abby on her arms

She cleared her throat “good morning”

“Good morning Diana, sorry it took me so long to answer the door, Brady won’t release my clothes”

‘Diana chuckled and winked at Brady “I understand is one of those mornings” Brady was already sniffing Abby on the couch

“I am the one who is sorry for disturbing you this early, am getting late for work and Marty is not here yet, she is already on her way but I can’t wait anymore. I would leave Abby alone in the house but you know how she gets when she wakes up and there’s no one there”

“It’s okay, Diana.. You can go”

“What do you mean by it OK” Jimi interrupted coldly folding his arms

“Excuse me ” Diana said

“No you excuse me miss, what do you think you are doing, you can’t just show up at someone’s house with your daughter at 6:30 in the morning, do we run a nursing center here or do we look like nannies”

“Jimi” Philip whispered

“Don’t Jimi me”

“Is there a problem?” Diana tried to understand his outburst

“It’s nothing, em Diane this his my friend Jimi, Jimi meet Diana my neighbor”

“I would say it nice to meet you but it not considering the circumstances”

“Jimi can you just chill”

“No I can’t,what sort of nonsense is this, how can someone just decide to wake every other person up because she’s going to work and she has a daughter, that’s just ridiculous..”

“Don’t mind him Diana just go.”

Diana turned to go although she has alot to say she didn’t want to get into that right now and this is still Philip’s house

“Yeah just go, I wonder what kind of a mother you are, is it so convenient for you to leave your daughter with two grown men and not be bothered ”

“Jesus.. Jimi” Philip want to clamp his hands on Jimi’s mouth

“What! Haven’t you heard of child molesters, they have their way once they are alone with a child especially female kids. I mean which should be more important your daughter or your job? Philip was in his underwear while you are banging the door like ¢razy maybe you don’t realize we are bachelors not baby sitters.”

‘Diana turned swiftly literally choking on everything she just heard and carried Abby back from the chair and walked out of the house.

“Unbelievable Jimi, just unbelievable”

Philip rushed out of the house and joined Diana and Abby outside

“Hey Diana hold on, don’t listen to him, he’s an idi0t. He doesn’t know what he is saying”

“Yeah maybe, but he is kinda right my job shouldn’t be more important than my daughter. I shouldn’t be enforcing this responsibility on you, ”

“Am not complaining, look he is in no position to judge you, don’t pay attention to his nonsense, just lemme have Abby pls”

“No, don’t worry Phil, I have no issues with you, it’s just him that I don’t trust”

And she meant that in all sense

Martha hopped out of a cab and hurried to them

“Hey Didi, am so sorry I overslept”

“It’s OK,” Marty carried Abby from Diana’s shoulders

” Thank God Marty is here, we’ll talk when I get back so I got to run… Bye”




Jimi’s day was ruined because of this morning episode maybe he overreacted but have people learnt about privacy at all who does she think she is to just barge in here and shove me off the road just to come and dump her baby here.

Philip might be digging it because he is into her and he wants to portray a nice gentleman act before her, but that old mojo is not going to work as long as he is here.


When Philip came back inside he was wearing this big frown and he was obviously very pissed but he is not going to take back his defense just because his friend was being a do gooder.

“Jimi what you did right now was totally uncalled for and insensitive, how can you talk to her like that. What makes you think you can just treat her that way”

“Who are we talking about”

“You know who am talking about, don’t try to act smart”

“I am smart and if you are referring to your single mother neighbor, you should know I just put her in her place”

“You don’t even know her and you think you are doing the right thing by insulting and questioning her capabilities as a mother”

“I only stated the fact, you see she couldn’t even say anything.”

“What did you expect her to say after you washed and insulted her so ¢ruelly”

“You know me Philip, am not a stand up comedian and I don’t condone nonsense, I think what she did last night and this morning is total BS and if we don’t stop her she’s going to think it’s her right to barge into our lives like that”

“You don’t even know her Jimi. You only just met her yesterday, said two words to each other and all of a sudden you think you have her all figured out”

“Am being realistic, I know women like her, they get dumped by a man and feel the need to bombard the next available selfless person that comes their way with that responsibility”

“You are being cynical not every single mother out there uses people or want to use people. We both agree that the responsibility of being a single parent is high and if you think you can shoulder such task alone it becomes harder. She needs all the help she can get and am willing to help”

“Showing up here by this time of the day and banging like she owns the place is a little too excessive don’t you think”

“It doesn’t happen so often”

“So it does happen”

“Once or twice she recently just move into the city she still needs help getting by daily”

“Whatever it is I just don’t want people taking advantage of you besides you still have a girlfriend”

“What does that have to do with anything”

“Your sudden interest to share in your neighbor’s responsibilities is quite questionable and I just need to be sure you are aware of what you are getting into”

“What do you think am getting into”

“Exactly you don’t realize this because doing good is like a default setting for you”

“Just the same way I took you in without a second thought. I help others too”

“Smooth so it bounces back on me too I see you are raising the bars on this one”

“As it should be,I expect you to respect my decision not explode it”

“Am just trying to look out for you”

“Am not a child look out for yourself”


“Yes wow . Am done talking, am exhausted.”

He walked away


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