Today started out as a buzz for Jimi, all day he has been running down the hall to fax an email, use the printer and answering phone calls at the same time. His secretary Clara, has been acting weird all day. He has just been too busy to talk some sense into her.

He was heading to his office after a draining presentation, what a Monday… Today of all days their foreign investors decided to reschedule today, he walked into his office and wondered if he’s in the wrong office

Someone was sitting on his desk, playing with his system and acting as if she owns the place,

“what the heck ” Jimi said to himself as he moved closer to her

“Esther…” He rolled his eyes,not today

“Yes hon” she turned and smiled at him

“What are you doing on my desk”

“Oh this” she readjust herself and opened her Legs in a way he could see her underwear

” oh don’t act so tensed you know how much you love it when we make out on this desk”

he cleared his throat ”just get down from there will you”

she giggled and hop down ” OK master”

”What are you doing here Esther”

“Well I heard you are single again”

he gave her a hard glare as if he didn’t know what she was talking about

“Oh Jimi ”she moved closer to him and held his shoulders ” you are such a na ughty boy Jimi, why did you waste so much time with Nancy, you knew I would be waiting but you choose to irritate me with your fling, I almost felt jealous ”she laughs

“Esther I don’t have time for this” he stepped away from her and walk to his seat ” how did you get in here in the first place, and where the h’ll is Clara”

“I don’t know where your secretary is and I don’t care, what is important now is the both of us, together and unbothered”

“Esther you can’t just come into my office and start distracting me from my work, I am extremely busy and I don’t have time for this”

“You said that before, but I know you don’t mean it, you want me just as much as I want you ”she pulled closer to him until there was not a tiny space for air to pass through

There was a bit of relapse on Jimi’s part honestly he was tired from working so hard and a break seem like a good idea but Esther is hardly ever a good choice

Jimi break off from her tight hold and made enough distance between them

“Am very busy Esther and I have to get back to work so pls excuse me”

“I promise this won’t take too long. Just relax and let me take care of you”

She moved to stand in between his legs

” I don’t want this Esther, yes we may have had something in the past but it doesn’t mean anything now, am moved passed that and I hope you can too. Pls just leave right now I have more important things to tend to”

“You and this your ego, anyway it’s one of the many things I love about you, I will get out of your hair now so that you can work but there’s no way this ends here. Simi told me you moved out of the house, even better. Now I don’t have to deal with your sister always in our business. Just text me your new address and I’ll be there when you get back from work”

She turned as if she was heading out and then catches him off guard and pulled him closer for a kss,” don’t forget to send me that address.”

With that, she finally walked out of the room

Jimi was still trying to catch his breath when Steve walks in.

“Hey Jimi”he scoffs and covered his mouth with one hand

“What !” He yelled thinking it was Esther again

“Sorry man, I thought it was….”

“Esther” Steve chuckles “I should have known something was up when I bump into Esther by the hallway but look at you covered in lipstick”.

Jimi touched his lips and quickly try to rub it off with a soft tissue ” don’t mind that little bch, she doesn’t seem to understand the word NO”

“Woah, now you are acting like you didn’t enjoy it”

“Of course not, she just ruined my mood as if I wasn’t already having a bad day”

“Too bad dude, I don’t have good news either”

“Oh now what”

“Director wants you to represent us at the official merger with The Source media, he sent me to hand over the files and paper work to you”

“So what happened to Jordan or even Mrs Bakare, they live their lives for this …why would he want me to go”

“Apparently we have another major bidding today so Jordan and his madam are already there”

“This is so unfair I have alot on my plate too, I can’t just drop it all and be at a stupid merger”

“That’s just what the big boss wants”

“Can this day get any worse,”

“I hope not, so how was your weekend, did you enjoy your stay at Philip’s”

“No, I didn’t and it no thanks to you,”

“Why what happened, I already feel bad about it no need to rub salt on an open wound”

“Am not making things up, do you know Philip is a babysitter,vyeah, he literally spends his quality time watching over his neighbor’s kid. He gave me an earful about responsibility and sht just because I disagree with his wacko tactics on pleasing the single mother”

“Oh that must be Abby”

“Oh you even know her”

“Yeah, we met the last time I went to his house, the girl and her mother are so adorable but I guess Philip has other reasons for being so nice”

“Yeah I think so too, he sometimes acts as if he’s a dummy, do you know he spends the whole of yesterday with them in their apartment after they return from church. He went back to her apartment to have lunch and even dinner,

“You can’t blame him, he is not you. Philip is a chill guy ”

“And what is that supposed to mean”

“Some of us don’t sweep a girl off her feet at the first sight. We have to try over and over again to get them to even notice us”

They would have continued with the conversation if the phone didn’t interrupt them, then Steve hurried back to his own office


Martha and Diana were sitting by the veranda when Jimi walked in and head to Philip’s apartment. Martha waved to him and although not immediately he waved back before walking into the house and out of sight

“You just couldn’t control yourself. “Diana rolled her eyes irritated

“What can I do, it’s not everyday you meet a very good looking person.

“And what is so good looking about him”

“Don’t tell me you can’t see it, cmon Di he is tall, light skin, with big brown eyes only a person with eye defect that won’t notice that”

“Go ahead and call me a blind person”

“Oh Di, I know you are not blind you are just too stubborn to admit it”

“What is there to admit, I mean what is the use of so much physical endorsement without proper manner and respect for others”

“Okay chill, you have only know this guy for just three days, you can’t just conclude he is that bad”

“Trust me I don’t need more interventions or clash to know just the kind of person Jimi Benson is”

“How do you know his surname is Benson”


“You just called him Jimi Benson do you know him from somewhere”

“Of course not, I must have heard it somewhere besides do not derail from the point, I just don’t want to see you get hurt, you deserve the better and this man is far from it”

she sighed ” OK mother, I hear you ” she teased

” it’s not like am into him or something, I just appreciate something good when I see one. You on the other seem to not like this guy at all”

She detests him if there’s another way to define it



After a hectic day, it seems only fair not to be stuck in traffic, Jimi was grateful he left the office early after an exhausting day.

Steve had teased him for turning down a club invite on a Friday, his regular Grove day but unlike him …his mood was just so down throughout this week has so busy no rest at all, it won’t hurt to take the whole weekend off and rest

He pulled over towards the apartment and it was unusually crowdy, just three or four unfamiliar faces standing outside but he was too exhausted to be bothered so he just pulled out his take out from the eatery and head straight into the house.

Philip’s car is outside but where is he, maybe he took Brady out for a walk, Jimi took a quick shower and started unwrapping his food.

He rushed to the kitchen to grab a tray, when he saw her crying furiously, he looked through the window and watch her as she cried uncontrollably, what could be wrong this time, well that’s none of his business so he just went to the living room and munch his food hungrily, even as he tried so hard to not think about her, he just couldn’t help it.

She’s Philip’s neighbor and for her to be crying like this, something must have happened. He walked out of the house and approached her friend, Martha

“Hey what’s going on”

‘she sighed frustrated ” we can’t find Abby, we’ve searched everywhere”

“Abigail, but how can she be missing”

“I know it sounds stupid,”

“No I mean I did see Abby, I dropped by from work by noon an the school bus was supposed to drop her off but she was crying seriously. I can’t stand it when kids cry. So I asked the lady in the bus, she said it was because of the school’s excursion and Abby was not included apparently her mom didn’t pay for her. Then I checked you weren’t here, Philip was at work too and so was her mom. So I just thought why not just pay for the excursion and save the little girl from being unhappy and having to stay here all by herself. So am sure she’s at the excursion”

when Jimi finished, Martha was staring at him dumbfounded, well not him the person behind him so Jimi turned to see a very devastated Diana, h’ll she looked like a mess, her eye bags were swollen and red, in fact she looked like she has just been run over by a vehicle

“What did you just say” she questioned him

“Uhm, ” Jimi didn’t hear what she was saying he was too busy staring at her swollen face ”

“I asked what did you just say ” she repeated on top of her voice ”

“Oh I uhm I was telling her that”

“Do you think this is a joke” she cut him short

“I don’t find it funny either”

“Explain yourself”

“I told her that your daughter isn’t missing she went for the school’s excursion”

“You actually paid for that excursion” he shrugged

” why would you do that and not tell anyone about it, who gave you the right to do such a thing… What business do you have with my daughter”. She pushed him until his back h its the wall, Martha dragged her away from him

“You are misunderstanding the whole thing, I was only trying to help”

“Who asked you for help, do you know I have called her school and they don’t know where she is so I don’t see where your good Samaritan leads mister?”

“Are you saying that am lying, I personally transferred 10000 to the schools account today, the record should be somewhere on my phone”

“By the end of the day, if I don’t find my daughter you will be in big trouble” she walked away but he followed her

“Wait, what is the meaning of this, it not my fault that your daughter is missing or so you think, you brought this upon yourself you claim to work day and night but you can’t even afford 10k for school excursion. Then what is the use of the so called job that occupies all of your time. They were going to leave her out here unsupervised. I did the right thing by letting her go on that trip”.

“I never gave you the permission to do anything, they wouldn’t dare to leave her here alone, they closed early from school today and that’s why Martha wasn’t here on time”.

“I didn’t know. I wasn’t aware”

“Exactly! You know nothing so you are not allowed to meddle”

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. Look just tell me what to do to help”

“You’ve done enough, now stay away”

“Just explain what they told you in school”

“It’s pointless explaining anything to you, you wouldn’t understand, you’ve never been responsible for anyone before, you just don’t get it and you never will”

“That’s what you think and am not hooked because I planned my life with maturity, am not like someone who got pregnant and dumped before she could make a stand for herself, you should be thanking me”

She sIapped him hard before he could go on

“You are a good for nothing man, I hope you burn in h’ll ”


The school bus pulled over and Abby hopped down with aunty Jane , Diana hurried towards them

“Why would you take my daughter with you without my consent” she yelled

“But ma’am, am sorry I thought”

“You thought, do you see the people standing here we’ve been running helter skelter to find Abby we thought she had gone missing. I called your head mistress and she seemed to be so sure that Abby was not under the school care.”

“That’s because Abby made late registration and we couldn’t pass the information to the School on time. The reception at the museum was so bad we couldn’t get through to the school admin”

“Stupid excuses,, aunty Jane am really disappointed in you, and then why would you listen to a stranger”

“Stranger, but he said he was Abby’s dad”


Diana turned to look at him but he wasn’t there anymore. She wants to just $trangle him right now


Philip walked in to the house and Jimi was sitting with his head throw back, he should have listened to Steve and just spend his time having fun not getting sIapped for something he did to actually help her

“If you re going to lecture me, just save it

“No Jimi, ”he tossed the pillow aside and sat beside him ” first of all, I want to apologize.

Jimi raised his head and stare at him to confirm what he just heard

Yes, I apologize for the inconvenience you’ve experienced since you have been staying here. Am sorry about the sIap and this evening, I really wish things had not turned out this way between you two.

“She is an ungrateful human being who thinks everyone is beneath her. Who does she think she is”

“You can’t really blame her she had no idea, you could have told me about it, it would have saved us from the turnout of event”

“It skipped my mind have been really busy with work. I just came back home to pick up a file and that’s how I ran into her. I thought the school would relay the message to her mother since I don’t have her contact”

“Which is a good thing because who knows if you hadn’t done that she could really be missing”


Martha waited until Abby has fallen asleep before deciding to go home. Diana was pretending to watch TV when Martha started packing up to leave.

“Diana am leaving”

“Oh yeah, thank you so much dear, get home safely and make sure to call me when you get home”

“Don’t give me that’s it OK.. Look, what you did tonight was totally uncalled for”

“What, which part.”

“Oh you lashed out today do I need to remind you”

“Of course and that’s because I couldn’t find my baby for hours. What did you expect me to do”

“You didn’t have to sIap him you know”

“You don’t expect me to stand and digest all the ho rrible things he was saying to me, I had to shut him up,”

“But that was totally uncalled for”

“He kinda deserved it, I don’t regret doing that at all”

“Indeed he went a little overboard but he did help, just be very careful, I’ll be here early so you don’t have to drop Abby at Philip’s.

“No need, after what happened today, I think it’s best if I stop working completely”

“Really ”Diana nods ” oh girlfriend ” Martha hugs her

” Am so sorry,”

“It’s okay Marty, I’ll survive”

“To think he called himself Abby’s dad”

‘they both laughed but Diana wasn’t really finding it funny


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