The club was busier than usual tonight. The buzz has the whole place crawling with people as Jimi makes his way upstairs to the VIP lounge. He sighted his pals at their usual corner and he heads in their direction

After exchanging pleasantries, Jimi slumped in to an empty seat, Bj glared at Jimi from across and grin at him, he was wearing a suit trying to loosen the tie

“It’s felt like forever bro, didn’t you miss me ”bj asked curiously sipping his drink

“Like you missed me, how many times did you pick up your phone to call me, and besides I was so sure that you had your hands full and brother bonding was the least on your list.”

“Oh cmon, you make me feel like an ho rrible person, besides what took you so long, Steve got here about an hour ago”

“Steve you didn’t tell him, well bro what can I say. My job just got ten times tougher and draining than before”

“What do you mean”

Steve pat bj on his shoulders ” our company is using all Jimi’s potential, he no longer just close deals for the company he goes as far as winning clients totally to our side and even expanding business strategies. Oh yes he even represents us in completing mergers with foreign investors, the guy is the total package. He literally does everything now ” he chuckled and bj laughs mockingly ”

“Wow dude, that’s alot.. I think you need a drink or drinks…. Bar man ”he calls out ” this people are out to finish you , keep em coming”

“Honestly it’s been really tough, I tell you ”

the bar man drops a glass for Jimi and refill for the others

“To top it all, my secretary is malfunctioning, in all literal sense, I do almost everything for her is like she’s never there to answer calls or check emails or fax messages. I don’t know what is wrong with her really and that’s making things very unbearable. Like the universe is trying to teach me a lesson by punishing me everyday”

“It sounds like they are giving you all the reasons to call it quit. I mean permit me for asking but when are you really going to start working for your family. I mean cmon it’s been three years is that not enough experience”

“My mom has my dad totally convinced that I am not ready. I am tired of pushing my luck Bro, I think my focus should be about owning my own place. Look at you, self dependence has made you a better person you can just decide to go to Ghana for two weeks for fun”

“Is that what you think, first of all I didn’t go to Ghana for fun, I went there for business. Yeah maybe I stayed back to enjoy it but my business comes first and having a sole business is not easy at all. You have to put in double the work, time and commitment and at times you have no where to go you have to put up with it and go even harder”

“You think I can’t do it”

“No I didn’t say that. You have always gotten things the easy way, you’ve never been an hustling guy so it’s not the easiest thing in the book”

“What do you mean, I work my a$s off day and night when I want to hang out with my friends. I get stuck in traffic and I just have to wear my suit to the club looking like a professional baller”

“You sound desperate ” Steve teased

“I am desperate. I don’t have a house, am frustrated at my job so yeah am very desperate”.

“Then maybe you should talk to your mom use your sweet tactics on her and maybe she might just consider you”

“Now is a bad time, she’s still upset with me for leaving the house and breaking up with Nancy”

“Wait! ”Bj spills his drink ” you what”

“He dumped Miss perfect”

“When how, why am I just hearing about this”

“You were in Ghana ”Steve answers quickly

“I can’t believe this, I was under the impression that you might actually be getting serious with that babe I mean cmon.. The girl she fine sha, I was thinking you’d be getting married to her or something”

This time Jimi spilled his drink from his mouth to bj’s face shutting him up immediately

” now that’s very funny.”

‘Steve was laughing loudly while bj picked up a napkin to wipe his face ”

“Omobolaji Amusa Joseph don’t you ever joke about marriage with me ever again. What do you want me to do with all this cuteness when I let just one woman to have it. Even as ugly as you are, you are not considering marriage so why do you keep pushing me to it”

“Chai, this is what I get for being a good friend ” he made a pity face and they all burst into laughter

“Well now that you guys are finally over, we can get back to being baby boys again”

“Steve is trying to stay faithful, don’t tempt the poor guy. His girlfriend is a jealous type”

“Did I drag him here with a rope. S¢rew the girlfriend”

“It’s not like she’s jealous, she’s just overly concerned”

“It the same thing. So Jimi where do you stay now”

“Oh he’s scotting, ”Steve blurted out

“Really, with who”

Jimi waited for Steve to answer

“Go on answer him, you seem to have it all covered, how many glasses have you had. I hope you are not driving home and pls tell him why I ended up with him”

“Cmon spill Jimi ,I feel like the third wheel here”

“It’s Philip”

“Philip, the geeky Philip, Wow man you must be really stranded to have chosen to leave with that nerdy lawyer”

“What can I do, someone claims I could be a threat to his sister, Philip is actually not that bad, he doesn’t look down on me”

“Jimi I already said am sorry”

*Yeah whatever, ” he sips his drink

“You can come over to my place if you want” bj offered

“I guess I could, besides the neighborhood has not been friendly lately”

“Or you mean the neighbor ” Steve says and immediately wish he could take it back

“Geez what is wrong with this guy”

“He gets knocked out easily,,, well won’t you look at that ”bj said as the others follow his gaze to the ladies that just walked in ” way to spice up the evening”

‘he turns to Jimi who was already busy with his drink

Jimi aren’t you seeing what am seeing

“Yeah so”

“What do you mean so, take a good look at that one, the curvy one in , I know she’s a little bit plumpy but she’s quite attractive”

“If you like her so much why don’t you just go to her”

“Cmon Jimi what is wrong you, you should know that am interested in the other one with the big bbs and I needed you to give us the privacy. Take the friend away and lemme have my way with the bu$ty”

“What if am not interested”

“How can you not be interested”

“I told you that am exhausted, I had a long day and all I just want is to crash in bed and call it a day.”

“You are being so boring right now, where’s your in game dude, where’s the Jimi Benson that I know”

“Everyday is not a holiday”

“But tomorrow is Saturday”

“I’m really not in the mood,”

Cmon Jimi look she’s moving to the bar you don’t have to waste time just occupy her till I at least get her number

”Jimi sighed ” you are such bad influence Bolaji, I wonder why my mom likes you

Because am such a great friend, now go.

They turned to look at Steve who was already snoring they laughed softly as Jimi stood and walked towards the lady by the bar ”


“Hey bar man, can I have one glass of whiskey pls and one for the beautiful lady”

”she turned and smiled ” have got a glass already thanks

“It doesn’t matter, the night is still young”

‘she scoffs ‘

“So is it your first time here”

“No not really,”

Yeah but it the first time am seeing this pretty face around here”

“Might just be timing doesn’t click”

“I guess so, so how are you enjoying the night”

It’s quite nice but it crowdy here tonight

Yeah I said the same thing to my friends too

”Jimi turned to see bj already cuddling with his date ”

“So uhm it was nice meeting you,”

“Yeah, so what’s the name”

“Jimi, Jimi Benson.”

“Well nice to meet you Jimi, ”she offers her hand ” am Sasha”
She smiled
“So what do you do Jimi”

“Am a freelance Manager”

“Is that a thing”

“As of two seconds ago it became legit” she giggled

“You look amazing Sasha” he compliments her trying to make a light conversation

“Ohh wow! thanks” she blushed.
“Are you usually so charming or you are a little extra because you are trying to woo a girl”

He giggled
“Nah on the contrary. Girls like it when am corky and arrogant, am just putting no effort at all”

“Are you saying you are not interested in me”

“You worry your pretty head too much. Why not just have a drink and relax, not every girl you meet at a bar is ready to take you home”

“Ouch! I guess the arrogance is blooming anyways, you can’t hide your true self for too long”

“I wasn’t hiding my true self, you came to that conclusion on your own”

“You are so cunning and I think it cute ” she snack her lips on the wine glass

“What do you say we get out of here”

“And go where” he raised a brow

“A place where there’s peace and quiet”

“But I like it here”

“Yeah but it’s much fun when it’s just the two of us” she scoop over so I could see her cIeavage.

“Like I said before am not trying to hook up with you Sasha”

“So are you saying you bought me a drink so we can talk”

“Is anything wrong with that”

“No I mean guys don’t usually just buy a girl sitting by the bar a drink so they can talk”

“Well I just did, you really should give yourself some value. Beauty with no brains is not attractive” she gasps

“I don’t know why I find your insults amusing. I know you are going to call me stupid but am just being sincere”

“Well let me also be clear, I only came to chat with you because my friend is hooking up with his new fling and am like the third wheel if I stay too long he is going to hook me up with someone and tonight is really not it for me. I just wanna drink and chill”

“That line works just fine, I’d be your tag team for as long as you are buying”

“Sounds like a deal”
Sasha and Jimi picked up the drinking pace and BJ was glad his friend was having a good time……..


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