Abby was running around the house as Brady chased after her, she didn’t see Jimi coming so she bumped into him almost knocking him off his feet

Jimi was jogging in when the child crashed into him from nowhere, thank God he was firm enough to still stand he would have fallen hard on the floor, Brady leaped around them.

“Hey watch it, ”Jimi said trying to catch his breath ” he scolded trying to catch his breath

“Sorry uncle Jim Jam, I didn’t see you”

“Uncle what,,”

“Uncle Jim jam ” the child repeated

“My name’s not Jim Jam”

“I know”

“So Who told you to call me that”

“My mommy”

“Your mommy, and where is she now”

“At the back ”she pointed

“Alright, Abigail it is still very early to be running around like this, you could get injured so go back to your house and I don’t know drink some milk”

“Uncle who told you to call me Abigail”

“Why is that not your name”

“Yes, but only mommy calls me Abigail and that’s when she’s angry. Tell me uncle Jim jam are you angry at me”

“Angry ” Jimi squat a little to meet the child’s eyes then he notice they were lovely big brown eyes too

” baby girl I am not angry at you, I have no reason to be angry sweetheart, I just called you Abigail because it’s a lovely name”

She smiled as dimples flashes over her face, just like her mom

“Now go inside will you,?”

‘she nods ” okay uncle Jim jam”

“It’s not jim jam it’s Jimi ”

“Bye Uncle Jim Jam” she was already rushing to her house with Brady was strolling behind her

“Hey Brady ”Jimi shouts at the dog

” let’s go in, come here you silly thing”
Of course he ignored Jimi and just continue to follow Abby


Philip was cleaning the house while Jimi was having breakfast

“So Jimi, I hope you like our estate”

“It’s okay.”

“Just okay,I was hoping to get a more compelling answer”

“So that wasn’t convincing enough”

“Yup…OK, there’s been a lot of changes from the time you first visited and now I was hoping you’d comment on that”

“That was 3years ago of course there should be difference”

“Well I guess so”

“All I know is you have a neighbor that is all over the place”

“There you go again”

“Sorry but you asked for it, you practically forced the words out of me while I was peacefully trying to have breakfast”

“Fair enough”

“So I notice your neighbor doesn’t bring her daughter around anymore has she finally gotten a nanny”

“No! She has not been working since that day*

“What day ” Jimi pauses as he recalls
“oh that day, are you being serious?” The day Abby went missing


“But don’t make it sound as if it is my fault”

“I didn’t say so”

“You didn’t have to say it, it all over your face that judgy look”

“I don’t say so and am not judging you”

“Good at least She’s managing it all on her own for the time being”

“She’s a great mother Jimi being a single parent is not easy at all.

You know when they were still very new in the neighborhood, Abby’s school bus will horn for more than 15 mins before they get to it, so one morning I was so pissed with the dmn noise. I went to their flat and banged like crazy then I told them, infact I yelled at them that if you are not going to be ready when the school bus comes then they should walk to school instead and go late every day rather than disturbing others with their every morning delay”.

Jimi burst into laughter
” You said that” Jimi couldn’t believe it.
“so what did she say”

“Nothing she was stunt and confused so she just apologized and since then it didn’t happen again. Later on, I got to know that Abby doesn’t like having breakfast so Diana spends so much time trying to force her to eat but since that day it didn’t happen again because I yelled at her mommy Abby started complying ” he chuckled.

“Diana says she always scares her off telling her that big uncle will scold her for delaying the school bus so she started eating breakfast on time too”

“That’s very comforting, it’s obvious they need a father figure in their lives. Who knows what happened to her husband or Abby’s dad.”

“I don’t know and I didn’t ask, she doesn’t like to talk about it, but what I do know is Diana is a lovely person and a wonderful mother and Abby is such a sweet girl if you choose to understand them you’ll see them that way and stop criticizing her”

“Am not trying to criticize her. Honestly, I just feel playing the pity party sucks if you are going through a difficult time find your way around it instead of making other people your quarterback”

“We are not complaining, infact am going over to talk to her and ask that she allows Abby come by sometimes coz I miss her”

“I can imagine, even Brady can’t seem to get his feelings in check. You boys are s¢rewed. I have a feeling this mother and daughter will take permanent spots in your lives forever”

“And what’s so bad with that”

“Nothing but I don’t want you to get emotionally invested and attached that when the real father and partner shows up or a new one, you’d be far gone in your fantasies that you won’t be able to come out of it”

He burst into laughter.

“That’s theory is so messed up. Where do you come up with this crooked ideas of yours”

“Whatever am just looking out for a friend”

‘Jimi stuff more bread in his mouth as he grumbles


Later that day, Diana was washing clothes at the back yard when Jimi saw her. He wanted to ignore her and walk away but then he stopped and walked towards her

“Hi Diana,”
he wasnt sure she heard because she didn’t answer

“Diana” he called again

“Yes ”she said softly

“How are you doing”
she turned slowly not fully facing him, surprised at his sudden friendliness towards her

“I know you are very upset with me, things have been upside down for us since I got here. I get it we really got off on the wrong foot and I understand that you are upset”

“I’m not upset… With you ”she interrupted slowly

“But you have every right to be, my approach to you as a person, as a mother was very wrong. I shouldn’t have meddled in your affairs , it’s your life and Abby is your daughter. You can decide not to pay for her school outing it’s not my business and I should respect that. I admit I was too forward and out of line. I hope you can forgive me. Am really sorry about that and everything”

‘she was quiet for a while then she turned and looked at him.
This could either end in different ways she walks out on him and keep this feud going or she could just try to act civil around him since he is definitely not planning to leave anytime soon

“it’s okay I guess, am also sorry too ..for the sIap..I overreacted”

“Oh that ,I probably deserve it”

he chuckles and she smiled
” So we are good ”
she nodded

” OK ”he stretched his hand forward she looked at it awkwardly before realizing it was for an hand shake then she raised her soapy hands showing why she can’t touch him

“Oh, okay it’s okay”

she turned to continue washing

“Uhm this is really not my business but Philip told me and I couldn’t help it, he said you quit your job.”

“Yes I did” (and its really none of your business…)’ she wanted to add

“Are you looking for another job”

“It depends, why did you ask”

“I know a few people I can talk to, you just tell me what your major and I’ll put a few calls across”

she turned fully this time looking embarrassed. She rubbed her wet hands on her pants and glared at him

Is Jimi Benson really offering to help her

“no please you don’t have to worry”

“It’s really not a big deal and I wanna help”

“No I’ll be fine, you don’t have to worry”

“please lemme help you, at least this way I can get a clean conscience and a clean slate”

she sighed then looked down when she raised her head she was smiling that is actually the first time she had ever smiled at him

“Okay ”she said finally it’s not like she has much of a choice. She really needs a job and even it is Jimi offering to help she can’t exactly decline because she can’t afford to say no not at this point

“Yes, so lemme start making the calls now. I can give you my email so you can just send in your CV and other necessary documents to start the process”

“okay….I will do that right away”

“Cool so It’s folajimiBenson360@yahoo.com”

“Got it”

“You can just lemme know when you have sent it”


“thanks Diana”

“For what” she was confused

“For this Friendship, I know I know it a long shift but it does feel better to talk to each other without yelling and cussing.’

Jimi smiled and left ”


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