Diana Knocks softly on the door, it was already late and they are probably asleep. She turned to return back to her flat when the door swing open.

“Diana… ” Philip called gently
” is everything okay”

“Yeah, I mean yes.. Everything’s fine, I just uhm….”

“Well don’t just stand here ,come on in”
she smiled and walked in slowly

“And Abby ” Philip was still worried

“She’s fine, she’s asleep”

“Oh Okay ,pls have your seat”
Jimi walked out of his room

“No that won’t be necessary, I won’t be staying long” she cleared her throat

“I know I should not be here it’s already late but I kinda couldn’t wait to share the news”

“Yeah, you obviously look happy, tell me what’s up”

“I got the job.. ” she turned to look at Jimi who wasn’t paying attention to her
” I got the job thank you so much”

“Well congratulations.. But why are you thanking him” Philip was confused

“He didn’t tell you.. Jimi actually helped me to get me the job”

“Ohh Really”

“No I didnt get you the job, I got you the interview, the rest was your effort and good work, you got the job not me”

“Still, I couldn’t have gotten it without your help. So thank you”

“I’m really happy for you Diana, ” Philip smacked Jimi’s shoulder
” this is such great news.. It calls for celebration”

Jimi looked at his friend and shook his head, he seems to be more excited than Diana

“Really ,that’s the same thing Marty said”

“Well am sure you see just how happy we all are for you”

“Thank you so much”

“So when should we go out”

“It’s really not a big deal, we can just stay home and have dinner”

“No ……. Diana we are going out, no excuses”

“I really don’t know, Marty thinks we should go out this weekend. I don’t know her plans though, but I will let her know that you are on board”

“Very much on board, how about you Jimi would you like to join us”

Jimi acted indifferent about the offer, his friend is already being so clingy it doesn’t make sense for him to do the same

“I don’t know man. I have plans this weekend”

“Are you sure you can’t squeeze out a little while to hangout with us, I mean all these wouldn’t be possible if you haven’t pushed some buttons”

Jimi gave him the . Don’t push it look

“You guys don’t have to worry about me. Go on and enjoy yourselves”

Now Diana wasn’t going to invite him but if he had decided to follow them she wouldn’t have declined either.

It took a great deal of courage for her to come here tonight and face him. She wished they had not met at all but now she has a job because of him

She wants to keep her distance and avoid any kind of relationship with him but first she needed to get this out of the way

“Okay so I’ll let you know after I speak to Marty”

“Sounds like fun already.”

“Alright I better get going see you tomorrow guys” she hurried out of the house

“Uhn Jimi are you going to be available on Sunday”

“Yeah why”

“Then why did you just say you won’t be around this weekend”

“I said I have plans this weekend. I will need to rest on Sunday”

“Why does it feel like you are avoiding my neighbor”

“Am not avoiding anybody”

“I mean you know since you had a hand in our cause for celebration you should tag along”

“Maybe am just giving you the chance to shine. I mean you couldn’t even hide your excitement about going out with Diana. You are just using this as an excuse. So go do your thing Philip, shoot your shot and spend time with your dream girl”

Philip laughs

“You are reading it all wrong Jimi. I am not shooting anything, Diana and I are good friends that’s it”

“Whatever, the grin on your face says otherwise”

“What grin! I honestly think you should come though. You finally mend the awkward tension between you two, it’s a good way to start over”

“Am not sure I want to be anybody’s wingman”

“Yeah right!” He crashed beside him on the couch
“So Jimi when were you planning to tell me about this”

“I didn’t mention it because It’s not a big deal Phil”

“Yeah it is, how did you go from bull sht talk about my neighbor to sweet talk all of a sudden”

“I never said bull sht about her I was just being Frank”

“You call that being Frank, alright but what changed really coz I know you never intended to help her before”

“Phil it’s late and am exhausted can we not do this right now”

“But why did you come out of your room just now, I thought you were already asleep”

“You know I don’t sleep until midnight and I heard voices that’s why”

“Okay so…. ” a knock on the door interrupted Phil and Jimi stare at each other obviously wondering if it was Diana.

“Ain’t you going to answer the door”

“I thought you wanted to”

“No dummy now go”
Philip opened the door and a strange lady in black lacy reveling dress

“Sorry, can I help you”

“Oh, you must be Philip am Sasha am looking for my boyfriend”

“Yeah well I don’t know your boyfriend”

” Jimi is. Is he inside can you tell him am here”

“You are looking for Jimi, did you just call him your boyfriend”

“Yes Just tell him Sasha is here to see him”

“Gimme a sec”he tries to close the door but she stuck her leg in between the door

” what are you doing”

“You see it freezing out here, can you just tell him from here”

“Well he’s asleep,I can’t wake him from here”

Jimi yelled from inside ” who the heck is that Phil”

“Doesn’t sound asleep to me. ”
she pushed the door opened and walked inside

“Hey lady ,you can’t just come inside my house like that”

“Sorry I just did and am not lady am Sasha”
Jimi looked up immediately

“Sasha, what are you doing here”
she covered him with a big hug ” very funny, to see you of course”

“How did you know I’d be here”

“That’s not very important is it?”

“Actually it is”

“Am here now and that’s just by the way ,oh gosh where’s your rest room pls”

Jimi stared at her dumb stuck

“The rest room Jimi, am about to pee in my pants”

“the 2nd door to your left”

“Just show it to me babe”
she pulled him by his arms and dragged him out of the living room


Jimi woke up to hair in his face and a thud on his chest, he cleared the hair out of his face and looked down to see Sasha half on top of him, her long artificial wine hair everywhere.

How the h’ll did she get to know he lived here. One thing he was avoiding is bringing girls like her to the house. He tapped her shoulder gently and she raised her head from his chest

“Good morning babe ”she placed a soft kss on his lips and jump out of the bed to wear one of his shirts. She walked in to the bathroom and came out just as fast, she probably went there to check herself in the mirror because when she came back her scattered her was in place. She crawled back on the bed

“Honey you must be exhausted from last night, I’d better go make breakfast”

Jimi sighed when she finally walked out of the room, Sasha was just one of those girls he concluded. In his theory there were 3 types of women

The ones that want to be loved and respected, and have their social class and are financially comfortable, Nancy falls in that category

Then there are those ones that crave for fancy things and paparrazi that likes to attend any show and wear the latest brand and wants you more because of your money he calls them the money lovers

And lastly there are those ones who doesn’t fit into any of these two groups because they don’t want to be loved and respected but they like it when you are paying the bills most importantly they want to impress you, they just like to be what they are obviously not, and that’s the category Sasha fits in.

Jimi’s phone rings and it was bj calling

“Sup Bj”

“Sorry man I woke up and I know I just gat to apologize to you.”

“Why, wetin you do”

“My man, abeg no vex last night I was in the club with those babes from the other night one thing lead to another and I just started blabbing, it must have been those bIoody shots.”

“What did you tell her”

“I think I told her where you work, who your family is ,and that you are a cassanova (a player)”

“And where I live”

“Geez bro, I fked up”

“Yes you did, now I have to find a way to get rid of her”

“Wait she’s there now ”

“Hmm hmm,You just sent a Desperado straight to my doorstep”

“Na wa o the babes no get chill at all.”

“Na you no get sense see as you just show olosho my life biography for free ,,she come here they play vrgn Mary”

“No she no be olosho, she be video vixen, I don even see am for one Timaya video”

“Na wetin be the difference, ”Jimi hissed

“On a serious note what if she turned out to be an armed robber or a serial killer”

“Guy abeg no vex”

“Just don’t try this sht ever again
ogbeni ja ku ro lo ri phone fun mi…. (my guy commot for my phone)”
‘Jimi hangs up

”she’s even worst than the category he put her now it’s time to put her in her place.
He got up and head to the living room.


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