HER MOTHER’S ADVICE : Episode 1 – 10


Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna✍️


Kemi is poor widow who suffered so many challenges during her life time.
She has two daughters Bunmi and Tinuke she swore to take care of them so they won’t suffer the same fate she suffered.

Kemi has two sisters Ronke and Tolu who married rich men in the city but they abandoned her and speak ill of her for marrying a man who is Poor and not from same village with them..

Kemi was doing so much better before getting married , she had a big shop as a fashion designer and a Teacher, But her husband squandered all her savings and had other interior motive and later died untimely.

Ronke and Tolu managed to attend the burial and since then Kemi never saw them or heard from them again.

After her husband death she couldn’t manage the shop since she sold all she had to bury him and now she had to focus on her teaching Job which is not enough to take care of her and the kids.

My Children , now your father had died leaving me with nothing ,I want you both to be well behaved and be good children, I don’t want you to disappoint me.

Bunmi I don’t like the late night you are keeping, I wanted to to learn a trade and still go to school with time you will come to realise hand work pays more .

When you’re old enough, you will get married, don’t follow all this street boys , they have nothing to offer ,it will only ruin your life and God’s plan for you. When you have a degree and have gotten to a marriageable age, husband will come without delay.

Sx is a good thing but its is better and best also enjoyed when you get married , you will enjoy it to the fullest with your Partner , it becomes a sin when you do it outside marriage, don’t let anyone deceive you. Its not yet time for that, focus on your studies, your time will come.

Mummy what is sex? ?
Little Tinuke asked.

Its what is done between two married people and don’t let anyone put his or her hand in your Vagina, if anyone does report to me immediately.

Ok mummy but my Teacher use to watch my Vagina and bumbum when I poo in the toilet, Tinuke said.

Yes I know but if she goes beyond that and start putting her finger’s inside your vagina that is wrong.

Ok mummy I now understand , thank you ma. Tinuke said in her small voice.

My daughters you are the most beautiful gift God has given to me, Please make me proud.

Ok mummy, I will buy you a car and a big house when i grow up, I will make you proud. Tinuke said

They all laughed..
Bunmi you were quiet all through, shee ko si (how no problem ?? )

Nothing mummy, I will make you Proud.

Ok my Child. .
Let go to bed its getting late.

Tinuke prayed for us and we all went to bed.

Watch out for three months later !!!

Can you guess what happened ??
if not let’s find out. ..




Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna. ✍️✍️

Bunmi you better tell me who impregnated you now before I give you a dirty $lap. Ooh Oluwa oh , what has this girl done to me, where have I gotten it wrong??
Who did I offend oh? ?
Mama Bunmi said rolling on the floor and crying bitterly,..
Standing up again. ..
Bunmi who impregnated you? ? don’t make me ask you again. .

It is. …emm emm…Bunmi stammering .
Who?? Mama Bunmi screamed.

Iya Alamala Son ?? Bumi said trembling in fear.

Mama Yakubu’s son ? ??

Bunmi nodding her head. .
Ok Put on your clothes let’s go there now.

Bunmi and her mum in mama Yakubu’s house.❣️

Good morning mama Bunmi, this one you came so early amala is not ready yet and i am still making Ewedu ‘..

Mama Yakubu, I am not here for amala at all, I am here for serious business.

Ok , Hope no problem? ?
But If its money you came to borrow, I don’t have oh
Because business is not like before and your eyes have swollen like who has been crying. ..

Its about your son? ?

What about him??
and which of them are you referring to??

Oya talk which one of them impregnated you? ?
Hitting Bumi at her back? ?

Impregnated who? ?
Mama Yakubu asked? ?

Its Yakubu, Bumi said trembling. .

My son’s are good boys they can’t do such a thing.

Mama Yakubu, my daughter won’t lie…
She is old enough to know who got her pregnant. .

Your daughter that is a local pr©$titute, I have seen her with so many boys in our street, most of them has even bragged in my shop that they have slept with her, now you want to pin it on my son, You lie….

Mama Yakubu, you’re a mother like me and that is not the issue here, my daughter has been a good girl she was raised well, Don’t call her a pr©$titute…

Yakubu, Yakubu Come out oh…mama Bunmi said screaming. .

Yakubu didn’t even know why he was called, quickly rushed out…
Seeing Bunmi sad and crying face he was so shocked.

Yakubu thank God you are here, This woman’s daughter said you impregnated her, is it through ? ?? Mama Yakubu asked.

Noo oh mummy … you know i am hardly at home , I have never seen her before, I barely know her.

You see my son don’t even know your daughter, talk less of impregnating her , My son go inside the house and continue your chores Jare.

Bumi shee you see what you have done to yourself ,you see the shame and disgrace you have brought to me…

Like mother, like daughter.
You see history is repeating itself. .mama Yakubu said

Please mama Yakubu don’t insult me. ..your son has denied my daughter that insult is enough.

But hear me, if its your son who really impregnated my daughter and he denying it, he will not have any other child in his entire life.

Mama Yakubu quickly cut in. ..please leave my house , no swearing here, my son will not lie, he is innocent. .

I have said it and so shall it be…
I am a poor widow , I have suffered so much in my life, I will not turn a blind eye.

A widow indeed , to other people’s Husband..
Its obvious your daughter is following your foot steps, Please leave my house. .. mama Yakubu said angrily.

Bumi and her mother left mama Yakubu’s house as she chase them away.

Bumi you see what you have done to me, you have made me a laughing stock , at a time when I thought I want to start my life afresh after been Abandoned and T©rtured by your father who died last year. You knew the humiliation I faced that period now this. ..

Let me just die. ..mama Bumi said crying so bitterly.

Mummy you will not die, little Tinuke said wiping her mother’s face with her hands.

What is there to remain alive for???
See what your sister has done to me. ..

Everything will be fine mummy, Bumi will give birth to a baby brother for me to play with. ..Tinuke said.

What are you saying Tinu, you’re are just a child and how did you know it will be a boy? ?

I saw it in my dream, mummy, Sister Bumi will give birth to a baby boy. Little Tinuke said smiling.

Tinuke leave me alone, I am so confused on what to do now? ?

Bumi you will have to stop school for a while to raise that baby. Its the problem you brought upon your self, when your mate are entering a new class, you are getting pregnant .

Am so sorry mama , Bunmi said in Tears.

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