HIGH SCHOOL SEASON 2: Chapter 41 – The End

HIGH SCHOOL SEASON 2: Chapter 41 – The End

Chapter 41

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Mother call about Mary being missing and not answering her call got me so worried.

I left work quite early just because I was worried, I tried calling her but she wouldnt pick the call and when I got home only to see her walking towards the house,no felt so relieved.

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I called her name and ran towards her having only one thought in my head.

“She is safe!”.

I didn’t even notice the person standing there until he called my name.

I turned only to see Max starring at the both of us in shock.

“Max!”I called softly and Mary stared at me in surprise.

“Do you know him too ?”She asked but I didn’t have the time to answer her.

First I had to send Max away from here! If the two of them had been together,he might have noticed some thing or he didn’t.

Oh I just don’t know! He has to leave, I thought as I turned to stare at Mary.

“Why dont you go in, I join you in a while”I said to her and being an obedient child, she went in.

“Mary is your child? I never would have………”

“Why were you with her? What do you want from her Max, why are you still trying to ruin my life when you have once done that ?”I bombarded him questions that it was hard for him to answer

“Andre I never………….”

“Just leave okay and now that you know Mary is my daughter, I would ask you to stay away from her, please stay away from my daughter and i “i said and walked into the house with out waiting to listen to his explanation.

I closed the door behind me and I saw Mary in the living room waiting for me

“I know what you are going to say mom and I should let you know that ………”she didn’t finish her word because I went to her and gave her a big hug

“What’s wrong mom?”she asked as she held me back

“Nothing Mary! I just want to hold you”I said as I held her

“Fine mom”she replied knowing that I wasn’t in the mood to talk.

Mary is some one who knows when to ask question and when not to ask one and right now, she knows better than to ask me a question.

Am scared! Scared that Max return will ruin a lot of things for me, some how he is getting close to his child without knowing, what will happen once he knows that she is his child, what will happen now ! I thought as I held Mary.

HIGH SCHOOL SEASON 2: Chapter 41 – The End



I left the room, all dressed and ready for school.

I was hoping to see my mom instead but I saw my grand ma.

“Morning sweetie”my grand ma said as I greeted her

“Please where is mom?”I asked

“She went to work early, she says she has a very important job to finish “she said

“This early?”I asked and she nodded.

I wanted to ask her about Daniel father but she was too emotional for me to ask any thing last night

I was hoping to ask her today but it turns out that She had an early job to do,I will just have to save it then.

Quickly I ate my break fast and I was leaving the house when I James by the door with his car parked

“Good morning, have come to take you to school”he said

“Why?”I asked

“For one reason you are sick and ……..”

“Shhhhhh……..my parents doesn’t know that I was ill yesterday, don’t start spreading it out”I said as I quickly walked up to him to cover his mouth.

The door opened and my grand ma walked out

“What’s going on?”she asked

“It’s nothing granny ,he is just here to take me to school, you see we are both doing a project together and so we have to get some things along the way”I lied

“He is Jack son right?”My granny asked to be very sure

“Yes he is, don’t worry granny, am safe in his hands, we will be late,goodbye mom”i said as I got into the car

Quickly he drove off “I never knew you were a professional liar?”he asked

“I did that not to make them worried, you just had to open your mouth”I said starring at him

“Why did you leave school with out telling me ?”he asked

“I was giving the rest of the day off , they told me to go home and i had to do it”I said

“And did Daniel perhaps go with you”He asked

“Why do you ask ?”I asked

“Because I hate knowing that he was there with you”he said and i never gave him a reply until we got to school.

I was about to get out when he held my hand and I turned to look at him

“You shouldn’t feel safe around me, you should be feeling nervous just as I am feeling nervous right now”he said and before I could stop him he pecked my cheek.

“I like you Mary and I hope that I can get to convince you of that”he said

I sat there starring at nothing but thinking about what he just said to me

“Aren’t you going to get down, I have to park the car”he said and quickly I got down from it

This is bad! Just a week ago,I was fine living my life but now two guys are over me, saying they like me, what am I suppose to do. I thought as I went to class.

HIGH SCHOOL SEASON 2: Chapter 41 – The End


“Come with me!”I said pulling Miranda out of class and to a field where I know that we will be able to talk

“What’s up?”she asked as she stared at me

“Well am in some sort of situation”I said softly

“What situation!”

“Well two guys confessed……….”

“Oh my gosh Mary! Who are this guys? Do I know them?”she asked yelling

“That doesn’t matter, you don’t have to ask that and please lower your voice, I brought you here for a purpose”I said and she nodded

“Am sorry, I just got excited, okay then tell me what happen?”she asked

“Well two guys told me about their feeling, one told me about it yesterday and the other did today, I don’t know what to do? Have never been in a situation like this”I said looking confused

“Well the answer lies with you alone, who do you think you are drawn most, who does this heart beats for?”she asked

I stood for a while thinking about what she just asked.

Who does my heart beat for,who does it beats for! I thought about it and then I came to my conclusion.

“So who does it beats for,is the guy who told you yesterday or the one who told you about it today”Miranda asked again

“I think it’s for the one who told me yesterday, ever since I met him, he has been making me feel strange, I can’t sleep cause I think of him, he is so hand some to me that I don’t think of any one as handsome and then he stole my first kiss yesterday”I said softly

“Then he is the one, he is the one your heart beats for, it’s him you like”she said

I can’t believe that I like Daniel, I know that there is some kind of attraction between us but I never thought it would get this far.

“Tell me more about this feeling of yours?”Miranda asked

“Well, each time he gets close to me, my heart Always beat fast and I feel hot all over, when he told me about his feeling, I was excited and also………”

Miran day coughed slightly to tell me that some one else is listening to our conversation but I didn’t under stand and i kept on talking

“Each time I remember what we share, I find myself wanting more, i get lost in his eyes can you believe that, am a practical person Miranda but because of that guy, I think am going crazy, Is this what it means to like some one”I asked Miranda

“Yes it is “Some one else answered behind me and I turned only to find Daniel there and from the look of it, he has been listening to what have been saying.

HIGH SCHOOL SEASON 2: Chapter 41 – The End

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