This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 01

Lissa’s Pov:

I walked into the very big and well furnished sitting room dragging my luggage with me.

I stared around the the sitting room in agape.

“It looks like a palace” I thought walking behind sir Rodney.

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The agency hired me to work as a nanny for Sir Rodney’s daughter.

“You are welcome to my abode miss Lissa Ricks!” Mr Rodney said as i smiled lightly

“Thank you sir! You have such a lovely house” I said

“Thank you Lissa” he said

“I will have to introduce you to my daughter Ariana, she’s upstairs so let me go call her” he said as i nodded and he walked upstairs.

“What a lovely house and his daughter has a lovely name too “Ariana”…that’s cool” I thought as i sat on the cushion.

Shortly, Sir Rodney walked downstairs with his little very beautiful daughter.

“Daddy! Is she the new nanny? ” she asked as I became astonished at her tone of voice.

“Yes sweetheart! Her name is Lissa Ricks” Her dad said calmly.

“WTF! Hey… You!” she screamed and pointed at me as i became visibly tensed.

“My goodness! You’ve got some nerve, will you get your stinky, rotten self up from that expensive cushion” She screamed rudely as Mr Rodney and I gasped.

“She’s so rude! ” I thought as i quickly stood up

“Do you think you are a princess? Hello! Sleepy head, you are just a nanny and my maid” She said as i folded my fist in anger.

“Ariana! Your manners!! She’s way too older than you… ” Dad said and I snorted.

“And so fking what? That shouldn’t give her the audacity to sit when I haven’t” Ariana blurted as she pushed me aside and sat down.

“Oh my go$h! I feel like slapping that little b rat! ” I said within myself.

“How do you see your new nanny Ari?” Her dad asked as he sat on the other sofa while I stood.

Ariana quickly stood up and walked around me and i was gobsmacked.

“Is this girl really 8 years old?” I thought

“She’s….. She looks OK!” she said with a frown and I felt my heart skip.

“Am happy you like her” Mr Rodney said

“Like her? I don’t like her daddy! Am just giving her a try” She said

“Thank you Ariana!” I said forcing a smile

“Don’t you dare thank me cos i don’t need that… And hey! Comb that messy hair of yours, it looks dirty….Ew!” she said and anger burned in me.

“Ariana! Try to be nice will you?” Mr Rodney said annoyed

“There’s no way that’s happening daddy! By the way, follow me with your damn luggage let me show you your room” Ariana said as she walked upstairs.

I heaved a sigh of relieve as i dragged my luggage along.

“Lissa! ” Sir Rodney called and i turned around

“Yes sir! ” I answered politely

“Please be patient with her! She’s a little saucy! Tolerate her please!” He said

“Did you say a little? She’s so saucy but I will definitely cut that tongue of hers” I thought

“I will try sir!” I said as i followed her.

Ariana got to a door and stopped in front of it and brought out a small can of sanitizer and rubbed it on her hands before opening the door.

“I don’t wanna be infected by the germs of those clumsy nannies I fired! ” she said audibly and I gasped.

“This is your room and after two doors, you will see mine” She said and I nodded.

I turned to place my luggage in the wardrobe.

“Hey! Am still talking to you…” She said and I turned to her.

“Listen nanny! You have a lot to learn here, first I hate dirty nannies, second your hair is so messy and I fking don’t like it….” she said in a bossy manner

“Who is this girl?” I thought within myself

“Here! This is my diet timetable” she said and handed it to me.

“It shows the kind of food I eat each day…” she said

“Uhm… Ariana I thought there are cooks and house helps in this house? I asked and she gave me a dangerous stare.

“I want my Nanny to do the cooking for me or can’t you do it? Do you want me to fire you?” she asked fiercely

“Alright!” I said as she pushed me aside and walked away as she sighed loudly and banged the door.

“Jeez! This girl is h©rrible!! She’s so rude and disrespectful…” I said as i heaved a sigh of relief and sat on the bed.



I was still arranging my clothes when the land telephone rang aloud and i picked it up.

“Hello!” I said

“Hello nanny! get me a glass of water downstairs in the kitchen now!” Ariana’s little voice echoed.

“OK Ariana!” I said as she hung up

“That little girl really has no manners” I said to myself

Just then, I saw some clothes by the bedside. It’s probably belongs to the former nannies that the rude, saucy had.

I picked up the clothes and headed to the garbage can and disposed it.

I was about to enter the kitchen when I heard the conversation between the housemaids.

“You know what Miss Rachel? I don’t think that Ariana’s nanny will last for two days” One of them said

“Come on Mabel! How sure are you? As for me i think she looks really calm and nice so she can tolerate Ariana’s sauciness…. the other said.

“I agree with you Juliet! ” the elderly woman whom they called Miss Rachel said

“So how much are you betting on?” they asked one another.

“20 bucks! She will last for two weeks” one of them Juliet said and gave Miss Rachel her money.

“25 buck! She will last for five days” Mabel said

“30 bucks! She will stay for one month” Miss Rachel said

“You think she will stay up to one year?” Mabel laughed as I walked into the kitchen and they became shocked.

“Did you hear anything?” Miss Rachel said

“Am in! 50 bucks…. I will be here for two years!” I said and they gasped

“You are in?” They chorused…..


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