Episode 2

Lissa’s Pov:

“You are in?” They chorused and I smiled broadly at them.

“I heard you guys betting on my behalf so am joining” I said as they shook their head in guilt.

“By the way, my name is Monalissa Ricks but you can call me Lissa” I said as i brought out my hand for a handshake and shook them.

“Am Mabel! Am Juliet and Am Miss Rachel the oldest housemaid, the chief housekeeper and the eldest” they introduced and I smiled.

“You know what Lissa! I like you already and I hope and pray that you will be able to bear that little witch’s sauciness” Mabel said

“She’s really very saucy but i need the money so I will endure it” I said

“I just love your spirit” Juliet said and I chuckled

“I believe you will be last” Miss Rachel said

“Thank you Miss Rachel” I said and just then I heard a loud scream.

“Nanny! Nanny Lissa!! Nanny!!! My goodness do you want me to die of thirst?” Ariana yelled from the stairs.

“I have to go guys” I said and rushed out of the kitchen with a glass of water.

“Yes Ariana! Why were you screaming?” I asked and she gave me a dangerous stare.

“Shut the fvck up! Who do you think you are Lissa?” She yelled at me.

“Who I am? Am your nanny who deserves respect!” I said and she sighed angrily.

“Which you will never get!” she said and frowned.

“You know what Ariana? naughty angry girls always look ugly with a wrinkled face” I teased and she screamed.

“You are the one whose gonna be ugly!” Ariana shouted as she rushed upstairs

“The water?” I said

“Take that shit away! I don’t want it anymore cos you brought it late and mind you I ought to be in bed by 8:30pm and it’s 8:00pm already… Any further lateness is putting your job at risk” she said already in her room.

“Jeez! This girl is something, Does she know am almost fourteen years older than she is” I thought as i walked back to the kitchen and dropped the glass of water.

“You can now come and prepare her food cos am done and that’s your food over there!” Miss Rachel said and I nodded and headed out of the kitchen.

“Why does she like stressing her nanny? I mean why can’t she eat what the maids cooked?” I thought.



I walked into Ariana’s room with a tray and a plates of rice and cabbage chicken sauce in the tray with a glass of water and juice…. That is for her dinner as written on the timetable she gave me.

“Ariana! Come on food’s ready!” I said and she sighed

“Trash that! I don’t want it anymore cos you wasted a lot of time and I lost my appetite for it” she said

“What? I spent a lot of time in making this” I said

“Well you were too slow!” she said and I fumed in anger

“I feel like giving you a resounding $lap little b rat! ” I thought

“I wanna take my bath already, I have to be in school as early as 7:15 am” she said as i nodded.

I bathed her and wore her a night gown…. It was already very late in the night and I was feeling really sleepy.


Ariana’s Pov:

I watched the nanny head towards the door, she looked really pale and weak.

“This is still the beginning of her suffering, how dare her! Say that am ugly” I thought and smiled mischievously

She will eat a cold food tonight 😕

“Hey! Where are you going?” I asked her as she turned around.

“To eat and sleep of course, it’s 11:10pm already but you said you sleep before 8:30pm” she said

“Good gracious me!” I yelled in displease

“What is it Ariana?” she asked

“You won’t leave this room until I fall asleep that’s your work you scumbag” I said as she stared at me disgustedly

“Why are you so cruel Ariana?” she asked and I smirked.

“Tell me bedtime stories until I sleep off if not you will remain until morning” I said ignoring her questions.

She sat down on my stool and started telling me stories.

“Did you like the story?” she asked as she finished.

“You are such a boring lady! Can’t you tell me something interesting?” I lied cos i actually enjoyed the story.

She continued telling me stories and was almost nodding and enjoyed every bit of it.


Mr Rodney’s Pov:

I was done with arranging my office files so I opened Ariana’s room to kss her goodnight.

To my greatest surprise, I saw her lying down with legs on Lissa’s head…Lissa was also sleeping.

I smiled lightly as I tapped Lissa gently.

“Lissa! You can go to bed now! ” I said as she quickly jumped up.

“Am really sorry sir! I didn’t mean to sleep off in….” She apologized

“It’s nothing Lissa! I should be the one apologizing for what Ariana is doing to you” I said and she nodded and walked out of the room.

I smiled at nothing.

I covered little Ariana with a duvet and pecked her forehead.

“Good night baby, I just hope you stop being naughty and nasty” I said as i turned off her table lamp and locked her door.


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