It was already late in the night when I entered the kitchen to make Ariana’s dinner.

“Chicken salad? How is that done?” I thought and scratched my hair in confusion.

“Is not like i worked for the catering company that I should know how to prepare everything” I said audibly.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and browsed out the recipe for tasty chicken salad.

Luckily for me, the meal turned out to be delicious.

Just then, the door threw open and Sir Rodney walked in with his suitcase and a smile escaped my lips.

“Good evening sir Rodney” I greeted with a smile

“How are you doing Lissa? And how is Ari?” He asked me

“Am fine sir and Ariana is good equally” I said and he nodded his head.

“Yum! What’s that smell?” he asked and I chuckled

“Oh sir! It’s Chicken salad! Ariana’s dinner” I said and he grinned

“Smells real good, can I have some please am really hungry?” He asked and I felt my heart beating so fast.

I was so excited as he took off his suit and sat on the dinning as i spooned a good amount of chicken salad into a plate and placed it in front of him.

He picked up a fork and ate hungrily as I held my breath in anxiety.

“I just hope he likes it!” I thought

“Wow Lissa! This is super delicious πŸ˜‹!” he said and I smiled.

“Thank you sir!” I said as he was about to spoon another into his mouth.

“Roddy!” A voice said from behind and I was visibly startled.

The spoon fell from Sir Rodney’s hands and he stood up in shock.

I quickly turned around and saw the lady that $lapped me.

“But why is Sir Rodney so shocked to see her?” I thought within myself.

“Skyler!” Rodney said in surprise

“Yes Roddy! It’s me S.. K… Y… L.. E… R… Skyler! Do you miss me sweetheart? She said laughing hysterically

“She must be a witch with her kind of laughter!” I thought feeling uneasy

“What the he ll are you doing here Skyler? Have you no shame?” Rodney yelled at her as he quickly dragged her by her hand and they headed out.

“Let go of my wrist Roddy!” She screamed as they walked out.

I suddenly started feeling bad as I walked upstairs to call Ariana.

I walked into her room and saw her reading a book.

“Ariana! Food is ready!!” I said calmly

“I just hope it’s something eatable and not one of your cooked poison?” Ariana blurted

“Uhmm… Ariana!” I called her and she turned around angrily.

“What is it?” she said rudely

“Who’s Skyler?” I asked

“Skyler? What? where is she?” She asked anxiously

“She’s with your daddy!” I said and she screamed in annoyance and rushed downstairs.

“Who’s this Skyler and why did baby Ari scream?” I asked myself


Ariana’s Pov:

I just hate to hear that wtch’s name.

I can’t wait to drag her out of this house…

I rushed downstairs and saw her standing and arguing with my daddy.

“What are you doing here Skyler?” I asked her angrily.

“Oh! Ariana, how have you been baby?” She asked feigning smile.

“Daddy! I hate this woman and I want her fking a$s out of this house” I yelled angrily

“Calm down baby!” Daddy said and I shook my head in anger.

“Come on sweetie! Your new mom is here!!” Skyler said and I pushed her violently

“You can never be my mommy Skyler, that I promise you!” I said angrily

“We’ll see to that you arrogant girl” She said

“I just hope that by tomorrow morning you are already out of this house cos i so much despise you!” I said as i stared at daddy and ran upstairs with tears running down my cheeks.



I rushed into my room crying as i jumped on the bed sulking bitterly.

“I just despises that Skyler” I muttered to myself.

I was still sulking when my nanny walked into my room.

“Baby Ariana!” She called and i got up angrily and threw a mug at her.

“Get your rotten self out of my sight” I shouted at her.

She quickly walked out of my room and I fell back into my bed heavily.


Lissa’s Pov:

I kept walking up and down restlessly.

I can’t help but worry about Ariana, why does she hate that Skyler so much.

One hour later, I walked back into her room and saw her already sleeping.

She cried herself to sleep.

I arranged her bed and adjusted her as she opened her eyes weakly.

“Nanny!” She called feeling really sleepy

“What is it Ariana? i asked her

“Please help me!” She said and I became totally surprise.

“So Ariana still knows how to say please?” I shook my head.

“Why? What’s happening?” I asked

“Please help me get Skyler out of this house and out of my daddy’s house” She said and before I could ask her more questions, she collapsed into my arms sleeping.

I shut my eyes in confusion.

“Help her get the mean lady Skyler out of this house? How? I scratched my hair in confusion….

Skyler is really a wtch! πŸ˜•
Why does Ariana hate her so much? 😳
How is Lissa going to be of help? πŸ€”



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