Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Episode 06


Skyler’s Pov:

I quickly threw the door open…

I saw no-one but I was very sure i heard noises from the door.

“Oh God! I just hope nobody overheard all I said” I said to myself as i closed the door and sat on the stool.

But one thing am certain about is that i must put that little witch in her place… I thought as i smoked like my life depends one it.


Lissa’s Pov:

I felt my heart jumping out of my tummy as i rushed into my room breathing heavily.

“That was so close, she almost caught me eavesdropping on her…thank goodness i was fast enough to rush into my room ” I said to myself as i quickly picked up a glass of water and drank.

“So now I know that Ariana is not safe with this Skyler around… I have to save her from the wtch within” I nodded my head.



Hours later πŸ•’ πŸ•’

I walked into the mansion with my little Ariana.

I held her school bag and lunch box as we headed upstairs.

“Nanny!” Ariana called breaking the silence.

“Yes Ariana!” I answered politely

“Has the witch left?” She asked almost screaming

“Hush! She’s in your daddy’s room” I whispered and she shook her head in disappointment

“I hate Skyler! I just want her out of here already!” Ariana muttered as i patted her hair and we walked into her room.

I pity the poor little girl knowing fully well that her life is in danger with Skyler here.

I was at the kitchen preparing Ariana’s lunch.

“fried pasta and chicken sauce πŸ˜‹…yummy! ” I said as i stirred it and dished it into a plate and headed to the dinning.

I placed it on the dinning and turned to go upstairs when I saw Skyler watching TV at the sitting room.

“No way! I can’t leave this food here! I don’t trust Skyler!” I thought

“Hey! Go on now.. I bet Ariana is very hungry so go call her” Skyler said and I flinched.

“Uhmm… Are you talking to me?” I asked stunned as she quickly sprang up from the cushion and stared at me with hatred written boldly on her face.

She moved forward to me and i gulped nervously.

Don’t forget to add ma’am to any statement or reply you give me…scvmbag!” She yelled at me as she gave me a dirty $lap.

I gulped as she pushed me aside roughly and walked away.

“Skyler!” a tiny voice called and Skyler and I turned around and saw my little Ariana walking majestically down the stairs.

“Don’t you have respect you little sassy ingrate!” Skyler said furiously

“Respect you say? Oh please Skyler… You don’t deserve to be respected and so don’t expect any from me” Ariana said and I gasped

“Don’t let me cut that tongue of yours” Skyler said and Ariana snorted.

“I won’t think twice to throw you out of this house” Ariana said as she sighed aloud and sat on her chair at the dinning.

“My goodness! Ariana’s tongue can be really poisonous” I thought

Skyler stared at her with so much wickedness as she quickly threw the remote control away and hurried upstairs.

“Serves her right” Ariana laughed

“That’s really rude Ari!” I said and she laughed

“She must leave this house for peace to reign” Ariana said and I rolled my eyes as I helped her pour out the juice from its can into a glass.


Skyler’s Pov:

I fumed in anger as i threw the glass of milkshake on the stool to the ground and it broke into pieces.

“I can’t wait to crush that worthless little witch to pieces! The nerve of that freaking girl..” I thought as i suddenly smiled.

I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.



Minutes later…

I walked downstairs and straight to the gate of the mansion.

“Good day ma’am” a lady standing by the gate with a hood covering her face said.

“Yes! Did you have the package?” I asked anxiously

“Yes ma’am! I was told to deliver it by the magic mother” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“Does it matter who even sent her to deliver the package?” I thought

“Here! Do as the magic mother told you” She said and handed a covered basket to me.

“Alright!” I said and gave her some money as I rushed into the house.

I hurriedly headed upstairs since Ariana and her stupid nanny were at the study room doing her assignment.

I gently opened Ariana’s bedroom and opened the basket and the snake crawled out of the basket… It crawled under the bed and I laughed.

“This will surely be your end dear Ariana cos this cobra will suck you dry” I said smiling as I closed the door and left the room.

The snake 🐍 crawled into the bed sheets….

Oh my goodness! What’s going to happen to our arrogant but cute Ariana? 😭

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