Episode 11

Skyler’s Pov:

Excitement filled my heart and I kept grinning as we drove.

The pill is very powerful and it will do the job.

We got down from the car ready for the stroll but before that, we ate our packed meal with juice.

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It was really fun but the real fun I needed is yet to come.

“Lissa will finally know her place once am done with her” I thought

We walked into the forest and kept taking pictures and obviously everyone was having so much fun.

I was walking behind Lissa who was jumping for joy with Ariana.

I gnashed my teeth on seeing them so excited.

“Nanny! My necklace is really very tight could you please hold it for me” Ariana said and I snorted.

“Alright Ari! Let me have it!” Lissa said as she took the golden chain necklace and pocketed it.

“It’s time to make the plans work” I thought

We got to a hill top and we saw beautiful and appetizing fruits the other side.

“Daddy! Can we get some of that? I would love to take pictures too” Ariana shrieked in excitement

“Wow! It is gonna be really yum” Rodney said

We were all rushing off when I trickishly stepped on Lissa’s sneakers.


Lissa’s Pov:

I bent down to fix my sneakers….

When I got up, I didn’t see Sir Rodney, Skyler and Ariana.

“Where are those guys?” I thought

I didn’t even hear their voices or noise, the forest was so quiet that all one can hear is the chirpy birds.

“Ari…. ” I tried calling but I couldn’t find my voice.

“Mr Ro..” I tried calling again but my voice didn’t let me shout.

What’s happening to me? How did I lose my voice? How come I can’t talk audibly.

I opened my mouth to speak again but words refused to come out of my mouth.

I lost my voice, am lost in a strange city and am lost in a strange forest.

I continued trying to shout but words refused to come out of my mouth.

All I did was to sob and weep but I couldn’t even say a word.

I walked from one side of the forest to another but I couldn’t even talk.


Ariana’s Pov:

“Nanny can I have some water! Am thirsty!!” I said eating the 🍒 cherry we plucked.

But I didn’t hear any reply so I quickly turned around and to my greatest surprise, I didn’t see nanny Lissa.

“Daddy! Where’s my nanny?” I asked getting scared as Dad who was walking in front of me stopped and turned around.

“What? Where is she? I thought she was walking along with you?” Dad asked and I gulped nervously.

“No daddy! And Nanny doesn’t know anywhere here” I said

“Maybe she’s… I mean she might be pressed and is somewhere here to urinate” Skyler said

“No! That’s not true, daddy I think maybe she lost her way” I said already crying.

“My goodness! That’s so true, baby you are right! Let’s go look for her” Dad said rushing back as I ran after him.


Skyler’s Pov:

I was so excited but I had to pretend like I was hurt.

“The pill is so powerful!” I smiled

Well, you might be confused but let me make you understand.

The pills is used to make one lose their voices.

They would not be able to talk for a long time and am sure that Lissa would be trying so hard to shout but Tch!

That’s never gonna happen as long as she drank the milkshake containing the tablet.

She’s gonna rot here in this fking forest until a wild beast will devour her.

I laughed as I thought of such things.

Suddenly, the weather changed.

it started raining heavily and there was so much wind.

I guess God is so kind to me!


Rodney and her good for nothing daughter Ariana didn’t stop calling and searching for the dmn nanny even in the rain.

I have no choice than to pretend like I was helping out before I will be a suspect.

The wind was blowing so strong…

Ariana was already wet and shivering but she never stopped crying and wailing.

“Does that saucy little witch really likes that nanny” I thought and rolled my eyes.

“Lissa! Lissa!!” Rodney kept calling and I laughed.

Even if Lissa hears him calling, there’s no way she’s gonna reply and they can’t trace themselves.

“You are forever lost Lissa!” I giggled

“Roddy! Am feeling cold already and Ariana is coughing too” I said

“Don’t you dare act like you care about me you ass! who cares if am cold or not?” Ariana screamed as i fumed in anger but i controlled myself.

Rodney phoned the police to organize a search party.

“I just hope a wild animal devour that useless girl as soon as possible” I thought


Lissa’s Pov:

I wailed miserably after failed attempts of yelling.

I was dripping wet and cold…

I could hear Sir Rodney and Ariana’s voice echoing but I couldn’t answer them cos i can’t talk or make audible speech.

“What’s really going on with me? What’s wrong with me?” I thought in tears

The wind was too much and I shivered.

The ground was really slippery.

I was crying helplessly…

Suddenly, I missed a step due to the slipperiness, I quickly held a tree branch but I the wind had it’s effect on the branch.

Alas! I fell into a very deep cliff😱 …..


Oh dear Lissa! 😥

What’s going to happen now?
Will Lissa ever be found since she fell into a cleft? 😭


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