Episode 13

Ariana’s Pov:

I walked closer to the cleft….

“Nanny!” I called in shock as i saw her lying lifelessly inside the deep cliff…

Tears gradually dropped down my cheeks as i saw how helpless she looks.

“Is she still alive? Why isn’t she talking?” I wailed as i sat very close to the cliff.

Suddenly, she opened her very weak eyes and tried calling me but couldn’t.

She looked very dirty…. Ew! Like a pig 🐷.

“Help! Somebody help us!! Help!!!” I screamed aloud in tears.

I kept yelling on top of my voice for help.

Just then I saw some police men running towards me.

My dad was with them and I started wailing as Dad hugged me tightly.

“Nanny Lissa! She fell into that cleft… I said pointing at the cliff.

The police men hurriedly brought Nanny Lissa out of the cliff.

She was unconscious and very dirty as she was rushed to the hospital immediately.


Lissa’s Pov:

I managed to open my eyes and looked around trying to recall where I am and how I got there but I just couldn’t.

“Lissa! Are you OK?” Sir Rodney who was sitting close to the bed I was lying asked me anxiously.

I tried talking but words refused to come out of my mouth.

I simply nodded my head and I quickly recalled the call my sister and i had.

I tried talking again but I just couldn’t…..

Tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Nanny! How are you feeling?” Ariana said tearfully as i patted her hair softly.

“Daddy! How come she’s not talking? What happened?” She asked

“I have no idea baby but the doctor will soon be here” Mr Rodney said

The door quickly threw open and Skyler rushed in with her handbag.

“Oh my go$h! What happened to you Lissa?” she asked crying.

She rushed to my bed still crying as Ariana quickly got up and pushed her aside.

“You are such a drama queen Skyler! Quit the act already cos it’s not interesting… Like you care!” Ariana said rolling her eyes.

“Ariana!” Mr Rodney called as she faced him.

“Dad that woman is a lying snake” Ariana said

“Ariana am just feeling sorry for what happened to your nanny and here you are saying ill things about….” Skyler said and broke into tears.

Ariana looked at her disgustedly and scoffed.

“False tears” Ariana said

“I just wonder why she’s acting like she really likes and feels sorry for me” I thought

The doctor walked in and there was silence.

“So doctor! What’s actually wrong with her? She haven’t utter a word since she regained consciousness” Mr Rodney asked

“Well you see Mr Sanchez she lost her voice as a result of intake of a very powerful pill 💊 and….” the doctor said and I flinched.

“Uhmm Doctor is she gonna be fine?” Skyler asked sharply cutting in.

“Pill? I didn’t take any pill so how come?” I thought

“Of course she going to be alright! But it will take some time before she will regain her voice again” the doctor said as he walked out of the ward.

Ariana held me tightly consoling me as Skyler excused herself and walked out too.


Skyler’s Pov:

I exhaled heavily as I rushed into the restroom.

“Dmn it! That was so close, the doctor almost called the name of the pill and Roddy might figure out that i did it” I said in annoyance.

That useless girl should have died if not for Ariana.

Go$h! I just loathe both of them so much.

I must finish both of them if not having Rodney is going to be quiet difficult.

“Aargghh” I yelled in displease as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“I must kill that useless girl Lissa” I said as my phone rang aloud and i quickly picked it up.

It was Cindy my friend.

“Hello Cindy!” I said

“Girlfriend! What’s up? How are you going to finish that little brat up now that Lissa is gone” She asked

“Gone? She was found! Lissa was found by her good for nothing Ariana” I said annoyed

“What? I’ve always told you bestie! Finish Lissa up instantly” Cindy said

“Finish her up instantly? How am I gonna do that?” I asked as I could hear her laugh hysterically.

“Oh come on Sky! You just beat about the bush, kill her immediately and not giving her a pill that won’t kill her once” Cindy said

“What’s your suggestion girl? I really need to get that stumbling block out of the way” I asked anxiously as she explained everything to me.

I grinned from ear to ear as I hung up.

“Sweet plan” I smiled


Few days later, Lissa was discharged from the hospital.

Though she is yet to regain her dmn voice.

That fateful day, Rodney prepared lunch by himself.

He made vegetable chicken sauce and white rice for everyone.

Well, he said he prepared it specially for Lissa since the doctor said that she should take more of vegetable.


Just because of her, Rodney made the food by himself.

Something he has never done for me even for once.

I watched him from the sitting room as he served the food on the dinning.

“Splendid!” He said as he smiled.

He walked upstairs to call Ariana and her worthless nanny to the dinning.

“The stupid girl is gradually getting Rodney’s attention but that will come to an end today” I smirked

I quickly got up and looked around…..

I made sure no one is there before I brought out a powdery substance from my shorts pocket.

I quickly added the substance into Lissa’s food.

After doing that, I went back to the sitting room.

Shortly, They came downstairs and we got seated at the dinning.

Lissa was about to spoon the food into her mouth but….

To be continued…


Aah! Skyler! Is she ever going to get tired of being heartless?

Am scared oo 😱!

Will Lissa eat the food?

Stay tuned!


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