Episode 14

Ariana’s Pov:
Nanny Lissa was about to spoon the food into her mouth….

I quickly snatched the fork from her and everyone gasped in shock.

“Ariana! What’s wrong with you?” Dad asked as Skyler furrowed her eyebrows in anger.

“Ari… What is.. it?” Nanny Lissa said and I chuckled.

“You can talk now nanny” I smiled

“Ariana am talking to you, why did you do that?” Dad asked eagerly

“I’ve always known you as a saucy girl but now you are just too rude ” Skyler said and I scoffed.

“Really Skyler? You think i don’t know?” I said as Skyler became visibly tensed.

“What are you saying baby?” Dad asked confused

“You are to blame for all this daddy, if you had thrown this hoer out of our house then she wouldn’t have been opportuned to do this” I said

“What are you saying Ariana? You are just insulting me” Skyler said feigning tears.

“Ariana! What’s the meaning of this?” Dad asked again

“Tell your desperate girlfriend to taste nanny Lissa’s food” I said as Skyler’s eyes widened in shock.

“Gosh! What’s going on with you Ariana? Of course she can… Right Skyler?” Dad asked as Skyler became very scared as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Eat it already!” I screamed as she stood at a place in humiliation.

Dad quickly turned to Skyler who bowed her head in guilt.

“Skyler what’s going on here?” Dad asked as I laughed mischievously.

“This is going on here” I said handing my cell phone to dad.

He quickly turned on the video and Skyler started wailing uncontrollably as she fell on her knees.


I was about getting down the stairs when I saw Skyler tiptoeing to the dinning.

That was really weird and awkward so I decided to watch her.

She looked around and brought out a package from her pocket.

I quickly turned on my cell phone’s video recorder.

She added the substance into my Nanny’s food and I became really scared but I continued recording.

She tiptoed back to the sitting room.


Skyler wailed as both daddy and my nanny looked at her disgustedly.

“How could you Skyler? You are so evil!” Dad screamed at her as he quickly picked up his phone and left.

“I’ve always told you that your plans will never work cos i will have you thrown out of my house” I smirked at crying Skyler.


Skyler’s Pov:

I sat on the bare ground crying helplessly as i watched the little demon and her stupid nanny make faces at me.

Some minutes later, Rodney came in with the police.

“No! Roddy you can’t send me to jail!! Please don’t do this to me” I yelled as the Corps walked to me with a handcuff.

“Yes Skyler! I should have done this a long time ago, you are so wicked… You will rot in jail you scheming wtch” Rodney said as Ariana clinged to him tightly and laughed happily.

The Corps handcuffed me as i kept screaming.

“You will all pay for this, I swear with the last drop of my blood… This is not yet over dem©ns” I screamed as i was dragged out by the police as they headed straight to their van with me and speeded off.


Ariana’s Pov:

I chuckled excitedly as i hugged my nanny tight.

Finally I have gotten rid of the wicked witch and all thanks to my nanny.

The rest of the picnic went on so well and I must confess we really enjoyed it.

But right now, we are packing our stuffs so we can go back to Manila.

Nanny Lissa walked out of the duplex with my backpack as daddy locked the house up.

“This is the best picnic ever daddy” I said excitedly

“Am glad you liked it here unlike before” Dad said as i smiled and Nanny Lissa also smiled.

Dad opened the car boot and packed our luggage into it.

“What about you Lissa? Do you enjoy your stay here?” Dad asked

“Yes sir Rodney!” Nanny Lissa said avoiding eye contact with my dad.

How sweet! 😜

I think they are in love.

Dad gently took the backpack from nanny Lissa as his hand glued with hers for some minutes.

Jeez! They are really something!!

I quickly cleared my throat noisily bringing them back to consciousness as nanny Lissa quickly snatched her hand from my dad and I giggled.

“Naughty girl!” Lissa said as she dragged me into the car.

We speeded off immediately.


Unknown’s Pov:

I laughed hysterically as i crossed my legs and sipped my wine angrily.

“Really? Rodney you are so foolish to think that you have no enemies anymore? You even we on a picnic huh? Don’t be too excited because your one and only obstacle is here… You might have gotten rid of your lovey-dovey girlfriend but you can never get rid of me now I will make your life he.ll” I said as i suddenly started laughing again.

This time I was laughing and crying.

“First! I will make sure you have no family to call your own” I said again as I wiped my tears.

I quickly picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.


Lissa’s Pov:

We were still on our way back to Manila.

Suddenly, our car swerved and swerved and alas!

Sir Rodney hit a young girl with the car.

“Oh my God!” Ariana and I screamed as we shut our eyes in shock.

We quickly got down from the car and the girl was already in the pool of her own bl.ood….

To be continued!
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