Episode 16

Sharon’s Pov:

I lay on the soft bouncing bed smiling broadly.

“Sharon is here to stay! No-one can get rid of me” I thought and giggled.

Just then, I heard some footsteps and I quickly closed my eyes tight.

Sir Rodney knocked severally before he opened the door.

“Oh! She’s already asleep” He said and turned to leave but i quickly gave out a loud yell.

He rushed back to me as i pretentiously started crying and wailing uncontrollably.

“Sharon are you OK? What happened?” He asked anxiously as i kept panting heavily and I suddenly ran into his arms hugging him tightly and pressing him to my chest.

“Am so scared! A m©nster…. I dreamt of a m©nster, it was so big and it was chasing after me….” I cried as he smiled lightly.

He’s dmn so handsome…

“You don’t have to worry Sharon! It was just a dream” He said as he disengaged the hug and stood up.

“Good night Sharon!” He said as he walked out of the door.

“Good night sir” I said as he banged the door.

I quickly turned off the table lamp and smirked mischievously.

“My goodness! He smells so good… I can’t wait to execute my plans” I laughed as I laid on my bed.


Lissa’s Pov:

The bright sun shone through the glass window straight to my eyes.

I rubbed my eyes tiredly and yawned as i slowly opened my eyes.

“Oh my! I overslept but thank goodness Ariana is not going to school cos they are on a vacation else she will be late for school” I said as i yanked the duvet off my body and walked into the bathroom.

Minutes later 🕒

I was already done with preparing Ariana’s breakfast and Sir Rodney was seated at the dinning eating.

“Good morning Sir!” I greeted as i served Ariana’s food on the table.

“Good morning Lissa! How are you doing?” he asked eagerly

“Uhmm… Sir I am not fine you see my mom is really ill and I was just wondering sir if I can get half of my salary for this month please sir!” I said with pleading eyes.

“Am sorry about your mom and don’t I will transfer the money to you” he said as my face beamed in smile.

“Thank you sir” I said as i quickly picked up the telephone and called Ariana’s land line.

“Hey Ari! Breakfast is ready!” I said

“OK nanny!” her little voice echoed from the ☎ telephone and I hung up.

I was about to head to the kitchen when I heard someone’s voice from the stairs.

“Sir Rodney! Please help me get down the stairs!” the voice said softly and I turned around.

I saw Sharon standing with her crutches by the stairs and waving at Sir Rodney.

I exhaled deeply trying to hold back tears as suddenly Sir Rodney’s eye caught mine and I gulped nervously.

“Lissa are you OK?” Sir Rodney asked as I nodded and blinked my eyes.

Sir Rodney stood up slowly and walked towards Sharon as he quickly carried her in a bridal style downstairs.

I shut my eyes and breathed heavily in annoyance.

Just then, I felt someone touched me and held my hand and I quickly opened my eyes.

“Nanny! I understand how you feel” Ariana said as i blinked nervously.

“What are you talking about Ari? Come on now go on and eat your food… We have to go shopping at noon with your credit card like you wished” I said trying to pretend

“It’s written all over you Miss Lissa Ricks” Ariana said as i flinched.

She smiled naughtily and sat on the dinning.

Sharon also sat on the dinning as Mabel served her some food.

“Pancakes?” Ariana screamed in delight

“Yeah! I just thought you will like it and…” I said as she cuts in quickly.

“I love it nanny!” She said and I smiled

“Ariana does it mean you didn’t see me and you didn’t also see Sharon?” Mr Rodney asked and Ariana scoffed.

“Oh really dad? Am so stupid I should have gone on my knees to greet her royal majesty Sharon right dad?” She mocked

“Ariana!” Sharon said and frowned

“What? You should know your place Sharon, you are a maid and I am your boss so you dare not call me by my name get it?” Ariana said rolling her eyes.

“Enough baby!” Mr Rodney said as Ariana eyed him angrily.

“You know what daddy? Am beginning to loathe you so much! Isn’t she a maid? She should be treated as one… Why should she be eating on the dinning with us and making her correct me like she’s my mom or my nanny” Ariana said as i gently tapped her but she ignored me.

“Ariana she just has to recover first before she can start work” Mr Rodney said calmly

“Then take her to the hospital that’s where pathetic disables are taken to… Hey Sharon! If daddy can condone your miserable behavior I can’t so listen up you gold digger I don’t want to see you eating with my dad and I on the dinning cos you are not family so if there’s someone who should eat on the dinning it should be my nanny… Moron! I lost my appetite excuse me!” Ariana said angrily as she pushed her chair and ran upstairs

Sharon quickly started crying as i ran after her.


Sharon’s Pov:

I quickly started shedding false tears as usual and I got Mr Rodney’s sympathy of course.

Not long, he picked up his suitcase and left for work and I sat on the cushion in the sitting room.

“My goodness! That little girl is something else.. Go$h! Is she really eight? I need to bridle her tongue else I don’t think I can accomplish my mission” I thought.

“She needs to be out of the picture before I can get what I want, Ariana Sanchez I will squeeze you dead soon” I smirked wickedly.


Lissa’s Pov:

I laid on my bed sulking bitterly.

“Why can’t I just hate Sir Rodney already? I have to get him out of my mind cos he’s never gonna be mine” I cried

Suddenly my door threw open and my little Ariana walked in.

I quickly wiped my tears though my eyes were all swollen and sore.

“Ari what do you want baby?” I asked pretending to be alright

“I want to know the truth nanny” She said as she sat on my bed close to me.

I gulped nervously.

She held my hands and smiled lightly.

“What truth?” I replied

“Do you really love my daddy?” She asked and I broke into hot tears.

“Am sorry Ariana!” I said as i quickly hugged her.

“I know you do nanny and yes! I want you for my daddy” She said and I gasped….


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