Episode 17

Sharon’s Pov:
I quickly closed my room’s door and kept the crutches as i stood up unaided.

I catwalked proudly and smiled mischievously.

“I can walk on my own already but I won’t ever let anyone know about this… Mr Rodney will continue carrying me up and down the stairs and that will add more to that his rude day daughter’s jealousy” I smirked wickedly.

Just then, I heard a knock on my door and I quickly picked up my crutches putting on a pitiful look.

I leap with my crutches as i opened the door.

It was the good for nothing nanny Lissa….

She walked in with a tray of food.

“Here! This is your lunch!” She said as she placed the tray on a stool close to my bed.

“Thank you so much Lissa!” I said pathetically

“And am sorry about my little Ariana, she’s lovable but just too….” She said and I cut her off

“I understand” I said as Lissa nodded and walked out of my room as I shut the door.

“You don’t need to explain anything to me Lissa, I will definitely shut that little brat’s mouth in no time” I said as i laughed within myself.

I gulped down my glass of juice still in thought as an idea popped in to my head I laughed so hard.

“Plan A… Getting into the Sanchez’s mansion is now accomplished and Plan B is having Rodney all to myself” I said excitedly.


Ariana’s Pov:

I kept walking restlessly up and down in my room as nanny Lissa walked in.

“Ariana! Baby have a glass of milk” Nanny Lissa said and handed a glass of milk to me.

I took the glass and sipped some of it and kept it on the table.

“Why are you worried Ariana? I don’t like seeing you restless?” Nanny Lissa asked.

“Nanny I really need to get that pathetic girl out of here if you must win my daddy’s love” I said as Nanny Lissa turned her face away.

“But what if your dad doesn’t like me?” Nanny Lissa asked and I giggled.

“That’s never gonna be a problem, just that Sharon is getting on my daddy’s good side with her fake pitiful act” I said as i picked up my glass of milk and gulped down.

“Ari dear! I don’t think she’s pretending” Nanny Lissa said and I scoffed.

“We will see about that when am done unveiling her dirty little secret cos am sure she have got one ” I said certainly


Sharon’s Pov:

I quickly brought out a little bottle of foreign brandy and laughed.

“Wow! The alcohol percentage is so big and this will be a perfect plan for me” I said grinning.

It was already dark as I waited impatiently for Mr Rodney to come home.

Fortunately for me, he came home really late and I guess he had so much work to do that’s why.

I leaped out of my room with the crutches as i looked around if I could see the little devil and her nanny.

But luckily, they were both asleep at Ariana’s room so I rejoiced happily.

I watched from my hideout and saw when Mr Rodney ate his food.

He took his bath and was about to enter his daughter’s room when I quickly gave out a loud shout and his attention was sharply drawn to my room.

I smiled victoriously as i hurriedly threw my crutches to the other side and lay on the bare ground.


Mr Rodney’s Pov:

I was about to go peck my little baby Ariana goodnight when I suddenly heard a loud scream from Sharon’s room.

I rushed into her room and saw her lying on the ground with her crutches on the ground too.

“Sharon! What happened?” I asked anxiously as i helped her up and laid her on the bed.

She started sobbing sorrowfully again and I felt really bad for her.

“I just wanted to see if i can walk unaided… If I can walk on my own so that I can start working here already instead of being a liability or a free loader” She cried as i patted her hair softly.

“It’s OK Sharon! After your therapy am sure you will start walking unaided so don’t force yourself” I said as she surprisingly hugged me tightly.

At first I felt awkward but I returned the hug.

“I feel so rejected Sir Rodney! I have no one… No parents, no relatives… Nothing and your daughter also despises me” She cried

“It will be alright Sharon! Now go to bed” I said and turned to leave but she held my arm tightly.

“Would you mind if you join me take some gin, I just need somebody to talk with” She said as i nodded and sat on her stool.

She handed a little bottle of foreign brandy to me as she corked it.

She also took a bottle of whiskey and we started drinking.


Sharon’s Pov:

I watched him gulp down the content of the small bottle and I couldn’t help but laugh.

In no time, he started acting funny and obviously he’s dead drunk.

The brandy is so powerful I must admit.

Mr Rodney could hardly open his eyes as he belched drunk.

I quickly bolted the door and took off my jacket.

I stood right in front of drunk Mr Rodney in my skimpy nightie.

He stared at me lu$tfully as i smiled seductively.

I catwalked straight to him $eductively as i kssed his lips hungrily.

He was already so ready down there and I smiled excitedly.

Soon, my nightie was already off me.


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