Episode 30

Final Episode

Sharon’s Pov:

And the D-day finally came…

I stared at the mirror as I smiled excitedly.

I look extremely beautiful in my expensive white wedding gown.

I can hear the wedding bells 🔔 🔔 ringing in my ears.

Today I shall officially become “Mrs Sharon Sanchez” I smiled happily.

Angeline rushed into the room in her beautiful long black designer gown.

“Let’s go Sharon! Let’s head straight to the church you don’t wanna keep Mr Rodney waiting” She said and I smiled.

“Ooh Angeline! Of course not” I said as I walked downstairs majestically.

“You look so gorgeous friend” Angeline complimented.

“Thank you” I smiled excitedly.

The car door was opened for me and I entered.

We drove straight to the church.

I rolled my eyes in anxiety as Angeline opened the car door and I walked out.

I saw Rodney dressed in his white suit with his friend Albert as his best man.

I smiled at him but he sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Who cares!” I scoffed 🙄

“It’s time Rodney… You have to get into the church with your wife” Albert said as Rodney and I headed into the church.

I walked slowly and majestically towards Rodney.

You don’t know how happy I am right now… Walking down the aisle to get married to the love of my life.

Isn’t that sweet?


“Sharon Salazar do you take Rodney Sanchez as your lawfully wedded husband… For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part?” the priest asked as I smiled.

I looked at Rodney whose face looked like someone who came for funeral.

“That’s his problem” I snorted within myself.

“Yes I do Father!” I replied

“Rodney Sanchez do you take Sharon Salazar as your lawfully wedded wife… For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health till death do you part? The priest asked.

And to my greatest surprise, Rodney kept mute.

I looked around in embarrassment… All eyes were on us.

“Rodney say something” I whispered but his lips didn’t shake.

“Don’t do this to me Rodney” I cried


Mr Rodney’s Pov:

“I just know am gonna make a terrible mistake by marrying Sharon” I thought as I kept silent.

But I have no choice….

My little daughter and her adorable nanny are my only source of hope and they are gone.

I was about to answer the priest when someone stopped.

“Ye…..” I said as I heard a loud scream from behind.

“STOP THE WEDDING” The voice screamed.

We turned around in dismay.

Someone was standing behind us wearing a hood to hide his or her face.

“How dare you Sharon? You think you can backstab you $lut” the unknown person yelled as I stared at Sharon in surprise.

Sharon quickly started panting.

“Am sorry boss but in as much as I still consider you my boss, I will never let you have my man” Sharon said

“What? What’s going on?” I asked

Everyone stood in agape watching what was going on.

And the church was full of guests.

“Shut up Sharon! You betrayed me” the unknown person said

“I don’t care boss! But I want him for myself and you cannot stop me ” Sharon said

The unknown person laughed hysterically and quickly brought out a gun.

I gasped.

“Rodney is mine” the unknown person said

“Who are you?” I asked in fear

Immediately the unknown person quickly removed the hood that was covering the face.

My jaw dropped and I rubbed my eyes with my palms.

“SKYLER!” I called in shock

“Yes Roddy! It’s me Skyler… S.. K… Y.. L.. E. R! I am the unknown” Skyler laughed devilishly

“You devil! I thought you were in jail?” I asked

“Really” She mocked


Skyler’s Pov:

“Jail is the last place I will ever find myself Roddy” I said and smiled.

Actually this is what happened on the day that I was arrested.


I was handcuffed and led to the police van.

They drove off and on our way, I thought of something.

I quickly faked to be convulsing.

I started convulsing and even throwing up.

The deceived police officers rushed me to the hospital.

But I was able to escape with the help of the doctor.

That was when I hired the call girly Sharon… A cheap har lot to trap Mr Rodney.


Mr Rodney’s eyes widened in shock

“You bch! So you’ve been colliding with each other” Mr Rodney yelled

I laughed so hard as I corked the gun pointing it to Sharon.

Sharon quickly fell on her knees pleading.

“Boss! Please don’t shoot me” She cried.

“Skyler don’t pull a trigger, she’s carrying my baby” Mr Rodney said as I burst into laughter.

“Oh my poor Roddy! You are so gullible…. Pregnant? Did you just say pregnant?” I laughed

“Yes Skyler! She’s pregnant” Mr Rodney said

“Sharon tell him… Are you pregnant?” I asked pointing the gun into Sharon’s head.


Sharon’s Pov:

I was shivering in fear as the boss(Skyler) pointed a gun to my head.

“No Rodney! It was all a fake” I cried

“What? Then how come you have a bulging tummy?” Mr Rodney asked

I started sobbing but the boss shut me up.

“Shut that gutter of yours and tell him the fking truth” Skyler kicked me.

I quickly brought out the piece of cloth in my tummy and every one screamed.

I was so embarrassed.

“And Rodney I am not the only bad person here… Skyler had your daughter and her nanny kidnapped and burnt to death” I said as Rodney rushed to Skyler not minding the gun she was holding as he held her by the collar.

“You must be mine Roddy! I had to kill my best friend Kira your late wife just to be with you… Can’t you see that is how much I love you” Skyler said

“How evil you are Skyler!” Rodney yelled as Skyler pushed him away.

Just then, we heard a clap from behind and turned around.

To our greatest surprise, in front of us stood Ariana and her nanny Lissa hale and hearty.

Skyler gasped in shock.

“Both of you are dead” She screamed in fear

“Dead? We are not Skyler! And I know you are so evil even from the start” Ariana said rudely.

“You killed my mother because of your selfish desires and lust” Ariana weeped

“Baby!” Mr Rodney called as he carried Ariana.

I looked at Skyler and saw how absentminded she was.

So I quickly rushed to take the gun from her….

We started dragging the gun.

Immediately, Skyler shot the gun twice and….


Skyler’s Pov:

We kept dragging the gun until I fired it mistakenly twice.

it shot straight into Sharon’s chest.

Bl.ood gushed out of her mouth as she fell on the ground.

The gun fell from my hand as I watched Sharon struggle for her life.

Angeline quickly picked up the gu n in so much annoyance.

“You animal! You deserve to die” Angeline cried and corked the g un.

Before I could say a word, she already pulled the trigger and shot my head.

I fell down in the pool of my own bl ood.


Lissa’s Pov:

The corps arrived and led Angeline away with a handcuff and they also took the corpses of Sharon and Skyler.

Ariana hugged her dad tightly and I smiled.

I turned to leave but Sir Rodney held my wrist.

My heart skipped…


My heart was beating for him.

I closed my eyes in nervousness and when I opened it.

I saw Mr Rodney kneeling before me.

“Monalissa Ricks! You are the woman for me… I love you so much please be my lady” He said with a ring box.

I gulped nervously..

Words refused to come out of my mouth…

OMG! am dying 😍😍

“Nanny please say yes!” Ariana said as she knelt down too and winked at me.

Such a na ughty cutie!

“Yes… Yes!” I said as he smiled and slipped the ring into my finger.

We ran into each others arms.

Lovebirds! 😘

And we glued our lips to each others as Ariana quickly covered her eyes with her little palms and we laughed as we group hugged.


I opened the wardrobe and started searching for a cloth to wear.

“Jeez! Is my tummy this big? My clothes are so tight now” I mumbled.

I rubbed my tummy softly.

Actually am pregnant for the love of my life… Rodney Sanchez.

I giggled as I quickly picked up our wedding pictures hanged on the wall.

“Aren’t we cute?” someone whispered to my ear and kissed my earlobe.

It was Mr Rodney… now my hubby ❤

“Sure we are” I smiled

“And once our son grows up, we will show him the picture” He said holding me by my waist

“No way! It’s a girl..” I said

“That’s not true! it’s a boy” He said

“It’s a girl…” I said

“It’s a boy” He argued as we burst into laughter.


We held hands together as we walked around the sea shore at the beach.

Rodney, Ariana, Jayden and I smiled excitedly as we watched the wave.

Are you surprised to hear Jayden?

Well I had a son and Rodney won….

And am so happy I flew mother and Jessy abroad to be treated.


And my mother-in-law will be coming next week… actually she really loves me a lot when we travelled abroad to visit her.

She’s pretty cool.

“Mommy! Can we gets some ice cream for baby Jay and I?” Ariana said and that cut off my thoughts

“Sure! We will go for strawberry ice cream” I said

“No way! Ladies can go for that but we the super heroes Jayden and daddy will go for Vanilla ice cream.. Right Jay?” Rodney asked

“Yes daddy! Cos we are super heroes” Jayden said as we all laughed.

We held hands and headed to ice cream store.

“I love you mommy!” Ariana said

“Love you too baby” I said softly as I pecked her cheek.

And we lived happily ever after….




Love you all ❤

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