Episode 22

Ariana’s Pov:

I bounced on my bed excitedly.

It’s been a long day at the shopping mall today.

I can’t wait to have a fabulous and ultimate party.

I was still lost in thought when I heard a knock on my door.

“it’s probably nanny Lissa! Come in!” I said as the door was thrown open and daddy walked in.

“Yuck!” I said audibly as I quickly lay on my bed and turned my face away.

“Baby! I know you are still very much angry with me and believe me I understand you but am here to talk about your birthday preparation” Dad said as he made to sit on my bed but I quickly stopped him.

“Don’t come any closer! About the preparation you can do that with my nanny… Thank you and you can fvck off already” I said rudely.

He tried to talk but I quickly picked up my headset and plugged them to my ears.

He quietly walked out of my room and I scoffed.

“He doesn’t deserve my sympathy? Does he?” I said audibly to no-one in particular as I rolled my eyes.

“Ariana! You shouldn’t have been too rude to your daddy” nanny Lissa’s voice echoed as she walked into my room with a saucer and a cup of tea on top of it.

“He deserves it nanny, I can’t believe I have to be with that crazy lady that calls herself Sharon” I said as nanny forced a smile.

“Don’t worry baby! Just have a cup of tea” She said as I took the mug and drank.

“You know what nanny? I have invited all my friends and I just can’t wait… At least I will forget some of the ill things happening in this dmn house” I said and nanny chuckled.

“Go to bed now Ariana! It’s late and goodnight baby….” She said and pecked my forehead.

“Nanny! Can I sleep with you in your bedroom please? Am a kinda finding it hard to sleep” I said and she frowned.

“No way baby! You’ve been doing that for the past few days” She said

“Please nanny! Pleeeeeasseee….” I begged persuasively

“Fine! Let’s go” She said as I quickly jumped for joy and hurried out with her.


Sharon’s Pov:

I picked up the magazine and flip the pages.

“Wow! This wedding gown is so beautiful… I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day with Rodney” I grinned.

Just then, The door throw open and Mr Rodney walked in.

His jaw dropped in shock

“Sharon! What the….” He screamed in annoyance and I smirked.

“What do you mean darling?” I said as I got up from the couch and walked straight to him giving him a seductive look.

“Stop that! What are you doing in my room?” Mr Rodney asked and I let out a loud laugh.

“Isn’t it obvious? This is now our room! My new room” I said and he gulped nervously.

“Sharon just stop already! You’ve done more than enough harm to my family” He said in anger.

“Come on sweetheart! My baby needs to feel his father’s warmth of course” I said and he snorted.

“You know what? You can have the room to yourself” He said as he quickly picked up the duvet and pillow and headed out but I held his wrist.

“Listen Rodney! You better start preparing for our wedding if not…” I said

“If not what?” He asked

“Take a look at the stool” I said as he turned around.

“Pills? Which pill is that?” He asked

“Abortion pills of course! You had better fix our wedding else I will terminate this baby” I said

“You will do no such thing” He fired back

“Watch me do it!” I said as I walk towards the stool, picked up the pills and was about throwing them into my mouth.

“I just hope this guy stops me” I thought within myself.

“Stop! I will call my lawyer and the wedding will be fixed soon” He said as I exhaled deeply.

“The earlier you do that the safer for your baby” I said as he quickly rushed out of the room.

I banged the door and jumped on the bed.

“Very soft bed all for me and me alone” I smiled excitedly.



Lissa’s Pov:

I fit my legs into the expensive shoes and smiled excitedly.

I combed my curly hair as stood up.

I look absolutely stunning in the sexy red gown and a black pair of stiletto heels.

Very expensive!

If someone had told me I will ever that kind of expensive dress…. I would have Disbelieved.


I walked into Ariana’s room and saw her sitting in front of her dressing mirror as a make up artist was making her up.

“Go$h nanny! You look very beautiful…” Ariana said as I blushed.

“Awww… You are flattering me baby!” I said shyly

“Seriously nanny! Dad is gonna stare at you the whole night” Ariana teased me and I playfully hit her.

“You are such a naughty cutie! My baby girl looks like a lady” I said and she chuckled.

“Am a lady nanny” She said and I smiled.

“Hurry up Miss Tina! We still have to get to the reserved hotel where her party is taking place, she can’t be late!” I said softly to the make up artist.

“Alright dear! Am almost done” She said as I quickly brought out Ariana’s beautiful long white gown from the box.

“Really pretty!” I said as Ariana smiled


The unknown’s Pov:

The three hoodlums stood in front of me as I walked around them.

“When I say you should do a clean job, I mean very clean! Kidnap both the little damn girl and her good for nothing nanny… Do you get me?”” I asked with a stern voice.

“Yes boss!” They replied in unison as I nodded

“You can all leave and don’t forget I want both of them alive” I said

“Sure boss!” they said as they marched out of the room.

I picked up my box of cigarette and brought out a stick of cigarette.

I quickly lighted it and inhaled it deeply.

And then bursted into laughter… I kept laughing and tears dropped from my eyes.

“I can’t wait to have them in my hands” I said and continued laughing hysterically…..

Ariana and Lissa are really in big trouble

This party is gonna be something

Stay tuned!

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