Episode 25

Lissa’s Pov:

Ariana and I were still in tears.

We’ve been here in this he.ll hole for the past two days.

I kept wondering what wrong we have done to anyone that we have to be kidnapped.

I really feel sorry for my poor little girl Ariana.

She have gone through a lot as a little girl.

I was still lost in thought when the door throw open and a young lady walked in with two plates of rice.

The food could barely be enough for a baby.

She kept the food on the bed we were lying.

“Eat that up” she said cruely

“This unhygienic meal? Disgusting!” Ariana screamed

“You little arrogant je.rk! You should be grateful that you were even given something to eat” She said and raised her hand to slap Ariana.

I quickly held her hand.

“Please don’t hurt her” I begged as the lady scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Nanny are we really gonna eat this fking fae.ces? Don’t they have chicken salad or maybe crispy chicken sandwich or even beef sauce and rice” Ariana cried

“Ariana! Baby we are not in the mansion!” I said

“Nanny anything but this… I can even eat anything prepared by the maids” Ariana cried

The lady who has been standing and starring at Ariana burst into laughter.

“You expect a queen’s treatment when you are a slave?” the lady clapped her hands in a gossip manner as she eyed Ariana wickedly and turned to leave.

To my greatest surprise… Ariana called her back.

“Miss! Please help us” Ariana cried

The lady turned around…. She was in tears.

But why is she crying?

“Ma’am why are you crying?” I asked as she wiped her tears quickly.

“Kyla! Call me Kyla” She said as she quickly left the room and locked the door.

We embraced each other again in tears.


Mr Rodney’s Pov:

I angrily hit my hand on the table with annoyance.

“Your best is not good enough! What do you mean you are trying your best?” I shouted angrily at the officers.

“please calm down Mr Rodney! We are doing some investigations and we will definitely find your daughter and her maid” The Sergent said and I yelled.

“That’s what you’ve been telling me for the past two days…. Officer my little daughter is just 9 years old” I said angrily

“Mr Rodney we are doing everything we can Sir” He said

“You are so annoying… My daughter and her nanny are very important to me” I said as I quickly walked out of the station.

I headed straight to the garage and hopped into my car.

I pulled over in front of a bar and entered.

“Sir! What’s your order?” One of the waitresses asked as I settled down in the bar .

“Three bottles of champagne!” I said

Shortly she came back with my order and I started drinking.


I kept drinking and drinking until I became very drunk.

I looked at my wrist watch.

“10:57pm? I don’t care… What am I going home for? My daughter is nowhere to found and the love of my life Lissa is missing too” I belched loudly.

Some minutes later, my phone rang aloud.

It was Sharon calling.

I quickly rejected the call and switched my phone off.

I continued drinking.


Kyla’s Pov:

I don’t know to do….. I suddenly now have a soft spot for the little girl.

I picked up my handkerchief and mopped my face.

“She reminds me so much of my late daughter Nelia…i want to save her” I cried

“I couldn’t save my Nelia! But I just want to make that up by saving Ariana… She’s innocent but I know this might risk my life but I don’t care” I said

Nelia my only child was killed by some hoodlums who were after my politician husband.

The hoodlums killed my husband and my daughter Nelia… They died in my arms so right now am seeking for revenge.

I quickly wiped my tears and walked out of the restroom.

The unknown’s Pov:

The time bomb was planted in the house where Ariana and Lissa were locked.

Their hands were both chained so that they won’t escape.

I sat on my large bed watching them with my laptop cos there is a CCTV cameras in the room.

Tick-Tock….Tick_Tock….the bomb kept ticking and I became so happy.

“Oh my goodness Ariana! That’s a time bomb over there and our hands have been chained to a big gallon of petrol” Lissa cried and I laughed hysterically.

“1….2….3…..4….5….boom! The 💣 bomb exploded 💥 💥 💥

And I laughed so hard.

Hahahahaa! 😂😂…it is finished!” I said laughing so loud….


Are they dead? 😭

What really happened? 🙄🙄

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