Episode 27

Lissa’s Pov:

“Hey…you! The lady with a child” the voice yelled at Ariana and I.

I became very scared.

I froze in shock.

The person walked closer to me and my heart kept beating so fast.

I closed my eyes in anxiety and turned around.

“Pick up your ticket ma’am! You dropped it” the voice said as I opened my eyes.

It was a security guard.

I exhaled deeply in relief.

“Thank you so much sir” I manged to say as I quickly picked up the ticket and entered the bus.

Oh my go$h! I almost died of a heart attack….

I thought we’ve been caught by the kidnappers.

“I don’t know what awaits us in Cebu City but I just pray we’ll be safe” I thought as I looked at Ariana.

She was already asleep… 😴

I patted her hair and laid her to my chest…. It was so dark.

Not long, the bus took off.


☀ ☀

“Everybody go down! We are already in Cebu” the driver’s loud voice rang into my ears.

I quickly opened my eyes and yawned hungrily.

“Ariana! Baby… Get up! We are here already” I shook her softly and she opened her eyes.

“”Are we in Cebu City nanny?” She asked and I nodded.

We quickly got down from the bus and flagged down a cab.


We got down and trekked to the slum area where my little sister Jess and my mother lives.

“Here we are Ariana” I said as we got to the poorly built slum house.

“What? Is this a poultry or something?” Ariana furrowed her eyebrows.

I coughed slightly and she bent her head in guilty.

“Sorry!” She said and I smiled.

I knocked two consecutive times and the door was thrown open as Jessica rushed out of the house.

She hugged me excitedly.

“Atee (sister)!” She screamed in pleasure

“Jessy!” I said as we held each other tightly.

“Who is she sister?” Jessy asked as we disengaged the hug.

“Hello!” Ariana waved at her and she chuckled.

“Is she from America sister? Her accent is unique” Jessy said as Ariana smiled broadly.

“Well she’s Ariana Sanchez…she’s the daughter of my employer” I said as we entered the house and settled down.

“Hey Ariana! Can I be your friend? You see your hair is quiet curly and shinning”Jessy said

“Sure! But can you go comb your hair? It’s so messy” Ariana said and I rolled my eyes.

“Oooh.. You must be classy!” Jessy said as Ariana laughed

“Not really! Am just being myself right nanny?” Ariana asked and I nodded.

“Jessy where is mother?” I asked

“She’s upstairs resting… She have just undergone the surgery last week and she needs enough rest” Jessy said and I smiled happily.

Just then, my stomach grumbled noisily and I yawned.

“Am so hungry” I mumbled to myself

“Any food in the house?” I asked Jessy who was already carried away with her conversation with Ariana.

“Nope Atee! I just ate quail eggs and peanuts and it’s finished” She said as I headed straight up to meet mother and then to the kitchen to prepare something to eat.


Sharon’s Pov:

I sat on the bed burning up in so much anger.

Rodney walked into the room tiredly…

“Where were you last night Rodney?” I asked angrily

“And who made you my keeper Sharon?” He asked as he snorted

“I am your wife Rodney!” I screamed

“The woman I despise the most” Rodney added

I gulped.

“Whatever! I hope you remember that our wedding will be taking place soon… Next week!” I said

“You are such a devil Sharon! My only daughter and her nanny are missing and you don’t care?” Rodney said

“Like is my fault! Listen Rodney we have to move on and let the dead have peace” I said

“Shut up Sharon! They are not dead..” Rodney screamed at me and I scoffed.

“Whatever! Just remember that you and are going to get married” I said as Rodney sighed loudly.

He quickly walked out of the room and I rolled my eyes.


I walked into the bathroom and locked the door as I brought out the clothes I tied to my stomach making my tummy look big.

I laughed so hard.

“Nothing can stop me from getting married to Rodney next week” I laughed mischievously

“Once am nine months gone! I will quickly adopt a new born baby and Rodney will never know about this ever” I smiled wickedly starring at the wall mirror.


Ariana’s Pov:

I sat on the wooden dinning table with Nanny Lissa as she dished the meal into the plate in front of me.

“Eat up baby” She said as she finished dishing out the food.

She started eating with her bare hands and I marveled.

“What about the cutleries? I mean the knife and fork or spoon?” I asked as I stared at the meal in disgust.

“Squashed potatoes and veggies beef?” Eww! Di$gusting!” I thought

“Uhmm… Ariana am really sorry I know this is not the kind of life you are used to but you have to adapt for the meantime…you see baby we can’t afford cultleries so we eat with our bare hands” Nanny Lissa said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“What? That’s so unhygienic! We are gonna get sick… Nanny let’s just get our as$es outta here! I don’t like it here nanny and we can take your sister and your mom with us” I cried bitterly

“I wish we could Ariana but we don’t have the money to do that!” Nanny Lissa cried

“if not that I don’t have my credit card we would have gotten out of here already” I cried

“Don’t worry baby! We are definitely going to leave this place someday” Nanny Lissa said

“I don’t like squashed potatoes! Are there no chicken salad? Beef stew? Fried rice? Whatever but not squashed potatoes… I might have a bad stomach if I take this” I said

“Am sorry we don’t have any of that! But don’t worry baby we will definitely go back to your mansion” Nanny Lissa said as I quickly hugged her in tears.

“Thank you nanny” I said in tears as nanny Lissa who was also in tears carried me and we cried together…..


Awww…This is so touchy

Am in tears already 😥

And that Sharon must leave the mansion together with her unknown boss….

Don’t you agree?

Stay tuned!

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