HIS DESIRE: Episode 11 – The End

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Episode 16


Nella! I called in total h0rror.

What the fk is going on here she yelled angrily.

What are you doing here I asked sternly.

Bryan are you playing games with me,you had the guts to cheat on me right .

Bryan I would leave now lyka said standing up .

Don’t go anywhere you are still sore I said and she blushed .

How dare you cheat on me she yelled crying .

You tears don’t move me one bit infact I love seeing you cry it gives me joy I said.

Bryan am your fiancee for goodness sake .

Shut that thing you call mouth,you think all this years I didn’t know you where cheating on me,look am not that stupid you sle.pt with Dante right .

Bryan am sorry that was a mistake I swear it won’t happen again she said crying .

A slut would always remain one I don’t care if you changed or not,now leave my house I yelled at her.

Bryan you better take it or leave it am your fiancee and I must get married to you whether you like it or not she said and stormed out.

Are you okay I asked as I turned to face lyka.

Bryan I shouldn’t cause commotion between the both of you she said.

Just shut up and come here I said and hugged her tightly .


I rushed out of Bryan house Angrily,I can’t believe he cheated on me with that lowlife .

But you did it first my conscience huanted me.

Shut up I yelled.

I had arrived today and decided to pay him a surprise visit only to meet the shock of my life,but that girl is damn hot .

I rode angrily to Bryan parents compound.

I horned and the gate was opened for me.

I rushed into the house and his parents where sitting on the living room.

Nella they both called shocked.

How could you I said.

My angel what do you mean his mom asked.

We had an agreement right I asked.

Yes we had an agreement his dad said.

Don’t play games with me old foops don’t tell me you don’t know Bryan is having an affair with another lady I yelled at them Angrily.

I tried all I could but it didn’t work his dad said.

What do you mean I asked.

Bryan loved her he said.

I don’t care if he loves her not am giving you guys two days to talk to your son if not I would expose your dirty secrets dad said.

No my dear you can’t do that they said as they both fell on their knee’s.

Then the both of you should do as I say and am just giving you guys two days or am gonna do something terrible I said and walked out angrily.

I drove out if the compound I can’t believe that they are that dumb.

I only pity Bryan most times but not anymore all thanks to Dante who told me.

I parked when I got to his compound,I just opened the door and entered since he was expecting me,I wanted to blackmail him but I couldn’t because only me knows the real Dante .

Wow Nella you came so early he said smiling.

You look h0t. I complimented and licked my tongue.

What happened he asked.

Bryan told me to leave his house I said.

He did he asked shocked.

Yes and he was with a girl,it looks like she’s living in the mansion,they already had sx I said.

You mean Bryan had sx with lyka he said vibrating in anger .

Yes I mean it .

Get out he said.

You mean I should leave I asked not believing my ear .

Yes leave now he said angrily.

But Dante .

Now he yelled and I ran out nobody can hold him if his annoyed but he can’t be compared to Bryan anger.


I punched the walls angrily,till blood was coming out I made sure I let out all my frustration.

I can’t believe lyka is letting Bryan fk her,the thought of it alone is killing me .

Sir are you okay my guards asked.

Am fine I said and smiled weakly .

Boss what’s wrong Declan said coming in.

Am fine you guys should go and rest .


No buts just go and rest I said and walked to my room.

I had loved this girl from the beginning,I loved her first but yet Bryan is having her first .

Am done being the good guy I wanna be the had guy now .

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