~Sterling Home~

Georgia reaching home but no longer feels like home anymore, Susan, her stepmom in the sitting room watching TV

Going up to her room, totally ignoring the woman like she was air, Susan got mad that she was being treated that way by Georgia

“Young people now go out at night and come back the next morning, what a wayward character to showcase” Susan said acidly which was directed to Georgia obviously

Georgia rolled her eyes, she had just been super exhausted, her lower region seems as if she was thrown into a washing machine and brought out

All she needed was a nice bath and rest

With these in mind, she walked up the stairs ignoring Susan

‘how dare the bitch ignore her! Susan thought angrily

“Well, I’m not surprised, like mother like daughter, a wh.ore begot a wh.ore”
She spat

“What did you just say? Georgia who had in mind to ignore her felt as if her heart string just snapped
She could tolerate anything in this world but not when her Mom was involved

“You heard me correctly” Susan said haughtily
Caressing her protruded belle

Georgia walked down the stairs and stopped near Susan
“Don’t you dare, in your life call my mom a wh.ore” she warned with red eyes
Georgia chuckled darkly
“It’s funny how some people loose part of their brain after seeing wealth” she said staring intently at Susan who looked confused

“What do you mean? Susan asked irritatingly
“I mean, aren’t you the one who is supposed to be called a wh.ore?

You came into another man’s house with another man’s daughter just when he was grieving his wife” Georgia said bitterly

“How dare you!


Georgia clutched her right cheek that had turned red due to the sI.ap

She had been so engrossed with talking that she didn’t notice her dad her come down stairs just when she finished her statement

Seeing this, Susan activated her pitiful mood, playing the victim

Tears came out of her eyes as she clutched her stomach
“She said so horrible things about me honey, my stomach hurts”

Mr Sterling rushed over to Susan and held her gently so as to not exert pressure on her and mistakenly hurt their baby totally ignoring his daughter he just sI.apped so brvtally

Georgia who saw the scene unfold smiled coldly
But winced cause of the aching cheek

Her eyes reddened the more and she fought back her tears
Though she was used to this drama, her heart couldn’t help but bI.eed each time it happens

The fact that her own father treats her this way.

Just then the door opened and Raymond stormed into the house

Mr sterling though still mad at Georgia, hurriedly went to explain to Raymond in fear of him getting angry at him and his wife

After all, Georgia is his fiancee and wife to be to top it all Raymond was among the well-to-do people in the city

If he gets angry about us treating Georgia this way, he might get furious

Mr sterling thought but he was shocked when Raymond ignored them and walked to stand before Georgia

In a booming voice Raymond said

“Explain this!!!!! And threw pictures on Georgia, the pictures were thrown and fluttered around the spot Georgia stood

Georgia got confused about the whole thing, she couldn’t understand why Raymond was mad like this and she bent down to pick a picture

Standing up, she viewed it and her eyes widened in horror

“How is this possible? Her heart rate escalated nervously and anxiously

This would be her doom

No one would believe her!!


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