(~Rare BI.ood Type~)

Georgia stood transfixed as she stared at the photo in her hand
She was so shocked that her head hurt

Who on earth took these pictures?
How did they get to Raymond?

These unanswered questions kept whirling in her head

How was she going to explain this?

In the picture, a man and a woman was entangled under the sheets

Though because of the position of the camera, the man’s face was not visible but the woman’s face was purely seen

That woman was no other but Georgia

“Oh my God, I knew it and I said it, I knew she would be nothing but shame to the Sterlings”

Susan dramatically clutched her heart as if pained

“I can’t believe this Georgia, I can’t believe you’ll stoop so low, you’re just like your mother!

Mr Sterling spat acidly

Georgia couldn’t believe her ears nor her eyes
As long as she could remember, her mother has always been a supportive wife to her father

Though the wealth the Sterlings brag about is all her mother’s inheritance from her father and her sweat, she didn’t let all those get into her head

She was a doting mother and wife but her husband never treated her well
He only cared about her wealth

Georgia wouldn’t forget the night her mother d?ed
It was a rainy night accompanied with thunderstorm
She tried calling her dad severally but he didn’t pick

Till her mother’s death, her husband had never been good to her

Georgia knew her mom would have left her dad but couldn’t because of her

Georgia ignored her father’s comment and focused all her attention to Raymond
He is the only person she owes an explanation not even her family

She was pained to see the hate in his eyes

“What’s going on here? A sweet voice rang out
It was Ariana
She walked in feigning confusion

Their plan was,she coming in after Raymond must have arrived to avoid looking suspicious

Walking close to them, Ariana turned to her Dad
“What’s wrong Dad?

She asked sweetly
Her dad only looked at her and sighed sitting down on the sofa

Ariana looked at Georgia and gapsed

“Sister what happened to you? Your cheek is red,why is brother Raymond angry?” she asked with concern

Georgia mentally rolled her eyes at Ariana’s pretense

“Ari please don’t be deceived by her appearance so you won’t be infected by her waywardness”
That was Susan talking

Ariana bent down slowly picking one of the photos that were littered around Georgia

“Oh my goodness, sister you aren’t the one in the photo right? Please tell me you aren’t”

Ariana said shocked with tears starting to roll.


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