Mr Sterling watched Ariana with admiration

Ariana is such a soft and kind-hearted girl absolutely different from her sister, why can’t Georgia learn from her?!
He thought bitterly

“Of course she’s the one who else could it be?
Susan mocked

“Look Raymond, I can explain” Georgia said sincerely

“How can you explain these pictures when it clearly explains everything?!!!
Raymond boomed

“Someone set me up I swear, I don’t know how it happened” Georgia cried

Susan burst out laughing
“How pathetic! That was the excuse you could come up with? Please try a more convincing one” Susan rolled her eyes

“I’m telling the truth! Georgia yelled at Susan
She faced Raymond.

“Ray look, after the text you sent me to meet you at ZURI HOTEL, I got there but couldn’t find you, couldn’t reach you, all of a sudden someone sneaked up behind me and I lost consciousness”

Georgia explained desperately trying to reach Raymond’s hands but he stepped back as if she was a virus

“I didn’t send you a text, what text are you talking about? Raymond asked bewildered

“No you did” Georgia said hastily dipping her hands in her bag to bring out her phone only to find it missing

“Where is the phone? Show us the text” Susan said

What bad luck followed me today?!
Georgia screamed frustratedly in her head
She had lost her phone, her only proof!

“Raymond look, I can’t find it now but I promise you it was a setup, please believe me” Georgia pleaded

“So you’re trying to say I set you up? Is that it Georgia, I really underestimated you, you’re such a whore!

Georgia froze
‘I really underestimated you, you’re such a wh.ore!
The words kept ringing in her ear

Raymond called me a wh.ore? He called me a wh.ore
He didn’t believe me?

“Ray…..” Before she could say a word, Raymond stomped out

“Sister brother Raymond is mad now but don’t worry…
Ariana went to console Georgia
But Georgia pushed her away while Ariana staggered falling to the floor

“Don’t act like this isn’t what you want you vicious manipulator”
Georgia spat pissed

Susan rushed to her daughter to make sure she’s okay
“How dear you shameless girl!
Susan screamed raising her hands to sI.ap

Georgia but Georgia held her hands midway, glaring at Susan

“You are the only shameless woman here” she pushed Susan and Susan fell on the floor clutching her stomach and wailing “my baby oh no it hurts!

“Mother!!! Ariana shouted rushing to her mom

“Sister why did you push mom? She’s pregnant!!

Georgia was petrified, she didn’t even exert force, she just gave her a light jab which wasn’t capable of making her fall

Before she could think of anything, her cheek stung so hard that caused a tear

Her Dad sI.apped her again
Mr Sterling rushed to Susan making sure she wasn’t hurt

“You unfilial daughter, get out of this house and never return again, you’re not my child!!! Mr Sterling spat

Georgia looked at them and walked away from the mansion, a place she once called home with tears in her eyes


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