“It’s done Sir”

“Was he confirmed dead? A man dressed in black stood facing the window, looking at the scenery

“Not yet Sir but” the man reporting couldn’t finish his words when a bvllet flew into his right arm

He widened his eyes in shock looking at his boss

“Your job was to kll him at the spot!!

The boss boomed while the order man shuddered fearing his life

“You’re of no use to me” the boss pointed the gvn at him ready to pull the trlgger when the door was clinged open

“No need to waste the bvllet Ron” the intruder said indifferently sitting on the couch

He turned to the man whose arm was bI.eeding
“Why are you still here? Or do you really want to die? I could shoot you instead”

The man needn’t to be told twice, he ran out of the room

“Why are you here Don?
Ron asked

“I just saved a man you were about to kll”
Don answered

“Don’t you see I’m pissed off? He couldn’t even kll Dylan Donovan! Ron boomed

“Who says Dylan wouldn’t die? He’s already like a dead meat,he has a very rare bI.ood type that would take two days to get, he would still die eventually”

Ron’s face lit up a little bit when he heard his twin analysis

“You’re right, hahahaha, good riddance Dylan” Ron Chuckled viciously


“Doctor how is the baby? Mr Sterling anxiously rose to his feet when the doctor stepped out of the ward Susan was given for the test

“Mr Sterling you need not worry, Mrs Sterling is doing just fine there are no contradictions but you all need to be more careful about the pregnancy

When issues like this occur more often, it may really pose a threat to the baby’s life”

The doctor assured as well as warned before leaving for other matters

Mr Sterling sighed in relief, he can’t afford to risk his heir for anything

The son Susan is carrying will be the Sterling’s salvation, he can’t imagine any harm befalling his son

“Dad how’s mom? Ariana arrived the hospital and came rushing to her father

Mr Sterling shook his head and assured his favoured daughter
“Your mom is alright Ari, you needn’t worry”

“I- I didn’tt really expect sister would push mom” Ariana sobbed pitifully as if she loved her sister so much that she was really hurt by her actions and behavior

“I Know mom shouldn’t have raised her hands on her but I- mom almost lost the baby” Ariana choked on her tears

Mr Sterling’s eyes darkened at the thought and he felt like two sI.aps weren’t enough for Georgia

He should have given her more
Bringing Ariana close to him, he encircled her in his arms as she released sobs

“What nonsense! Your mom didn’t do anything wrong in trying to discipline her, given the level of her hideous act, that was nothing!
Mr Sterling scolded lightly

“But Dad, is sister really not coming back?

“She wouldn’t dare, she is a shame to the family” Mr Sterling declared


“No buts, Ariana you’re too kindhearted, such a cute soul you have, you don’t have to bother about that unfilial sister of yours!


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