Ariana smiled victoriously in her father’s arms

‘oh Georgia you’re a loser’
Ariana thought

“Mom are you really okay? That was extreme you know, what if the pregnancy was really affected?

Ariana couldn’t help but ask now that her Dad had left for an important contract meeting

She knew her mom, they were in cahoots to bring Georgia down and she could swear that her mom fell down purposely

Susan smiled victoriously, rubbing her protruded belle
“What matters is the result, in dealing with your father, I needed to use my trump card and that was the baby”

“Wow mom you’re so cool, I wish to see Georgia’s face now as she cries and starves herself” Ariana spat hatefully

She hated Georgia ever since she and her mom came into the Sterling home.

Georgia was like the perfect young miss who everybody talks about, some girls were jealous of her and some admired her while all the men wanted to date her

She was like the fashion queen especially when her maternal grandfather dotes on her so much

While she herself was like a stain to the Sterlings, nobody acknowledges her only few favours her

She had heard rumors that people call her illegitimate daughter of the Sterling and she couldn’t hate her sister more for that

Why would Georgia have to do nothing at all but still be at the top?

While she needs to please everyone to get loved?

Why would Georgia date the man she always had a crush on during her sophomore years till now?

But luckily, I got him finally, Raymond is mine and would always be!

But you Georgia were are you now? You’re disowned, Raymond left you for me so what are you compared to me now?

Ariana thought victoriously.



“You need to rest Miss, you just donated your blood through transfusion, you would be light headed if you go out now”

A nurse advised but Georgia was having none of it
She hated the smell of hospitals, disinfectants and drugs

“I’m telling you I’m perfectly okay, I’ll love to go now, Leah please make her understand”

Leah was completely helpless in this situation, Georgia was a very defiant type, once she sets her heart on something, its final

“Georgia please just rest even if it’s just for five minutes” Leah reasoned

“Okay no problem, just five minutes then” she agreed and Leah was surprised

How come she agreed so easily?
“Alright, I’ll take my leave now” the nurse informed and left them alone

“Georgia! What the hell!!
Leah shouted when Georgia disconnected the strings attached at the back of her palm and literally ran out of the ward with Leah calling after her

“Look Leah, your brother would be fine and I am alright, I’ll rest in my apartment instead, you know how much I hate hospitals” Georgia explained

“You’re right but promise me you’ll take a very long rest okay and thank you so much Georgia, I owe you” Leah hugged Georgia

“You’re welcome, I’ll be fine, I hope your brother recovers” Georgia patted Leah’s back dotingly when they separated from the hug

“I hope so too, I’ll come over later” Leah informed as Georgia left the hospital


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