(~I couldn’t protect her~)

Opening her eyes, Georgia was greeted with an unfamiliar yet familiar room, the walls were all white and she needn’t anybody telling her she was in the hospital

she tried recalling the last thing that happened
yeah, she cried her eyes out under the rain until she collapsed but on a second thought, who brought her to the hospital then?

looking around for someone but she was the only one in the ward
she felt so dehydrated and was very thirsty.

The door opened to reveal an old man and Georgia’s eyes widened in surprise

what the h’ll! was that her voice that sounds like a frog squeeling?

Old Gerald walked gingerly to her bed with another man following suit behind

who Georgia recognized as Clifford
Clifford has been her grandpa’s butler ever since she was little and literally follows her Grandpa everywhere he goes

Georgia noticed the frown marring old Gerald’s aged face as he gazed down at her lying on the bed

“what happened to you child? old Gerald asked
He clapped his hands giving her no chance to respond and Clifford came foward

“Miss Sterling, your grandpa had been worried ever since the bodyguards he assigned to protect you secretly lost track of you at ZURI HOTEL around 7pm last night” Clifford informed stepping back

‘7pm last night? that was when I was kidnapped and setup by my loving fiancee
and stepsister’

Georgia thought bitterly

“so tell me every damn thing that happened cause it seems someone messed with my grandchild!
old Gerald demanded obviously pissed

“Can I at least have water? I’m thirsty” Georgia required and immediately Mr Clifford stepped out and fetched water from the dispenser in a plastic cup just beside the ward

Georgia accepted the water and drank enough to quench her thirst finally.

“thank you” she muttered gratefully to Mr Clifford.

Georgia cleared her throat and narrated the whole story to old Gerald but skipped

the part where she donated blood and the part where she found out about Raymond’s dirty plan

old Gerald would freak out if he learns about it besides, old Gerald isn’t getting any younger, Georgia wants to completely avoid things that would cause a strain in her grandpa’s health

one thing she was sure of was that if old Gerald learns about Raymond’s betrayal, he would stop at nothing to bring the Davidsons down and the Davidsons would surely fight back and a war would breakout which would affect old Gerald’s health

Georgia wouldn’t want that
Her Grandpa was the only family who cared about her just like her mom did

Infact to Georgia, the best part of the day despite the excruciating pains of betrayal she had to go through was that, she was actually of help to her best friend Leah.
‘ at least I’m still worthy to save a life’s she thought to herself.

“how dare someone plot against you? And that Raymond, he’s such a fool, he couldn’t even trust you! you’re better off without him though, it’s his loss” old Gerald boomed

Georgia just kept silent
“look child” old Gerald held Georgia’s hand in his slightly wrinkled ones

“they do not worth a single drop of your tears, so don’t cry” he assured her.

The next minute old Gerald’s face twisted in anger again

“that damned father of yours! how could he treat his own daughter like this, doesn’t he have conscience at all”

Georgia shook her head
“grandpa if it’s about Dad then don’t worry, I’m used to it” she assured and that made old Gerald pity his grand daughter

The girl had been through a lot and he still feels guilty of not stopping any of it

Well isn’t it about time he told her the truth?
He asked himself


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