Clara opened her eyes and as expected she found the spot beside her empty, she knew Raymond would leave without her notice.

She snorted when she saw wards of cash left on the bed post
Of course, Raymond thinks she’s a pro$titute so the cash was supposed to be her payment for the sex they had.

Clara shook her head, she’s an heiress to one of the biggest enterprise and so she isn’t in penury and the cash dropped by Raymond was as useless as nothing.

She smirked when she remembered how Raymond was like a maniac in bed and was unsatisfiable.

Men are always controlled by their lower part
To think that Raymond had sx with a stranger when he had a girlfriend, but Clara wasn’t surprised, after all Raymond cheated on Georgia and would still cheat on Ariana.



Opening his door lazily, Raymond walked into his apartment only to be greeted with the sight of Ariana sitting on one of the sofas.

She hastily stood up immediately she saw him enter and walked towards him with hurried steps.

“Where were you all night Raymond? I came here last night and waited for you thinking you would come back but you didn’t, I called and called but you didn’t pick my calls! why Ray?

Ariana asked feeling wronged and felt like crying at the same time.

Raymond massaged his temple, he didn’t have time to deal with her right now and so he walked past her, in hopes of climbing upstairs to his room and take a cool shower.

“Raymond why are you mad at me? What did I do that you’re now ignoring me?

Ariana couldn’t accept the fact that Raymond just ignored her!

She panicked and held his hand to prevent him from leaving

with a sigh heaved with annoyance, Raymond faced her

“I’m very tired right now and I want to have a shower so I would appreciate if you let go of my hand” He said

Ariana shook her head frantically
“No not until you tell me where you’re coming from Raymond, why did you ignore my calls?!
Ariana shouted in anger

“you know I should ask you instead, why did you show the photo to Dylan?
Raymond asked

Ariana’s gaze flickered as her heart thumped in nervousness
“Why do you ask?
she managed to utter

“I ask because it wasn’t necessary but you still made him see the picture, why did you do that?

Raymond asked, somehow in his heart he felt really jealous recalling the way Georgia was wrapped in Dylan’s arms and to think it was the same Dylan that Georgia slept with!

Even though Raymond hates Georgia, he still feels like Georgia should still be his property and not someone else’s.

“you’re mad at me because of that?
Ariana asked pouting cutely

“Alright, I’m sorry babe, I shouldn’t have okay, I was so mad at Georgia that I was forced to ruin her, honey she ruined my birthday party”
Ariana wrapped her hands around Raymond’s waist from behind

Raymond sighed
“It’s fine”

“Should I give you a massage?
Ariana asked in a slutry manner as she began feeling his muscles
She had missed him so much and she needed him.

Raymond was tired and wasn’t in the mood to humour her right now, he gently pried her hands off his waist

“Like I said I’m tired, not now okay”
He took large strides up the stairs.

Ariana silently watched him till he was out of sight
“Why is he acting weird?
She thought with furrowed brows.


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