“Just text me the address” She said and hung up

She hopes she’s doing the right thing.
Georgia thought.

A beep came immediately from her phone indicating that a message came in

‘De vida Restaurant by 6pm’

Seeing the message from Raymond she scoffed
Checking her time, it was only 7:30am, she sighed.

She really had a refute in her heart not to go but then again the eagerness to know why Raymond did what he did was bigger than the refute in her mind.

What do they normally say?
Curiosity klls the cat

In her heart, Georgia really knew that she wouldn’t be at peace untill she finds out about everything

She feels there must be a reason, a secret waiting for her to unveil and she must.

Sitting down on the bed, Georgia hurriedly ate her breakfast, it consisted of two pieces of sandwich and a cup of tea

She hoped Dylan hadn’t gone yet, he really looked like a raging storm few minutes ago.

Picking up her pajamas that was in the bed, she blushed when she discovered it was torn

She screamed within her, he wasn’t patient at all last night, he tore the pajamas instead to make it snappy

Browsing through her wardrobe, she brought out a set of house shirt and trousers, putting it on, she exited her room

“Exactly boss, three spaces will do”
Garfield concurred to what Dylan said

He was about going to work when he received Dylan’s call instructing him to bring over his office clothes over to an unknown address.

Garfield needn’t ask anymore questions and drove to Gold Villa, getting the required stuffs Dylan needed, he left for the address sent to him

It was also a luxurious house, Garfield noted when he reached pure villa

Though it was beautiful, it wasn’t as grand and exquisite as Gold Villa.

Did boss decide to buy another house?
Garfield had thought as he stepped into the house.

“That’s all then, it’s decided, you just have to work on the construction plan with the Geralds”

Dylan said when he got an approval from his assistant.

Though Dylan was the big boss and the sole heir to the Donovans, he never misses to take opinions and advice from his trusted workers especially Garfield, knowing the man had been with him always.

Garfield nodded
He doesn’t know why but his boss sounds and looks more cold than before as if he was irked about something

“Is everything alright boss?
Garfield decided to inquire out of concern.

Dylan massaged the space between his brows

‘Of course nothing was alright!
Dylan thought

The little woman still gets in touch with that deformed ex fiancee of hers!

He had been down for more than 30 minutes and she still hasn’t bother to come down, is she having a chat with him?!

The thought alone made Dylan angry and his face darkened the more

Garfield, the good samaritan who asked the question got scared when Dylan’s face darkened the more,

‘Is he mad I asked?
oh Garfield why don’t you mind your business!
Now you’ve made him super angry

All these were whirling in Garfield’s mind and unconsciously, his eyes darted to the stairs.

He kooked away but was quick to look back to the stairs that he almost got a whiplash.

His eyes flew wide open when he saw the figure of a woman who looked nothing less than a white swan walking down the stairs who was equally surprised on seeing an additional individual.

Wait a minute!
Garfield thought
Isn’t this Miss Sterling, the woman his boss had been stuck with like a moth flying to the flame?!

That means, this is her house and obviously, his boss spent a night here!
God! what did they do last night?

Garfield thought nav.ghtily




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