Leah felt as if a bucket of ice water was thrown at her causing her to shiver when she heard the cold voice behind her

She wanted to turn around but she couldn’t, it was as if she was glued to her spot

“Turn around Leah”

Having no other choice, she slowly but surely faced Dylan


She was really in trouble this time because Dylan looked so irked at the moment

She placed the necklace on Dylan’s palm when he gestured

“Care to explain why you were about stealing the necklace?
Dylan coldly asked clutching the necklace

Though he already knew who sent her.

“it’s not stealing, it’s taking”
Leah defended

Dylan snorted
Dialling a number which got connected on the first ring
“come to my room”
Dylan ended the call after uttering those four words

Leah waited nervously
‘why is he calm? and who did he just call?

In a short while, two men clouded in black which Leah recognized as Dylan’s personal bodyguards came in and bowed their heads awaiting the order

Whatever could be the reason for Dylan calling them over, it couldn’t be good and she was right because the next thing Dylan said made her want to cry

“Escort Miss Donovan back to the family house”

Leah rushed over to her bro
“Bro do anything but please don’t make me go to the family house”

“I know you’ve missed home Leah so I’m actually doing you a favor*
Dylan said as he glared at the guards

They immediately stepped closer to Leah
“Miss Donovan please don’t make this difficult for us”

Leah knew there was no escape.
Dylan’s personal bodyguards were strict and do their master’s bidding alone.

she knew they would even Carry her outside if they had to but they would Never hurt her though.

“It’s not even yours, you have to give it back!

Leah shouted, pissed that she was caught and being sent to the family house as punishment
Her mom was sure going to kll her with her nagging

“I’ll be the one to decide that, off you go”
Dylan said as he watched them leave.

Raising his palm which he opened, he gazed at the necklace that was almost stolen and couldn’t help but laugh

“What a cunning little woman you are”
He muttered to himself

Garfield came in confused, he was puzzled when he had just set dinner only to see Leah being escorted by his boss’s guards.

Even when he asked, they just said, it was the boss’s orders

Leah even ignored him.

“Any problem Boss?
He inquired

“Everything is perfect dear Garfield, Leah just misses home and she wanted to make a little trip there so i made her wish come true”

Dylan said but Garfield knew well than to believe his boss’s words
As far as he was concerned, Leah had always been an anti fan of going home.

She must have done something

Sigh! That troublesome girl.

“Dinner is served boss”
Garfield informed anyway, though he made dinner for three, he just have to put the rest in the fridge.

“Thanks chef Garfield, but I’m afraid I have a little wild cat to tame”

Dylan informed, grabbing his car keys, he strode out of his room leaving Garfield confused

‘Boss has a cat? How come I didn’t know about it?

He thought but shrugged it off, he needed to eat though.


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