Georgia munched on her popcorn as she surfed through her phone

She wondered how far Leah had gone on her mission and couldn’t help but worry.

‘what if she gets caught?

Georgia thought but later shrugged the feeling off her chest

She wouldn’t
She just hoped so.

Clicking on her favourite show on weibo which she normally watches via her phone
She heard the door bell ring

Pausing on her movement she got happy

“Leah really is so good in what she does”

Georgia muttered, happy that Leah had gotten her necklace and was here but she wondered why she didn’t give her a call before coming though.

Putting in her fluffy rabbit slipper on the floor, she happily walked to the door

The door bell rang the second time

“Hold on Leah, I’m here”
Georgia said

She opened the door still watching the show on her phone

When she opened the door, she didn’t bother to check who it was because she was sure it could only be Leah

Turning around, Georgia walked back inside still on her phone

“Leah you really made it real quick”
Georgia said without looking back.

Wait a second,
Georgia paused as she thought
this wasn’t like Leah, Leah would never be silent once the door was opened

As the thought hit her, she became afraid and nervous

Who did she open the door for?

With panic, she spurn around to look at the person but was immediately cornered to the wall

“You let your guard down little cat”
Dylan’s voice huskily rang out


“You let your guard down little cat”
Dylan’s voice huskily rang out

Gobsmacked was an understatement to describe Georgia’s plight

She could smell his shampoo and she was embarrassed to say that the thought of sniffing his neck tempted her mind

Looking at his eyes, she got sucked into those dark eyes that kept staring at her heatedly as if piercing through her soul and settling in the deepest part of it.

Her eyes travelled to his finely shaped nose and downwards till they settled on his lips.

Georgia’s breath hitched as she gazed at the lips, her mind wandered off to the night he kssed her at the Gerald’s garage.

The kss had lasted for 10 minutes that she thought he was planning to suck her dry only to release her when she was finally loosing her breathe.

Dylan looked at the little woman cornered by him at the wall

‘Was this how careless his little woman is?

She didn’t even bother to check who it was when she opened the door!

What if it was someone else who wanted to harm her?!

He couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if it was really a bad person

The thought alone irked him so bad that he felt like smashing something.

“you’re hvrting me”
Georgia furrowed her brows in a deep frown when Dylan’s grip on her arm suddenly tightened

He was just like a volcano that could erupt any moment if triggered.

Why does he look angry and cold?

Georgia thought, confused about the sudden change in demure.


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