Raymond repeated tired to explain anything and hoped his father would just let it be but Mr Davidson wasn’t having any of it

“you better tell me what’s going on young man!

“That man in the picture is Dylan Donovan and Georgia had an affair with him, if the picture gets out, we won’t be fighting the Geralds alone but the Donovans, do you understand it now?!

Raymond boomed then disconnected the call.

He was pissed, his dad just reminded him of how much of a loser he was!

He can’t even achieve the sole reason of leaving her anymore
Initially he thought that she had no share in the Sterlings property since she was not favoured by them and Ariana did have the shares instead

But he just discovered that all the properties the Sterlings possessed were actually signed in her name. She was the sole heiress!!

Now he thought about it, he was really a fo.ol

How come he didn’t think far, Georgia’s mom, Madam Evelyn was the owner of all the wealth the Sterlings enjoyed and the woman was wise enough to transfer everything under her daughter’s name as if she knew that her daughter would be kcked out and maltreated once she was no more.

But if that was the case, does that mean that Georgia had no idea about it?

He needs to get Georgia back!
Georgia could only be his and no one else’s!

All he needed to do was make her stay with him even if she doesn’t want to as she wouldn’t have a choice

Where else would she go if she carries his child?

Raymond smiled as a thought kicked in.

All he needs was to get rid of Ariana who had turned more clingy that before.

Thinking about her made headache kick in.



Georgia squinted her eyes as she woke up and the first thing she did was to check the space beside her to see an empty space.

Narrowing her eyes
“Where did he go?

For a second she thought he had left her and she couldn’t help but feel scared in her heart.

With a panicked heart, she hastily climbed down the bed only to wobble and fall down and the door opened at that moment, revealing shirtless Dylan bringing in breakfast.

His eyes widened when he saw her on the floor, putting down the tray on a table he rushed to her, helping her up

Georgia only calmed down then
‘He didn’t leave’ She thought.

But the next moment, she blushed

“Was I too rough? Dylan asked with a smirk when he helped her up

Georgia felt like burying herself in a hole or rather disappear

This Man surely would be the death of her.

He was talking about last night when they made passionate love to each other.

If there was anything she was sure of, it was that Dylan was a beast!

He did it over and over till she lost count
Her lower part aches, the main reason she wobbled!

And now he teases her!

“It’s all your fault, you’re a beast Dylan!

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