Georgia whined with grievances
‘how would she go to work?!
She thought inwardly

Dylan threw his head backwards in laughter

“Okay come have breakfast, you’ll replenish the lost energy”

“Can I have my necklace now?
Georgia asked after breakfast

She was actually shocked that the great Dylan Donovan did not only make breakfast by himself but also served it in bed!

Her heart was gradually melting as he had successfully crushed down the walls she laid around her heart so much that it was beginning to scare her.

Dylan looked at the little cute woman in the bed, he actually spent a night in a place that was niether his house nor his office but his little cat’s house.

He was happy they had become more close and she had slowly opened up her heart to him even if she hadn’t told him her feelings yet
That was okay, they were making progress.

Dylan knew that she was guarded in her heart making it hard to penetrate it after the betrayal she coursed through but he would slowly remove those walls till she totally embraces him.

He really wanted to find those who hurt her and rip them off of their bI.oody hearts but on the second hand he wanted to thank her useless fiancee and sister.

If it wasn’t for their stupid plan, he wouldn’t have met her.

A beeping sound of Georgia’s ringtone brought the both of them out of their thoughts

Due to their position, Dylan was more in advantage to get the phone first before Georgia

Helping her to reach out for the phone, Dylan’s eyes darkened at the caller ID

Collecting the phone while wondering why Dylan’s mood got bad, it dawned on her when she saw the caller

Sht! why is Raymond calling?!

No wonder he suddenly had a darkened face.
Georgia thought referring to Dylan.

After the message she received from Raymond the other night, she decided to save his number with the thought of contacting him later as she needed answers.

The call died down without Georgia picking up the call
She looked at Dylan’s face that had turned uglier and her heart beat changed

Why does she feel like a woman who was caught cheating on her husband?

Just when she wanted to say something, the phone started ringing again and Georgia felt like choking Raymond wherever he was right now!

Peering up at the iceberg in front of her, she saw him glare at the phone and just when he thought he was going to say something, he got up and left her room with a bang on the door.

Georgia calmed down a little and immediately picked the call

“What?! she boomed

“Georgia please we really need to meet, it’s important”

Came Raymond’s voice and Georgia sighed

“Just text me the address” She said and hung up

She hopes she’s doing the right thing.
Georgia thought.


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