Raymond was petrified and ho.rror filled his eyes with the way the d’vil was looking at him

Dylan’s eyes were bI.oodshot and his rationality flew out the window when he closely saw Georgia’s state

Turning to Raymond, he punched his nose heavily so hard that Raymond staggered and fell to the floor were the glass shards littered, some piercing his back as he fell

“mmmmp” Raymond whimpered at the excruciating pain that h!t him

But Dylan was not satisfied
He stepped on Raymond right palm with his shoes so hard that Garfield could hear the bones cracking

“Ahhhhhhh!!!! Mr Donovan please ahhhhh my hand!!!!
Raymond screamed like a wild animal

Because the door was closed and proofed, his screams weren’t heard, the waiter who followed them in almost fainted himself when he saw the to.rturous moment

Dylan wasn’t talking, all he wanted to do to Raymond were forming in his head

Bending down to Raymond’s level, he raised his fist up and brought it down with full throttle on Raymond’s face again, again again again and again until Raymond’s face became bI.oody and unrecognizable.

As Dylan kept punching him, the image of Georgia’s bI.oody state kept coming up making it impossible for him to quit pvnching Raymond.

BI.ood has splashed on his shirt and some on his face but he didn’t care.

Raymond’s nose bursted open and smashed in a disgusting bI.oody way

“P-p-please Mr- spare me”
Raymond’s voice barely came out as a whisper, he face hurts like h’ll and he felt all his energy mock him

He would really die if he receives another beating.

“I promise I-I wouldn’t touch her ever again”
Raymond cried but he felt that the pain quadrupled whenever he screamed.

If he gets spared, he would never think of contacting Georgia ever!

Dylan snorted
“Too late, you dare lift a finger on my woman?

With that said, Dylan gripped his neck strongly as he began to choke Raymond

Raymond struggled with all his might to free himself but was all futile

Dylan’s grip was too strong and he was starting to loose his breathe

Raymond’s eyes widened out from his sockets , was he going to die?

Garfield seeing this would get out of hand because his boss was really going to kll Raymond here

Though Raymond deserves to die, it still wasn’t a good thing to kll someone like this, especially since Raymond was the heir to the Davidsons.

“Boss! Boss stop, you’ll kll him”
Garfield shouted but it all fell on deaf ears, Dylan was long gone and sucked in completely into darkness that he didn’t know what was happening around him.

All he wanted was to squeeze the dmn life out of the useless body in his grip.

The waiter had already peed in his pants long ago

He had heard about the tycoon from the net and people but had never witnessed his ruthlessness but seeing this, he felt like the net did a bad job in describing his ruthlessness!

This is intense!
He couldn’t even leave to get help or anything in fear of being the next person.

He would rather eat dung than to be a target of the tycoon!
So the waiter froze stupified on spot

The man did deserve a punishment for doing something like this to a lady but does he really deserve death?
The waiter shuddered.

Garfield realized that his boss wasn’t on his right frame of mind anymore, looking over to Georgia, he noticed she was squirming and mumbling

Rushing to her, he made sure not to look at her body which was exposed, his boss wouldn’t mind gauging his eyes out if he catches him

Making sure to avoid eye contact, he felt her neck with his palm and his eyes widened

How can a body be this hot!!!

“Boss Miss Sterling is burning up, we need to take her to the hospital!

And it took only those words to bring the devil out from h’ll because Dylan immediately released his grip on Raymond who went unconscious immediately.

Not minding if he was dead or alive as he didn’t give a dmn, Dylan rushed to Georgia pushing Garfield away from his path

Garfield staggered and steadied himself

Dylan scooped Georgia in his arms, indeed she was burning up, she mumbled in his arms and squirmed in a restless manner.

Georgia was so hot, her core was burning up and she needed to be filled up badly.

When Dylan touched her, she felt a sense of familiarity struck her

Seizing the opportunity, she hugged him trying to get on top of him like a huge koala.

His body was so cold unlike hers and she felt relief when her skin got in contact with hers




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