Georgia shuddered, Dylan’s eyes were really blazing this moment, she didn’t like it, she didn’t like it one bit.

She was used to him having a soft spot for her and he had never looked at her this way in anger before.

“I have questions, I need answers”
Georgia stood her ground, insisting

Dylan threw his head upwards trying to curb his emotions
“You need answers? what answers?

You know what he did to you and you still want to meet him? or is it that you still have feelings for him?

Jealous Dylan looses his rationality
That was how deep his love was for her

Georgia was shocked when he said that
“He was my fiancee, we were about getting married and so I need to know why someone would do that to someone he was about to marry! there must be a reasonable explanation!

Her eyes unknowingly turned misty recalling all she went through.

Dylan seeing this turned mellow
Her tears were his weakness and her smile his strength

He raised his hands to wipe the tears that managed to escape as it cascaded down her cheek

Georgia seeing this flinched immediately making Dylan’s hand to pause midair

“You thought I would hit you?

Georgia was guilty, her flinching was only a conditioned reflex, she was used to the men around her hitting her especially her Dad and so when Dylan raised his hands, her sub-conscious mind made her flinch thinking Dylan would hit her

Dylan felt hurt that she hadn’t trusted him enough to know he wouldn’t ever hit her. Not even in his dreams.

But seeing the remorseful look she gave him, his expression turned to that of pity and anger

What had she gone through in the hands of the people she called family to make her react like that?
it must have been terrible.

Holding her cheeks, he gazed into her hazel eyes

“I would never h!t you”
He said
“What if he hurts you? I can go with you”
Dylan suggested

Georgia felt bad for turning him down but she shook her head
“I want to go alone, trust me Dylan, I’ll be fine”

Dylan saw the determination laced in her eyes and he sighed.
Nodding his head, he left the house

Georgia knew he was hurt that she insisted on going to meet Raymond but just pretended normally.



Knock! Knock!

“Who’s there?

“It’s Vikki, young miss please come down for breakfast”

Leah rolled her eyes, She wasn’t hungry,
“I don’t want to eat”
Leah said enough for Vikki to hear

“But Miss, Madam Viola says she wants you to come join her for breakfast”

Vikki informed feeling frustrated and pity for her Madam Viola, she had three children but she was still alone, Her husband, Mr Donovan is no more.

Madam Viola was happy when Leah came home yesterday but the young miss didn’t seem so happy to be home.

On the second thought, it wasn’t really their fault as they weren’t that home brought up.

Life of the socialites are too complicating
Vikki thought.

Even though she was from a poor background, she was still happy she had a loving family who always makes her eager to visit home during her leave days.

“I’m not hungry, tell mom”
Leah insisted and Vikki had no choice than to leave her door.


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